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cashmare cat - quit and 1

  • Quit Hatin' Pt.1 - Too Short
    "(Lil' Jon) Yea, yea, e-YEAHHHH! O-kayyyyyy - what, what? wha', what, what? Lil' Jon and the motherfuckin Eastside Boyz! (Yeahhhh) Short Dawg! (YeahHHH) Once again at yo' ass (YEAHHHH!) Bitch!! (Yeah!)"
  • Honky Cat - Elton John
    "When I look back Boy, I must have been green Boppin' in the country Fishin' in a stream Lookin' for an answer Tryin' to find a sign Until I saw your city lights Honey, I was blind They said, get back,"
  • Cat - Bob Seger
    "Daughter, daughter, don't do that, don't do that But daddy I said don't do that All right Little cat, all alone, somewhere in the Midwest Where'd you go? Who'll you be? Maybe you'll turn out to be the"
  • Quit (ft. Ariana Grande) - Cashmere Cat
    "And you say That I’m the devil You know And I don’t disagree, no I don’t see the harm They say you crazy Just leave him He’ll suffocate you But I wanna be in your arms They say no don’t Pick up the phone Let"
  • Quit Your Low Down Ways - The Hollies
    "(Dylan) Oh you can read out of your bible You can fall down on your knees Pretty mama, and pray to the lord But it ain't gonna do you no good You're gonna need You're gonna need my help someday Well,"
  • Go Cat Go - Public Enemy
    "Say it takes two to tango But a crew to bang, yo Superstar shootout Overtime at Durango Clear out/the box out Practice at the range - yo Get the D to step back Unless they be deranged, dough Rae me fa"
  • Cat Turned Blue - Rusted Root
    "What is that you said Gotta whistle in the wind yea go down go down go down Fear for me and I will fear for you, fear, fear Fear whistles in the wind as I go down Fear whistles in the wind as I blow down When"
  • Cat Like Thief - Box Car Racer
    "I fell down again But I can't complain Another false step Could drive me insane I only got myself here to blame So I shake off the feeling and I start again Oh, no I said I want to go back But I can't"
  • Quit Trying - Bunny Wailer
    "You better quit trying to live my life for me You better quit trying stop nagging me so constantly You better quit trying, I just want for you to let me be Cause I've got who I want to show"
  • I Quit - Atozzio
    "Ohw Ohww What should I take from this Always an arguement What should I make of this We don't belong together Even if we are meant to be Then why this keep happening The fights per week [? ] & no sleep This"
  • Quit actin' - Ray J
    "(feat. R. Kelly)Quit actin like the blue aint ice Quit frontin like the whips aint tight (drinks in the izzle, don't give a fizzle, hands in the izz-air, front to the whizz-air) I gotta lotta a million"
  • I Quit - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill, Max D. Barnes) When you said you were leavin' I said here we go again I ain't even breakin' even In this game I just can't win The cards are stacked against me Your aces beat my twos Seems"
  • I Quit - Hepburn
    "There was a time when I would go walking backwards, round the world If you said "you're mine!" And I'd run blindfold down the Kings Road, Monday morning, If you just for once arrive on time. But you turned"
  • Quit Actin - Young Jeezy
    "(Chorus)(Jagged Edge) Quit actin shawty You know you wanna holla You know you wanna holla You know you wanna holla Quit actin shawty You know you wanna holla You know you wanna holla You know you wanna"
  • I Quit - Donots
    "I guess I've learned enough in this class So I drop out And I can surely think of better jokes To laugh about This ain't fun The damage has been done I surrender Cause you're talkin' way too loud I surrender"
  • I quit - Meat Puppets
    "I believe in everything In the whores and the silver ring I believe in everyone But the flame has just begun Chorus: And I will, I quit Can't stand the sight of it And I am, I know In the path of your"
  • I Quit - Jin
    "Man, I was just tryin to eat is this what happens? yo I'mma do this in one take cause if I gotta do it again, it just wasn't meant to be yo Golden Child, I owe you big time for this joint yo that's"
  • The Pussy Cat Song - Bob And Tom
    "1 2 3 4 1 my pussycat was scrathin' at my front door he scratched so hard poor pussy got sore SORE pussy sore pussy just a friendly little cat my pussycat was sittin' out on the front step it started"
  • Force Quit - Chemlab
    "I can see the curtain The ending Knew it was on its way I just didn't want it to be today... Watching the cityscape Drift from day to dusk to dark Blurrily indistinct the sooty cape Slowly slips"
  • Quit Thuggin' - Manafest
    "Find myself with my mic in a tight spot There the type to pick a fight in the light or dark Sceneries turn mean they and mimic me Many men is thieves epidemically Calling names out who's gonna settle it"

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