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carless whi
  • A Life Once Lost Cavil
    "i tested your patience without you even knowiing so i continued to throw words around carelessly i knew how to get you off certain words evoked this beast from you it was your carless eyes that strayed"
  • Sirenia The 12th Hour
    "Clock is ticking won't stop tricking me The clock is ticking time pass away Now tomorrow is yesterday Life is slipping through my hands No one caress no one understands Can't you see that time Becomes"
  • Mr. Bungle Chemical Marriage
    "To chi chi koa kohg To chi chi koa kohg Mehnimm mehnimm Manna mayou Mehnimm Mehnimm Manau Manna mayou Manaaauugh... OoooooOOOooooOOOoooooo... Wayaye a aye aye AY aye Ay aye aye a a Wayaye a aye aye AY"
  • Mattafix Freeman
    "Police, won't you grant me my release? I should be a freeman now at least, I'm no robber I'm no thief. I should be a freeman on the street. A freeman on the street. Hey little darlin you sleep tight. I'm"
  • Snow Whisper of truth
    "I wasent born to tell yo no liesblame the reutine and then ask them whyall of the secret and all of them spisenow its time for us to open our eyesrecently thoughts programed in my mindi hear a whisper"
  • Mavado Mind How You Dis
    "Anyway Huh Informa's Dem ah seh Na Na Na Na Na Ah nuh Na Na Na Na Na But mek me si di hand All big man nuh bwoy caaah violate di corna You better mind how you diss mi ah woooh And lef you head carless"
  • Willie Nelson Danny Boy
    "Oh Danny boy The pipes, the pipes are ca-alling From glen to glen And down the mountain side And the summer's gone All the leaves are dy-y-ying It's you, it's you Must go and I must bide But come ye"
  • Riot Angel Eyes
    "Maybe nobody told you, you don'T know whi i am I'm not looking to show you, when a man is a man I've been telling you, you've been gone for so long I've been telling you, don't you know that it's wrong."
  • S.E.S. Soul To Soul
    "Doo ga ji ga seum gwah Doo young do deel eul ga jin na reul neu ah Bookeu ruh wuh soom ji mahn ddo da reun nae ga geu dael won haet dun gul yo... Huh lakhae jwuh yo Baby, not enough, not enough"
  • Mandee Song 2 Fall In Love 2 (ft. Maria Mathea)
    "I never needed somebody just to make me feel hope no like the … don’t need somebody somebody just to tell me I’m wrong used to be the carless one everything was just for fun couldn’t take summer love"
  • Anna Oxa Take A Little Trip
    "(U. Morasca - j. Kumada) Please just come around take a little trip all I need is tender love come to me tonight take a little trip all I need is tender love whi I feel so down no I won't cry anymore everytime"
  • Birdman 4 My Town (Play Ball)
    "{*Prod. by Boi-1da) Mastermind big money heavy weight, On the grind flippin' money in everyway, Head line, my b-tch shine everyday, Pearl white throwin P Marc Jacobs gloves, Cartier Louis case wit a dope"
  • Fly To The Sky Bahm Ee Nae
    "bahm ee nae rin juhk mahk sok ae hwoor ro nam ah buh rin na kil ir hweun chun sa chuh rum na reul bae shin hahn nuh neun sarang eul geu ae gae da ga jyuh ga chuh eum ee la mal ha gaet ji uhn jae na kat"
  • Mark Knopfler One More Matinee
    "Here's One Of The Two Of Us In 1954 Don't Laugh I Keep All Of The Pictures Are You Going To Take A Photograph Here's Something Nice For You A Dear Old Thing Came To A Show Last Time Here We Did An Interview"
  • Busted Dawsons Geek
    "You think you know it all . I see it in the way youre speaking . The long words that you use , Are starting to get irritating . Ive got the urge to knock you out , And I cant handle this . The ladder by"
  • 'N Sync Space Cowboy
    "Riprock,AG Come in, over Yo, turn me up I wanna be heard See I'm talkin' about the future ya'll And the future looks bright 'specially when we rip it in half Here it comes (Millennium) And everybody's"
  • Monster Evil By Nature
    "I'm trying to write a love song But the words are all the same I'm trying to write a love song That didn't say the same things I'm trying to write a love song But the music is too loud I'm trying to write"
  • G-Eazy The Plan
    "i do this shit cause i turn ip up a little bit I gottaa /3x blap I might go fuck up these band I do this shit cause I can I just took care of my farm thought this was always the plan I might go fly to"
  • Lil' Cease Dolly Baby
    "(Lil' Cease) I keep the 6 double 0 cranking We be banking, Ben Franklin, Little Cease in the Lincoln Jewels in the Pinkie, got you blinking Shine too bright, rhyme too tight 'cause I'm hot like, the sun"
  • KRS-One Smilin Faces
    "Yeah.. aiyyo Kris tell 'em what's up yo Yo, yo yo, one two! Comin at you live and direct (that's right) Digital Underground kid, you know what's up Aiyyo Kris is chillin, Shock G's chillin What more"

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