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cate likes candy - crush

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cate likes candy - crush

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cate likes candy - crush
  • I Am Ghost Killer likes candy
    "Like sugar the sweetest thing I ever tastedLike a fine merlotAnd white pills cut on glass and lips of dollsI'm told there was beauty in our silenceSo hold me angel, love me angelKiss the sun and burn our"
  • Medicine Candy Candy
    "the light at dawn is mystery she holds out her hand velvet green alive at night you know it's right it creeps down your spine you couldn't sleep now she's all you see it creeps down your spine. velvet"
  • Sex Bomb Girls Crush Kita
    "Intro: Auh- uh- aw! Sinlakas ni Janno kung ika'y mambola Para kang si Ogie pasimple kung pumorma Mahilig magpa-cute na para bang si Aga At kung magregalo twice a week may cell card pa Di tulad ng"
  • Sloppy Meateaters Nobody Likes Me
    "Another day, another webpage I'm trapped inside this cyber ratcage I need on to check my mail Who needs friends when you got AOL I'm a jerk I'm a loser I'm fag I'm an asshole Rooty poo poo candy ass super"
  • Jimmy Fallon Valentine Candy
    "She said she likes hard candy I said, yeah, who doesn't She likes the little candy is her favorite With the little hearts with all the words on them like hug me, kiss me, and miss you, and cutie pie And"
  • Jim Reeves Penny Candy
    "There's a little girl lives on our street She's awful sweet and pretty The boys stand on their heads for her But she thinks they're all silly. She's got freckles on her nose Her hair is light and sandy Penelope"
  • Hyper Crush Candy Store
    "Is she really going out with him? oh there she is lets ask her. betty is that jimmy's ring your wearing? umm hmm. gee it must be great riding with him. is he picking you up after school today? by the way"
  • Foxxi misQ Crush On You
    "(Don't stop... Baby Baby) (Don't stop... Do it to me) (Don't stop... Baby Baby) Baby Baby anata no te no naka (Don't stop... Do it to me) kakurete nemuritai no Forever and more (Don't stop... Baby Baby) Baby"
  • Solomon Childs Corner Store Candy
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs (unknown singer)) Turn the music stop (turn it up, turn it up, uh-huh, uh-huh) It's like I can be, they probably thought I was... (uh-huh) Really be here (uh-huh, it ain't never"
  • Die Antwoord We Have Candy
    "Come to the dark side, we have candy Yes, but do you have coffee? Sure we have coffee, how do you take it? Black, like my soul He likes his coffee black, like his soul He drinks it scorching hot, like"
  • Keith Murray Candy Bar Correct
    "She looks like a (4x) {*ad libs through out*} She looks like a movie star Like a chocolate candy bar (She looks like a) Heya love love, you little fly lady bug Come and swing this episode wit more"
  • Led Zeppelin Candy Store Rock
    "Well... Oh baby baby. Don't you want a man like me? Oh baby baby, I'm just as sweet as anybody could be Oh baby baby, I want to look to your eyes, of blue Oh baby baby, It's more than anybody else could"
  • OAG Crush
    "had a crush, I'm crushing on you When the fun is going on Did you blow the smoke into my eyes? Well I had a dream, I dream about heaven and hell You were an angel and I was the devil himself. Well I had"
  • Natalia Lesz Crush
    "It comes in like the wind from over the dunesIt's what will send a salmon fighting upstreamThe force that through the blue vein keeps moving youTo some meeting with me that was set in a dreamI am coming"
  • Grace Jones Crush
    "Crush, rush, Crush, rush, Rush, blush, Crush, crush, It's a crush, come to my place and take of your shirt, stay a while, (?) make you smile, Crush, crush, I'm need a rush, You make me blush, I gotta crush, You"
  • Spiller Crush
    "It meant everything to you It meant that much to me too Did you have to crush me too? Did you have to crush me too? It meant everything to you It meant that much to me too Did you have to crush me too?"
  • Mandy Moore Crush
    "You know everything that I'm afraid of You do everything i wish i did Everybody wants you, everybody loves you I know i should tell you how i feel I wish everyone would disappear Everytime you call me,"
  • Clea Crush
    "It was cold outside when you walked inHow was I to knowThe way that I would feelYou kissed me like a promise andFrom that moment onI realised that we'll We'll be flyingWe'll be floatingJust as long as"
  • Paramore Crush, crush, crush
    "I got a lot to say to youYeah, I got a lot to sayI noticed your eyes are always glued to meKeeping them here and it makes no sense at allThey taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their liesYour"
  • Kelly Sweet Crush
    "Why can't you see me? 'Cause I don't want to make me hard to find 'Cause I'm in love Or is it a crush? Am I in love? Are you in love? Or is it just a crush? Are you in love? Are we in love? Or is it just"

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