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carwash striptease

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carwash striptease

  • striptease - carwash
    "Do you remember when we kissed in the bathroom? Damn, that was just two hours ago Your shoelaces were untied She said to me, "That's how I like mine." On and on Like you were my first love We could just"
  • Striptease - Hawksley Workman
  • Striptease - Rick Ross
    "(feat. Jazze Pha)Woo Woo Hey Hey Baby Look Here We Got Florida Gators We Got Alligators Ya Hot Baby Ya Hot Shake It Gurl Shake It Off Let Me See Ya Expertise Striptease For A Playa Wit Sum Extra Cheese"
  • Carwash Romance - Damone
    "At the carwash I'll be wai-iai-ating as I'm hoping he will come in. So I stand here and practice soaping. At the carwash I will be dreaming of him, would he like it if I sing to him? I'm just hoping, I'm"
  • Carwash Hair - Mercury Rev
    "want to ask but I just stare can I run my hands through your car wash hair? want to ask but I just stare Can I run my hands through your carwash hair? Drillin' a hole with my soul in the sand diggin'"
  • Princess Carwash - Queen Adreena
    "Hang it up sailor your flag ship, it burns And it burns and it burns You took the straight road, you just missed the turn You're out of gas, out of gas Put on the red shoes, a white knuckle ride She's"
  • Princess Carwash (Slight Reply) - Queen Adreena
    "Hang it up sailor your flag ship, it burns And it burns and it burns You took the straight road, you just missed the turn You're out of gas, out of gas Put on the red shoes, a white knuckle ride She's"
  • Striptease With A Difference - Morrissey
    "This re-shuffled pack brings back the sickness of luck, Because the ace in my hand is such a shock Exchanging queen for your two while you're out of the room, Have a shufty over your shoulder (well it's"
  • Pray (for LJ) - Pardon My Striptease
    "I cant fight this feelin I'm a stop this bleedin Won't you come now come save me somehow I'm stuck in this rat race I'm a silent disgrace I'm somewhere I can't say I know you'll find me someday It's"
  • Car Wash - Christina Aguilera
    "Y'all small tuna fish, I'm one big catch (This is a Shark Tale exclusive) Y'all small tuna fish, I'm one big catch (Here we go again) Y'all small tuna fish, I'm one big catch (Say what, say what,"
  • Car Wash - Rose Royce
    "oooo... You might not ever get rich But let me tell you it's better than digging a ditch There ain't no telling who you might meet A moviestar or maybe even an Indian chief Working at the carwash"
  • CaR wAsH feat. MiSsY eLliOtT - Aguilera Christina
    "Aguilera Christina Miscellaneous CaR wAsH feat. MiSsY eLliOtT Yo small tuna fish i'm one big catch! This is... a ShArK TaLe Here we go again! Uh, uh... Say what? Say what? (Yeah-ee-yeah) Oooh, do"
  • Shoot - Carina Round
    "AloneOn the edge of somethingSurround me a simple shell, youIn a forest, frozen, peopleDumbfound me, you found meI feel a shootI feel a thunderboltUnder my bodyI feel shootI feel a thunderboltThe entrance"
  • Clown In Broad Daylight - Ron Sexsmith
    "Standing on the side of the road near the overpass With a sign around his neck that says "Carwash, free balloons", he's a clown in broad daylight He's waving at the people in cars who do a double-take And"
  • Tequila - Lefay
  • Wirus - Rolex
    "r do o do l do e do x chociaż lękam się zegarów jak zły chromofobobie dziwne czasy gdzie nie pójdziesz tam widzisz maski może i lepiej że nie widać ich prawdziwej twarzy żyje się lepiej odkąd zrywki zamieniłem"
  • jak zniszczyłem sobie życie - dzakob
    "szczerze pogadamy jak zmieniła mnie muzyka za oknem pada deszcz czuje zaraz ze wybuchnę mało zostało do października została wydana płyta nie pije do lustra bo piję do luster wczoraj desperacko coś pisze"
  • Gonna Have A Little Talk With You Friend - George Jones
    "Come on down to the big boat show, and bring your whole family. I'll be there with my rain-coat on; hanging out with my friend; 'lil Willie. I guess I know it's time; Gonna have a little talk with you"
  • Crash & Burn - Blanks 77
    "uptown downtown been around all around nothing left to say take a ride suicide here i come step aside get out of my way Its okay i feel alright citys gonna crash and burn tonight its okay I feel alright crash"
  • Your Girlfriends - Damone
    "Run to the back, go and hide. I will keep you from breaking this heart of mine. After the wash, take them home. Keep their feet out of my ground so I come alone. On my time, you always stare. And you know"

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