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carry on carry on

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carry on carry on

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carry on carry on
  • Joe Menzies Carry On
    "You distancing as far as I can see I'll stare at you until my eyes run green Carry On, carry on My hands in pockets, you can't see them shake Oh count on fingers the mistakes I made Carry on, carry on Use"
  • Admiral Freebee Carry On
    "Bullet holes in the tv set And there's nothing on the radio Dirty magazines I'm trying to hide But exactly whom for? I hear reality tv Blurring from next door I know it all so well It's just overtime"
  • J.J. Cale Carry On
    "(J.J. Cale) If life's little downs they keep coming around Carry on, carry on With darkness all about, you want to scream and shout Carry on, carry on Don't cry baby, look at where you've been Everybody"
  • Elliott Carry On
    "Hey the sound is foreign. Coming from in. You knew at the start, you'd lose what you owned if you were, to carry on. Carry on, you better know just where you are. Carry on, carry on, you better know when. The"
  • The Cranberries Carry On
    "I didn't understand the things you're going through I never understood, I really never knew Carry on Carry on The sun will always shine Carry on Carry on We'll have a glass of wine Or cigarette Take destiny"
  • Motor Ace Carry On
    "Looking for a single thread Of melody to help me get by Where we're passing the time Is it real? Does it give too much away? It's pouring out my heart Till you come back A reason to stay Do you know Is"
  • Manowar Carry On
    "The north star always guides me When winter skies are gray And I wait for the sun when all ate one I shall not betray Calling at me I'm waiting when all are led astray Carry On my sons forever Carry On"
  • Diana Ross Carry On
    "Carry on When the valley's deep I'll be strong With a mighty love to Carry on Never sleep til' the new day dawns There's a new breeze blowin' tonight Clear away the past Honey, free at last Yes, I've"
  • Linda Perry Carry On
    "What will we become Fallen children of the sun Growing much too fast How much longer will we last? Without a ray of love to shine on everyone And the silence we all wish we woke upon We once were innocent"
  • Chris De Burgh Carry On
    "Whatever the words that you hear, Somehow the meaning is clear, We're all on the same ship together, moving on, From the first time that life could be heard, To the last sounds of men on this earth, The"
  • Ben's Brother Carry On
    "When you're lost, and you're lonely And your only way is up When your day rises from you Like a mountain to its top Look beside you, and you will find me I will guide you, when your will is gone So carry"
  • Donna Summer Carry On
    "La, la, la, la, la, la.... Carry on carry on my love just don't look back again follow the dream that's in you say so long say so long my love just get it right this time you know it's all up to you you've"
  • Sidewinder Carry On!
    "Wo oh oooh... Oh oh oh oooh... Oh oh oh oh, woh oh oh, oh oh oooh... You don't believe in their future And you hardly trust in what you see... Contemplating how this world has turned, You're no longer"
  • Tim McGraw Carry On
    "Mama went to sleep one night and never woke up Daddy cried a tear into her old coffee cup Now all he wants to do is drink the hurt all away If Mama was here I know what Mama would say Carry on Carry"
  • Burn Season Carry On
    "It's overtaken, Obsessed with faking, I'm blind, Looking at my own reflection. There's nothing changing, When I'm overtaken, The sound of your voice. In my head, in my head, in my head I know I can't"
  • Goldfinger Carry On
    "Words they echo in my mind Feelings that slow down the time I don't know if I'm forwards or behind Eyes are staring out at me And people all surrounding me All the hands upon me - now I'm lost I only"
  • Kygo, Rita Ora Carry On
    "you, to carry on for you for you walking alone and the shores are longing I miss your footprints next to mine sure as the waves on the sand are washing your rhythm keeps my heart in time you, you found"
  • CB Milton Carry On
    "CB Milton Miscellaneous Carry On Seasons are turning The world keeps holding on Why are they fighting to be strong We found a reason And though the road is long Love is the place we belong Carry"
  • Bran Van 3000 Carry On
    "I've been working so, I've been working so, I've been working so hard. Why you bring me down? Why you bring me down? I've been working so hard. You'll be smooth, I'll be smoother, Smoother than silk. Let"
  • Olivia Holt Carry On
    "There’s always gonna be some canyon in the way There’s always gonna be a river I cannot cross Somewhere along this path that’s chosen me I know I’m gonna fall down, feel lost, feel weak But wherever it"

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