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celin dioni am alive

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celin dioni am alive

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celin dioni am alive
  • Celine Dion Celine Dion: Halfway To Heaven
    "Come and go with me Wherever I am, I want you to be Walking with your hand in mine Feel so fine when I'm close to you I know what it means to want to be true Never felt this way before, is there more? Are"
  • Test Your Reflex I Am Alive
    "What is true in life, we're shadows in disguise Making our way through time Everyday and night And I wanna know how long It takes until we find What it is we need To make us feel like; All we do is not"
  • Alice Cooper I Am Alive
    "I was just kicking down the street And the sun was in my eyes So I couldnt see the truck That was sixty times my size And just seconds off from splattering me Let me tell you I was so scared I couldnt"
  • Ultravox I Am Alive
    "I, I'm moving through time Being human by design Life Unfulfilled but divine Never ending How could I be so blind? What is this world Doing to me? Notwithstanding the lies All the tears I have cried I've"
  • Celine Dion I Am Alive
    "I get wings to fly Oh, oh, I'm alive Yeah When you call on me When I hear you breathe I get wings to fly I feel that I'm alive When you look at me I can touch the sky I know that I'm alive When you bless"
  • Alabaster Box I Am Alive
    "VERSE 1 Did I mention this to you Its simple and it's true I didn't think it'd take you so long to see Come and meet my family Won't you be a part of who we are We all simply love Jesus PRE-CHORUS It"
  • Fight I Am Alive
    "I am I said And I believe I made it here for something This is my time I'm here and now And I'll fight on To get there With prejudice in mind Through fear nobody sees Unwilling to accept This ignorant"
  • Oman Freestyle I Am Alive
    "awake with my eyes open waitin for the rain to stop feeling the wind around me hearing the drops surround me take my hand, we're going to go around, around with no peace of mind skies burrowing and rolling stinging"
  • Black Alive
    "Listen to the silence growing louder A whisper can sometimes be louder than a scream Even in your wildest dreams Oh growing louder And then I am Never more alive than when I am Lying in your arms again Some"
  • Andy Hunter Alive
    "Your whisper wakens me I hear You You enlighten me I see You I'm breathing out Life's changing now I'm alive I feel on top of the world I'm alive Everything is real to me now Incredible to be So near"
  • The 69 Eyes Alive
    "69 days I was there Beyond somewhere among the dead Now I came back just to tel What it is to be in human hell C'mon I'm live I am alive Guess you thought that I would die With a voodoo witch I survived"
  • Blaze Bayley Alive
    "I, I missed the meeting Where you were appointed god Preaching all your misguided views Only you decide what is true (Chorus:) You just want me to die Then you'll be satisfied It's a disappointing day"
  • Blaze Alive
    "I, I missed the meeting Where you were appointed god Preaching all your misguided views Only you decide what is true You just want me to die Then you'll be satisfied It's a disappointing day for you Because"
  • Axxis Alive
    "I'm alive I was surprised how deep I live in your heart How deep I've touched your soul - your life We don't know each otrher we are worlds apart But I will be there whenever you cry Visions that"
  • Jeff Buckley Alive
    "i i feel the time is coming i i walk into your eyes oh i don't care if the clock is turning cuz i'm going to the other side you either die or you keep on burning alive and i am burning i i walked a long"
  • Korn Alive
    "I can not ever find a way To throw these darkened thoughts away Need a place to hide Its thrown in my face everyday Guess thats the price I have to pay For whats inside my mind A-live! I am alive I"
  • Dimentia Alive
    "Day by day the earth has weakened And became something unbearable My skin turns blue, my blood is freezing From this cold sensation This world has given me I feel like I'm dying When you look through"
  • Eternal Decision Alive
    "Resurrection, Eternal life. I live through Jesus Christ. Because He lives, inside of me I shall never die. I am alive. To die is gain, to live is Christ. I am alive. I'm saved by grace let God arise. Let"
  • Fallen Angels Alive
    "I've been tortured By facts and memories I lost all I had I know there's no fate I don't believe in love I'm not worried I don't need anyone To chase for living I don't need no money To survive I'm all"
  • Youngstown Alive
    "Verse 1: I lie awake at night staring at the ceiling Because it hurts too much for me to dream about you Seems it's always something that you're keeping from me What am I supposed to do And I wanna know Chorus: I"

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