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  • Pryzmat - Wuzet
    "chcemy być wolni w tym ale z oddali słychać tylko wojny hymn morderstwo na fejsie wszczęty ogień, daje tylko dym własne zdanie, nie tyko rym wybić wstęp, nie tylko link nie mogę spać bo wszystko głośno"
  • Carrion - Talis Kimberley
    "I saw a crow upon the killingfield where I Used to be soft but I shall become steel and I Don't much enjoy pulling the gentle out but I Mean to survive and that's what this stuff is all about - Pick"
  • Carrion - Third Moon
    "Cut down your tongue in my cosmic fortress when silence is passing on Carrion angel - sing a croon of your weeping So thou reach me - the wounds will never heal again Is this my desire? The scars will"
  • Carrion - Fiona Apple
    "Won't do no good To hold no seance What's gone is gone and You can't bring it back around Won't do no good To hold no searchlight You can't illuminate What time has anchored down Oh, honey (I've gone a) Oh,"
  • Carrion - Apple Fiona
    "Apple Fiona Tidal Carrion Won't do no good to hold no seance What's gone is gone and you can't bring it back around Won't do no good to hold no searchlight You can't illuminate what time has anchored"
  • Carrion - Parkway Drive
    "Carrion In a moment Im lost Taken from the inside Her eyes take me away Tear me apart from the inside out Did I speak in volumes? But a mass refuse to move Could this ever be the last time? The final time"
  • Carrion - Kreator
    "Lights are flashing down the alleys The reaper has arrived The medieval brutality is still alive The death machines of one Hundred countries are ready to strike No remorse no mercy only hate is in their"
  • Carrion - Cradle of Filth
    "Lurking in the shade Of dark and fragrant trees Shirking from the rage That tore the heavens free A vagrant Angel His with span to see The garden swell with terrors To banish man and Eve Another fall"
  • Carrion - Phathom
    "Remember betrayal scaring life? Remember the cold sting of fear? Remember deceiving waves of sound? Rewinds and echoes in my ear I'm mourning, My Warnings, I'm losing and fading contagious scaring"
  • Carrion - British Sea Power
    "Carry on inside of your heart Under the brine you won't notice the dark Can stone and steel and horses heels ever explain the way you feel From Scapa flow to Rotherhithe, I felt the lapping of an ebbing"
  • Pryzmat (& Maffashion) - Kasia Moś
    "Śnieżno-białe światło Złożone z wielu barw Nasz szlak jest widmem Analizowanych ciał … Zgubiliśmy ludzką twarz A każdy może być pryzmatem zmiany wokół nas Czy znasz ten stan? Czy znasz te siłę? Zapłoną"
  • Reign carrion - Vader
    "Eternal lust created by the ancient gods Waked up me once again My stinkin' corpse abandoned the crypts I waited for this night in I'm doomed to transmigration of souls My sufferin' remains and increases"
  • Carrion Carma - To Elysium
    "I stare down upon my hands as I float through intimate moments. I swear on a stack of Bibles to strain every nerve to prevent... Insane acts of hysteria from teasing my senses, yet not even hope can disturb"
  • Carrion Baggage - Drist
    "I've got the feeling I'm still in motion The feeling I got no control, f**k it, you'll never feel Come and try it out, take a piece of this full strength Watch me tear it down just the moment your heart"
  • Carrion Fairy - Pig Destroyer
    "Yesterday she showed me her bruises pulled her sweater up underneath her breasts They were scattered 'cross her rib cage like a little patch of violet rorshach tests she said Just 'cause I can't crawl"
  • Temples Of Carrion - Undercroft
    "Where PAZUZU yells with pain Where carrion awaits!!! Where death's reborn Are temples of carrion! It's time of the other time It's time to remember It's time for sacrifice!!! Come sumerian magic Come from"
  • Addicted To Carrion - Avulsed
    "Digging Up The Bombs Desecrating To Consume Voracious Impulse Necrophagia Is My Curse Like A Vulture Robbing The Graves To Get My Food Rotting Corpses Satisfy My Hunger Of Carrion Feast Of Putrid Flesh Orgy"
  • Carrion Sculpted Entity - Cannibal Corpse
    "Carnage formed rebirth A sickened lust of hatred Damned to an eternal plight Obscene art alive through death Crafted gore Masterful slaughtering Splatter soaked Sinister demon incarnate Maggots feast Horrible"
  • Cloned for carrion - Cattle Decapitation
    "New diseaseNew ways to reach out and tormentOne by oneCloned, throats slit and packaged for deliveryCreation of carnageReproduced for consumptionWaste heap sold through fast foodHuman is as stupid doesMaggots,"
  • Przez pryzmat muzyki (ft. Parzel, Siupacz, HDS) - Steel Banging
    "Przez pryzmat muzyki oceniasz mnie Wyłącz to jak nie podoba się Gram w to nie od wczoraj i wiem Wiem, że będzie dobrze Przez pryzmat muzyki oceniasz mnie Pogłośnij głośnik jak jarasz się Klimat ulicy zawsze"

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