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cause i m the man im the man

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cause i m the man im the man

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cause i m the man im the man
  • Method Man Method Man
    "Chorus: M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man Hey you get off my clooud Let me get raw with my southpaw style Mover, puffin' on a fat blunt from cuba It's the meth-tical"
  • EMMI Man
    "Cmon baby come here I think I love ya Give me an access to all your secret places Cause I want ya And dont you overlook me Cause Im a man You do what you can But I do what I want Cause Im a man Now give"
  • Die Toten Hosen Man
    "You ask me what my name is Cause you dont know who I am I'll you all about myself Then you'll understand You wish that we were strangers But I've got other plans I'm your lover and your best friend, your"
  • The Animals The Man
    "(spoken) I´ts flashing red, His plastic head, Make a move and you´re dead, I´m gonna fill your mind with lead. Pass your papers on the ground, and you better be cool, Never drive with a roach in the car, ´cause"
  • Gunter Gabriel Im Your Man
    "G gretious U Ubercoosi? N natural T toyboy H Hero E Enyourble R romantic (mmm) Your the one, your the one, your the one (aaah) Im the man Give me your attention You know who I am (your the man) irrisitible atraction You"
  • Enrique Iglesias Im Your Man
    "you can be a million miles away from me you can be kissin' another man's lips but i'm your man,i'm your man if tomorrow would stay behind and my eyes that never wake up i'm still your man,i'm your man i"
  • Shane Ritchie Im Your Man
    "Baby, I'm your man (don't you know that?) Baby, I'm your man You bet! If you're gonna do it, do it right - right? Do it with me So good... You're divine Wanna take you, wanna make you But they tell me"
  • Tame Impala 'Cause I'm A Man
    "Like the brutal autumn sun It dawns on me, what have I done? Saying sorry ain't as good as saying why But it bits me a little more time Lost in the moment for a second time Each fuc* doubt I make, unleash"
  • The Presidents of the United States of America Man
    "'m being hassled by the man The man The man The man Man Crush a killer with a thigh bone Man You call the cable, make a cozy home Man You need a rock 'n' roll singer Man You gotta thumb and a finger..... You"
  • Theory Of A Dead Man Invisible man
    "Haven`t seen me lataly Staying hard to find Well I know it ain`t easy But you know I don`t mind I always know where you are You never know where I am You`ve got me sneaking around Like the invisible man"
  • Elephant Man Boom Boom Man
    "Michelle: He Gives me good love that I'm sure of , Gives me good good good good love hey CHO: My boom boom man a di champion man wid di boom boom flex check, My boom boom man a di champion man so"
  • KC & The Sunshine Band Im Your Boogie Man
    "It's The Same Old Song The Supremes (Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland, Jr.) You're sweet as a honey bee But like a honey bee stings You've gone and left my heart in pain All you left is our"
  • Quo Vadis I'm the Man
    "Its my time Im leaving you Dont cry Accept the truth You know the thing Its white for me Its white for you But black for us You suffered It wasn`t my pain You spoke It wasn`t my word You slept It wasn`t"
  • Beenie Man Bad Man
    "Intro (1) Oh, a dat a oonu a gwan wid Oonu a bawl, caan oonu claim mi come pon t.v wid rupaul No man caan jump bad man wall No naah stall alright first Intro (2) Dong dong, dong dong, dogger diggy"
  • Pooh-Man Mellow Man
    "(Pooh-Man) Yeah lets make this kind of mellow Ant slow it up for me We going to do this kind of cool (Verse 1) Always on a mellow man Kicking rhymes that last Grab the microphone and I clock straight"
  • Tangerine Dream Man
    "My God, I heard this day, That none doth build a stately habitation, But he that means to dwell therein. What house more stately hath there been, Or can be, then is Man? to whose creation All things are"
  • Sprung Monkey Man
    "How does it feel when it comes down to yourself? And how does it feel when you look back on your life? And tell me how does it feel when it comes down to yourself How does it feel as you try to close your"
  • Joni Mitchell Man To Man
    "No demands Just pleasurable sensations Hand in hand No far reaching plans No, no-hand in hand Well I keep on trying to understand Daylight bright How come I keep moving From man to man to man? Giving my"
  • Foster The People Pay The Man
    "What you mean /4x What you see /2x Oh, no! Well I need a little something TO pull my head off /2x Need a little something Because I’ve been running form the truth Will never lose Lies come from loose"
  • Man Blind Man
    "Blind man, try to save your sight Blind man, walk out of your night You're afraid of the darkness, But afraid to turn on the light Blind man, locked in shades of gray Blind man, look for words to say It"

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