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  • Brunswick Centre - Lodger
    "Eight o'clock, it opens Eight o'clock, it closes Eight o'clock, it opens Boots pharmacy Toothbrush, and some privacy In a water closet, of 5 star eatery, cult supremacy Second hand books Second hand crooks Second"
  • Centre-Ville - William Sheller
    "Il y a au centre-ville De l'eau qui coule au bord des rues Et qu'on balaye au jour lev. J'irai du pas tranquille De ceux qui ne sont jamais revenus Et qui n'ont rien regretter... Parce que, tu vois, Bien"
  • Centre Of Eternity - Ozzy Osbourne
    "(Osbourne) There's no present, there's no future I don't even know about the past It's all timeless and neverending And for me to think it's all too vast It goes forever and ever You thought you knew"
  • Be The Centre - Vineyard
    "Jesus, be the centre Be my source, be my light Jesus Jesus, be the centre Be my hope, be my song Jesus (Chorus) Be the fire in my heart Be the wind in these sails Be the reason that I live Jesus, Jesus Jesus,"
  • Centre Of Me - Eight
    "You're the centre of me You are the way it all works out And I keep going on, before you finally found me/(realign me) You're the timing of me You are the one when I'm in doubt That everything will work"
  • The Fusion Centre - Canibus
    "(feat. Vinnie Paz) I isolate a regime that works twice the pace of your team These Jedi mind tricks are no dream Kill code receive you do not need to know what you need You will be uplinked to the feed The"
  • The Centre Bullet - Skinny Puppy
    "Dead shot through the temple in the temple heard the preacher screech! I bored you full of holes, Lucretia, saw you crease up in a ball, as if you swallowed your own poison followed as you crawled up"
  • Deira City Centre - Night Novell
    "Trippin' on back from the last say summer Never tell a pack that I never stay runnin' Sippin' on facts, damn know I got stacks In the lab, takin' bitches straight for another cat Make shit when I never"
  • Centre of my life - Hillsong
    "Let my walk speak loud, and my words be trueLet my life bo whole, with my eyes on You.Lord I'm stepping out, from the comfort zoneletting go of me, holding on to YouFreedom comes, when I call You lordYou"
  • Centre Of My Life - Hillsong United
    "Let my walk speak loud And my words be true Let my life be whole With my eyes on you Lord I'm stepping out From the comfort zone Letting go of me, Holding onto You Freedom comes When I call You Lord You"
  • Centre Of It All - Tim Hughes
    "Verse 1 In the beginning Before You set the world in motion Uncreated God eternal Radiant beauty Infinite, the God head three in one Perfect Father, Spirit, Savior Chorus: And it all begins and ends"
  • Centre Of The Sun - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick / Graham Harvey) I once believed I'd found the one He moved the ground beneath my feet But the love given me, was temporary And one by one my dreams would disappear It's taken me some time"
  • Journey To The Centre - Marion
    "Heart is beating low Heart is beating low Again and again Where are my friends Again and again Where are my friends We've come through it all We've come through it all Yeh yeh yeh, yeh yeh yeh Heart"
  • Centre Of My Heart - Aselin Debison
    "winter is you your smile and tender touch the dreams you helped come true the way you changed my life so much do you recall, the vow of love we made when hope was all it took to be strong and not affraid I"
  • Trouble On The Message Centre - Blur
    "I am the message centre Local and direct Room to room an operator No calls today they'll just have to wait dear I call and I collect So just strike him softly away from the body YOU'RE MADE UP TOO SHINY"
  • Trouble At The Message Centre - Blur
    "I am the message centre Local and direct Room to room an operator No calls today they'll just have to wait dear I call and I collect So just strike him softly away from the body You're made up too"
  • 4 - Mud Flow
    "For a second, for an hour For a day, a life or whatever For the pleasure, for the pain too For the worst, the best and all the rest Are you sorry for me baby? I ain't gonna change the way I talk I don't"
  • 4 - Blade Loki
    "Jestem tutaj sama, nic mi nie przeszodzicztery ściany otoczyły, aby mnie odgrodzićod myśli złych i dobrych czasamistrzegą cztery ściany z zamkniętymi drzwiamitańczą, jak zagra orkiestraa orkiestra zawsze"
  • 4" - Amaia Montero
    "Debo contarte que quiero contar Que ando loca buscando una isla en el mar Donde olvidarme del bien de tu mal De tu cara bonita y ponerme a pensar Que la razon es un algo que ya no me importa Sera que tenia"
  • Dark centre of the universe - Modest Mouse
    "I might disintegrate into the thin air if youd likeI'm not the dark center of the universe like you thought (x2)Well, it took a lot of work to be the ass that I amAnd Im real damn sure that anyone can,"

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