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carr paszport

  • Paszport - B.R.O
    "Widziałem wiele tych miejsc, które nie dają zasnąć Złamałem też parę serc, własne sklejałem taśmą Chciałem stąd wyjechać gdzieś już w ręce miałem paszport Ale to miasto wciąż trzyma w ręce mnie Widziałem"
  • Carr - Stijn
    "Temps en temps, cest moi Et temps en temps cest toi Mais il y a des choses Que moi, je comprend pas Cest carrment gratuit Cest carrment gratuit Temps en temps, cest moi Et temps en temps cest toi Mais"
  • Carr?o De Dois - Raimundos
    "Gatinha dos olhos de amendoim Pediu uma carona, eu dei Homem, essa mulher me deu uma canseira Que at hoje eu no descansei E passa a 5, mo aqui e ali Apressadinha, quer engatar de 1 Me levou pro"
  • The Summer Knows - Vikki Carr
    "The Summer Knows Performed by Vikki Carr The summer smiles the summer knows And un-ashamed, she sheds her clothes The summer smoothes the restless sky And lovingly she warms the sand on which"
  • Set The Atmosphere - Kurt Carr
    "We hope you just open up your mouth and glorify God. Has he done anything for you? Holy,Holy Worthy to be praised,Worthy to be praised Can't you hear the angels,crying holy,holy,holy,holy Can't you hear"
  • It Must Be Him - Vikki Carr
    "i tell myself what's done is done i tell myself don't be a fool play the field have a lot of fun it's easy when you play it cool i tell myself don't be a chump who cares, let him stay away that's when"
  • It Must Be Him - Vicki Carr
    "I tell myself what's done is done I tell myself don't be a fool Play the field have a lot of fun It's easy when you play it cool I tell myself don't be a chump Who cares let him stay away That's when the"
  • Stiletto - Lee Carr
    "Intro: she lookin mean in em' yea yea yea yea she lookin mean in em' yea yea yea yea she lookin mean in em' yea yea yea yea she lookin mean in em' yea yea yea yea Verse1: ay yo shawty was the baddest"
  • Breathe - Lee Carr
    "Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh U-Oh U-Oh U-Oh U-Oh Oh Oh if you ever been in love and you know just what i'm talking about expect when you really know you finally find the person u want and you wanna spend the rest"
  • This Is Goodbye - Lucy Carr
    "This is goodbye and I know that this is goodbye lovers come and lovers go love is lost before you know don't think of me alone tonight on my own gonna be alright don't stay up late wondering what has"
  • Awesome Wonder - Kurt Carr
    "When I consider the vastness of God and all of the marvellous attractions that His hands have made Flowers and birds and oceans and mountains, Truly God is an awesome wonder. You are an awesome wonder,"
  • Be Grateful - Kurt Carr
    "Be Grateful Be Grateful God has not promised me sunshine That's not the way it's going to be But a little rain Mixed with God's sunshine A little pain Makes me appreciate the good times Be Grateful"
  • Been So Good - Kurt Carr
    "He's been so good I just can't tell it all He's been so good to me I just can't tell it all He's done so much for me I just can't tell it all, oh Been so good, done so much, I can't tell it all He's been"
  • Do You Know Him - Kurt Carr
    "I know a man from Galilee If you're in sin He'll set you free Oh, do you know Him Son of David, seed of Abraham Stone hued out of the mountain He's a meek and humble Lamb Oh, do you know Him Billows"
  • For Every Mountain - Kurt Carr
    "I've got so much to thank God for So many wonderful blessings and so many open doors A brand new mercy along with each new day That's why I praise You and for this I give You praise For waking me up"
  • God Blocked It - Kurt Carr
    "There were dangers awaiting me Destruction was sure to be But thank God for Angels That were shielding and protecting And looking out for me Thank You Lord The Devil had a plan to kill me, I know But"
  • God Great God - Kurt Carr
    "Glory and honor dominion and power Now and forever the Lord God omnipotent Reineth with power forever with power Greater than all you are sovereign God God great God Worthy of honor and glory We stand"
  • Grateful - Kurt Carr
    "Grateful Lord I'm grateful Grateful for the things You've done for me Grateful Lord I'm grateful Grateful, Lord I gave my all to thee Oh grateful Lord I'm grateful For everything You've done for me You've"
  • Hold On Be - Kurt Carr
    "Have you ever felt like giving up and throwing in the towel Have you ever felt so discourage You said, what's the use in praying anyhow Has the devil ever attacked you when you were already feeling low And"
  • Holy, Holy, Holy - Kurt Carr
    "Hi, The church hymnal is not the whole source for Kurt Carr's rendition. Here are the words according to his recording of Holy, holy, holy. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty Early in the morning our"

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