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caught adina butar

  • Adina - Rancid
    "I want to go where the action is, I wanna fly through the urban blight I wanna live like a shadow in the dark and only move at night A story bought, a one story house that lets the winter bleed 21 years"
  • Caught - Velvet Acid Christ
    ""Insanity"...Just a word used to sum up all the things they've heard; All my deeds...all the blood...all the drugs... What I did to those pretty little girls... Pieces that were missing in the puzzle"
  • Caught - Jay Sean
    "Because you caught me on the low you dont call,So does that mean you dont love me no more?The way you used to look at me, baby,Touch on me, baby,Tell me why youre actin so cold?See I gave you everything"
  • Caught - Nylons
    "I don't want to remember How you became my ball and chain Touched me with a burning ember I'm a prisoner of your pleasure and pain Every time that I try to escape you The passion pulls me back inside It's"
  • Caught - Shaded Red
    "I can see you bought the delusion I don't want any more of your lies Call your bluff, and end the confusion No more smiles, it tears you inside Don't go runnin' to all your excuses All your little thoughts"
  • Caught - Girlicious
    "I thought I found the right dudePut you up to my girlYou said you could be trueYou said I was your worldThey set up the planI prayed it wouldnt get to deepFirst the introductionWe knew she was your typeHit"
  • Caught Up - 112
    "Coudlnt help myself She was so fine, oh yea I told her I had a girl But she didn't mind Now were gettin serious, serious Cause I made the wrong decision Caught up in the middle In the middle In a love"
  • Caught Up - Usher
    "I'm the kind of brotha Who been doin' it my way Gettin' my way for years In my career And every lover In and out my life I've hit, love and left the tears Without a care Until I met this girl who turned"
  • Caught Up - Kirk Franklin
    "(feat. Pastor Shirley Caesar) Caught up to meet Him Can't wait see Him When He cracks the sky Can't wait to hold Him By His touch I will know Him Together Jesus and I The trumpet shall sound We'll"
  • Caught Dead - Papa Roach
    "I've got passion and a reason, And I won't neglect my emotions, Because I wanna spill, spill my guts, But I don't want to pick them up, I've got passion, and a reason, And I won't neglect my emotions, I'm"
  • Caught Up - Keith Sweat
    "Oh no, not me Never thought I'd be caught up (Never, never, never thought I would) Oh no, not me Never thought I'd be caught up (Never, never, never, never thought that I) Oh no, not me (It's a shame that"
  • Caught Up - Paris Bennett
    "Intro: Im jus (caught up) (Caught up) Verse I: I never thought I find myself stuck in the middle (the middle), of a two way street (two way street) Tryin' to keep the both of you would be so simple (so"
  • Caught Up - Dwele
    "No wonder your ass didn't answer the phone last night. What the fuck was you doin'? You cheating on me? Now I'm caught up in some shit Now I'm caught up in some shit Now I'm caught up in some shit Now"
  • I'm caught - Glassjaw
    "As i watched it all begin... I was there. Im caught In the Middle Of my own reality. Where nothings for and nothings against, Why dont you wake-up and youll see the lies and the pain and the oppression."
  • Caught Up - Teedra Moses
    "Teedra Moses - Caught Up You have captivated me in every way From the time we met, still until this day Oh boy, you got me... caught up with you Simple as the time we spent I'll tell you this I'll do"
  • Caught up - Musiq Soulchild
    "Just a few years ago she was too young for me to knowSo i had to let her goI cut off tiesSaid my good-byesIt kinda hurt to make a young jawn cryNow just yesterday i saw her around the wayAnd we sparked"
  • Got Caught - MU330
    "Well I got caught messin in things I shouldn't have well how was I to know that you wouldn't relate as far as I'm concerned I'll put my heart back where you see nothing about how I feel when I was down"
  • Caught Inside - Bad Things
    "reach inside your mind cause we don’t ask for much dream it’s beautiful sleep and we don’t ask for much at all its heavy on my heart when you gonna start it’s another world caught in between all the lies you"
  • Caught Between - Screaming Trees
    "When you walked into the room I'd never seen your face, I'm here On the ground with all the crawls Into your head before the dawn Now I'm caught between And tired of all this pain Hold you under but the"
  • Caught Up - Koffin Kats
    "Moving fast through my mind Thoughts of heaven within a line One that divides from a hell as slow as my body That's burning out Im caught up in snow I keep on plowing through snow so lay it on down Well"

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