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  • Carie - Spock's Beard
    "SNOW: Carie Won't you come and see me, the clouds have bid the sun Let's take a chance and run with just what we can carry Carie Won't you come and save me, I am of the earth But you are like a church"
  • Glamodrama - Verdena
    "A volte lei cambia pelle E lo confessa a me continuamente Lei esplora l'ordine diffuso da me Ed ora chiaro che la carie pi viva sei solo tu Demone, demone come cadi bene, un bolide! Diamine, demone l'ansia"
  • I want to know (part I) - Adriano Celentano
    "want to know I want to know Vorrei sapere Vorrei sapere Come fa la gente A concepire Di poter vivere Nelle case d'oggi Inscatolati come le acciughe Nascono i bimbi che han gia' le rughe. I want"
  • I want to know (part II) - Adriano Celentano
    "I want to know Vorrei sapere I want to know Vorrei sapere Vorrei sapere I want to know Vorrei sapere I want to know Come fa la gente A concepire Di poter vivere Nelle case d'oggi Inscatolati come le acciughe"
  • First Of Four - The American Analog Set
    "There's something in the arm Of your record player That's giving me the chills What you're giving him away for Staring at your hands Carie-anne you wait for Save it for your man You get what you pay for 'Cause"
  • Nomenclature - Andrew Bird
    "Just think of the lives you could swap with your own While you're selling you're coats, you're sewing your own And though it's not the easy way, sometimes we've got to pay to play with finger paints and"
  • 19 Ninety-Two - Paleo
    "19 NINETY TWO the year was nineteen ninety two she told me to take off my shoes before i sat on the edge of the love seat and things were not ever the same uh-uh, never again cuz we've been fuckin"
  • Vortice - Skiantos
    "Bravo, cretino, scemo...Vortice ! Se c' la luna in cielo io ti penso sotto il melo a te vola il mio pensiero mentre mi faccio un po' di nero I tuoi baci son bollenti e mi picchiano sui denti coi tuoi baci"
  • New Wave - Pleymo
    "a fait un bail au fond Qu'on rvait d'tre sur le sillon Et si on a jou les cons On s'est cass le fion A poser ces fondations Parce que l'but premier c'tait d'ti-sor de c'merdier Histoire de pas s'faire"
  • Zamalia - Sniper
    "Refrain: Zamalia,La Runion ll!! ;974 Soldat!!! Laisse a nous pour tou mes cafres et frinecas Ecoute moin!! Zamalia,la Runion ll!! ;974 Soldat!!! Tout not zafair mon ti pays li maille pa Ecoute moin!! Je"
  • Sans Faire Couler Le Sang - Fonky Family
    "Samedi soir, Pleine lune, les pompiers flippent Des bagarres Du sang sur le trottoir Devant une soire rap Tous les bavards Et les flics rappliquent Viennent voir vite Ca sagite pour une banale histoire Rien"

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