cause i m the man im the man im a liar -

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cause i m the man im the man im a liar

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cause i m the man im the man im a liar

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cause i m the man im the man im a liar
  • Enrique Iglesias Im Your Man
    "you can be a million miles away from me you can be kissin' another man's lips but i'm your man,i'm your man if tomorrow would stay behind and my eyes that never wake up i'm still your man,i'm your man i"
  • Shane Ritchie Im Your Man
    "Baby, I'm your man (don't you know that?) Baby, I'm your man You bet! If you're gonna do it, do it right - right? Do it with me So good... You're divine Wanna take you, wanna make you But they tell me"
  • KC & The Sunshine Band Im Your Boogie Man
    "It's The Same Old Song The Supremes (Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland, Jr.) You're sweet as a honey bee But like a honey bee stings You've gone and left my heart in pain All you left is our"
  • Lil' Bow Wow Im Back
    "(Intro:) West coast just cripwalk -ipwalk wit me East coast just harlem shake sh- shake wit me Midwest just chickenhead -enhead wit me Dirty South just b-b-bounce b-bounce wit me (Chorus:) I'm B-A-C-K"
  • Eminem Im Back
    "CHORUS 4X: That's why they call me Slim Shady (I'm Back) I'm Back, (I'm Back) I'm Back I murder a rhyme one word at a time You never, heard of a mind as perverted as mine You better, get rid of that"
  • Gunter Gabriel Im Your Man
    "G gretious U Ubercoosi? N natural T toyboy H Hero E Enyourble R romantic (mmm) Your the one, your the one, your the one (aaah) Im the man Give me your attention You know who I am (your the man) irrisitible atraction You"
  • The Game Im Looking
    "(The Game) I'm from Compton where them guns bust, watch Poppa George pop Cats tellin jokes at them car games Seen big face hundreds, handle the rock like Nate Archibald What? This nigga only sixteen And"
  • Erick Sermon Im that nigga
    "This is a world, world, world, world world world Premier, premier, premier, premier Yo, yeah, Def Squad baby, what? 2002, yeah Underground Hip-Hop, only, nuttin commercial 'bout this Yo, I'm Moses the"
  • Chuckie Akenz Im Sorry
    "Yeah, It's Hard Times You Know, For The Both Of Us, And I Don't Really Know, I Guess We Just Gotta Move On Right, I Mean I Loved You, You Know But Love Ain't Forever It Was Almost 18 Months And We Spent"
  • Aventura Im Sorry
    "verse 1) I Know i played You I Know i messed up that was retard esla verdad Falle mi cielo Pero te quiero perdona me please take me back Every man in this planet at least has to screw up once (screwed"
  • Alanis Morissete Im a Bitch
    "Alanis Morissete Miscellaneous Im a Bitch I hate the world today. Your so good to me i know but i cant change. Tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe im an angel underneath. Innocent and sweet "
  • Madcon Liar
    "It seems to be the truth. (Seems to be the truth) I guess she cheated on me too. (Cheated on me too) She really got me good. (Really got me good) I said she really got me good. (Really got me good) Youre"
  • Shania Twain Hoeny, im home
    "The car wont start its falling apart I was late for work and the boss got smart My pantyline shows got a run in my hose My hair went flat man, I hate that ( hate that ) Just when I thought things couldnt"
  • Ours Im A Monster
    "Am I a bad guy? Am I a bad soul? My eyes roll backward My head fell forward We want the vampires They want the daylight Undecided if we will feel it All the lies and fantasies I picked to deny what is"
  • Meridith Brooks Im A Bitch
    "I hate the world today. You're so good to me, I know but I can't change. Tried to tell you, But you look at me like maybe I'm an angel underneath, Innocent and sweet Yesterday I cried. You must have"
  • Jennifer Lopez Im Real Remix
    "Whats my mother f**kin name (ja-rule ) R-u-l-e (j-lo) Blowin back on this maryjane I'm analyzin da game And the game done chose me Ta bring pain ta pussy niggas n pussy hoes it all Da same N eva since"
  • Die Toten Hosen Man
    "You ask me what my name is Cause you dont know who I am I'll you all about myself Then you'll understand You wish that we were strangers But I've got other plans I'm your lover and your best friend, your"
  • DMX Im Gonna Crawl
    "Live and learn Life is a lesson And I'm gonna teach it First I'm gonna crawl, then I'm gonna walk Then I'm gonna stand, then I'm gonna talk But I gotta learn in order to teach Then I gotta burn in order"
  • Left Eye Im Losing You
    "Sometimes I can't find the words to explain exactly how I feel cause it's deep, real deep and I just hope that you can see how deep it is by listenin' to this song now let me open up my heart and let"
  • Elephant Man Im Going Down
    "Time on my hands since you've been away boy I ain't got no plans no, no, no, no. And the sound of the rain, against my windowpain. Is slowly, slowly driving me insane. Boy, I'm going down I'm going down 'Cause"

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