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  • Carma - Ventania
    "Sabe, lembro tanto da estradaDe tantas caminhadas de um maluco sonhadorPois eu sigo a estrada, me levo eu sempre a nadaSem saber de onde chegarSe a cruz que eu carrego so o peso das correntes no teu calcanharTchu"
  • Carma - Mysterious Art
    "Come and take my hand So I can tell you something Your time has come up now This is your day of judgement You've got to leave this world Of eagerness and shame And I will judge you For your"
  • Chameleon - Slapshot
    "Chameleon - what's your color today Chameleon - this ain't your color to stay Chameleon - blows the way the wind blows Chameleon - goes where everyone goes What's the new thing this week Is it because"
  • Chameleon - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    "You took me runnin' Up a wrong-way street. When we got there, You said, "Can't you read?" I must be blind, But now and then, I see Another number Where mine used to be. You keep on changin' your face Like"
  • Chameleon - Gorefest
    "I never saw you arrive Although you're always around Making your day Close to the ground Around with the pigs Feeding on what's left behind Adapt your colours to my mind Chameleon Fooling all those who"
  • Chameleon - Anosha
    "Changing all your colours I can tell the person you really are Staring with a long tongue Creeping chameleon Blending with your background Thats around you Telling us to get it But youll end up all alone,"
  • Chameleon - Elton John
    "The last I heard of you You were somewhere on a cruise in the Mediterranean So imagine my surprise to see you very much alive In the English rain again And I can still recall wet afternoons When we were"
  • Chameleon - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman You want the best of both worlds You're not getting either You seem content to ride the fence When you know which side is greener Some run hot, some run cold Some"
  • Chameleon - Face Down
    "I've tried everything, just to change the pain Fractured dream, and I'm not the same I've lost ability to escape in sleep Hold on a little longer And there's nothing left of me And you said you love me,"
  • Chameleon - Orphanage
    "You're hiding behind the face of your victims An imitation of the ones you killed Afraid... To see yourself in the mirror (the mirror lies!) Afraid... To be yourself in real life Bastard! Coward! I've"
  • Chameleon - Cave In
    "Have you strayed from the movement? You're lost in a lie. Contradiction is my worst fear, I cannot see how you can block the truth from your ears. Has it turned from a lifestyle to a fucking trend? You're"
  • Chameleon - Sunk Loto
    "This life all for you So right Felt true 'Cos I know I'm gone I can't help holding on Hold on This time I know That I should've found you cold And I'm sorry for all the hurt Will I ever commit to you I"
  • Chameleon - Patti LaBelle
    "Come with meIf you believe Come with meif you believeThe phases of the moonare changing much too soonwe'll be devoured by the sunand if you find me thereprotect the love we sharedpretend you never cared"
  • Chameleon - Maroon Town
    "Hear a funky rhythm and I pick up a pen And then yes when I come across a style That I can defend and depend on You know I won't pretend That I know the feeling music sends to my soul I lose control Music"
  • Chameleon - Daria Zawiałow
    "You called me liar I agreed I’m living in the fire Don’t you see? I always told you I’ll be here But I change a color of my skin You’ve got to understand my mess You’ve got to understand lousy face I"
  • Carrion Carma - To Elysium
    "I stare down upon my hands as I float through intimate moments. I swear on a stack of Bibles to strain every nerve to prevent... Insane acts of hysteria from teasing my senses, yet not even hope can disturb"
  • Chameleon Boy - Blue October
    "I changed my color for you I shed my coat with caution I lack the beauty you display See here there are the bruises And some were self-inflicted And some showed up along the way So i nod my head Im ready"
  • Lady Chameleon - Kruk
    "Lady Chameleon With spirit tattooed on your skin Lady Chameleon Why is my life right therein? I could pawn for you every day of my life And you smile like a child and take out a knife I'm like a wolf"
  • Karma chameleon - Sailor
    "Rap: "Well it's a karma chameleon, a sunshine day Me want you to listen up and sail away Drink champagne and wash me blues away And it's a karma chameleon, karma chameleon" (Chorus): Karma karma karma"
  • Chameleon Skin - Acumen Nation
    "simplified, she is once trampled it will survive, not a question inside from time to time to time shit matters, what's the matter leaves of color leaves the system cold and plastic, never you mind this"

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