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carolina marquez feat pitbull-Get on the floor

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carolina marquez feat pitbull-Get on the floor

  • Get On The Floor - Pitbull
    "(feat. Oobie) (Chorus repeat 2x) Ohh Girl you better (ohh) St-Stop playin (ohh) Bitch what'cha waitin for Get your ass on the floor You know the night was good When you wake up in the morning With a"
  • Cocaine Carolina - Johnny Cash
    "(feat. David Allen Coe) Morning found me lyin' on a floor in New Orleans, Looking like the patches was about to eat my jeans. Feeling like my belly was a warehouse for the blues And I sure miss my sweet"
  • Carolina - Adam Green
    "Carolina, she's from Texas Red bricks drop from her vagina Oh, her lips taste just like sunk ships But her breasts taste just like breakfast There's her hand now on the cock sock Filled with white tears"
  • Carolina - Wishing Chair And Kara Barnard
    "Hawkers peddle t-shirts at the game For $25 dollars you get to wear a name They sew those shirts in Puebla, Mexico That's the part we never really know Carolina 800 worked at the Kuk Dong factory Some"
  • Carolina - Ben Gibbard
    "Every scream went bleeding through these paper walls and all the make-up in the world couldn't hide the scars I leave today, I'm packing light: a suitcase, some toiletries The rolling hills and willow"
  • Carolina - Ben Gibbard & Andrew Kenny
    "Every scream went bleeding through these paper walls and all the make-up in the world couldn't hide the scars I leave today, I'm packing light: a suitcase, some toiletries The rolling hills and willow"
  • On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
    "It's a new generation Mr worldwide Of party people Darling get on the floor Darling get on the floor Let me introduce you to my party people In the club I'm loose And everybody knows I get off the chain Baby"
  • Carolina Drama - The Raconteurs
    "I'm not sure if there's a point to this story but im going to tell it again So many other people trying to tell the tale but not one of em knows the end It was a junk house in South Carolina Held"
  • Blood On The Dance Floor - Blood on the dance floor
    "Slash gash terror whore I like you better on the floor Sock it to me ultra hot Danger! Danger! On the spot On the bed, give me head Make you scream, "Candy cream" Scene sluts like it super rough That's"
  • Can I Get (ft. Pitbull) - T-Pain
    "Can I get that? I know I said I’ll never ever drink again (again again) But now I feel like I never had before I’ll get out on the floor and show them what is wrong Draw to get that Grammy Can I get that"
  • Caroline - Badloves
    "Badloves Holy Roadside Caroline We share a wine at your table Young summer sun in our eyes With a voice that you save for strangers You read loudly from your book of lies I know but one thing is for sure Our"
  • Caroline - Natalie Durham
    "once upon a fairy time in a far away far away land there was a girl named Caroline waitin' for her own dream man now prince charming wasn't on time he stood up poor caroline so you must realize the tears"
  • Caroline - Alex Clare
    "Leave your back door open for me and I Put your keys in under the door on time Seems we've been waiting for a long time My delay surely will be a crime You know that we can do anything I know that you"
  • Caroline - David Gray
    "Caroline Those crazy eyes that shine Them days blowing through my mind Like falling leaves It ain't no good I try hard as I would Yeah but you just wont let My poor heart be A final war A steel-eyed"
  • Caroline - Jefferson Starship
    "Oh what can I tell you now, Caroline Should I hurt your feelings or keep on lyin'? One thing leads to another and another And another and another besides You always know whenever I wanna make love"
  • Dance Floor - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Lil Jon & Pastor Troy) (Lil' Jon) (JD) Hey, hey, hey Since we always ridin' for this city, aha We gotta switch it up this time, aha And ride for the ladies Let's do it, J-D (aha), talk to my ladies"
  • Meet Me On The Floor - Big Tuck
    "(feat. Addiction & Tite) Watch us bulldoze your spot, and make your heartbeat stop Got a mean overhand, oh yeah you will get dropped Upper cuts combination, please don't get slid Give this fuck boy a"
  • Carolina - Motion City Soundtrack
    "Caroline, Carolina A southern genius, a southern girl Nine o' five, Monday morning I'm sunny .... To another tune Mommy's here Just to see her Money making Little girl Caroline Carolina She wants"
  • Carolina - Parmalee
    "Home is where my heart is still beating I don't know when i'll see her again I hate to see her cry when I'm leaving But now I'm a thousand miles away again She feels like Carolina (feels like Carolina) Looks"
  • Carolina - Andrew Peterson
    "Well, I'm walkin' in the hills of Carolina Through the heat as thick as the blood That moves my bones And I don't think much about nothing in Carolina But it sure feels nice Not walkin' on steel and stone Chorus: Far"

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