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centuries fall out boys

  • Centuries - Fall Out Boy
    "Some legends are told Some turn to dust or to gold But you will remember me Remember me for centuries And just one mistake Is all it will take. We'll go down in history Remember me for centuries Remember"
  • Haggard- Awaking The Centuries - Haggard
    "Awaking the Centuries In the books of what will be Written by the demon lord? Never lift your head up to the east 'cause darkness wakes the best! Der Kerzen Schein Er leuchtet fahl Als das Sonnenlicht"
  • Boys Fall Down - Simply Waiting
    "Get yourself straight Wont you get yourself straight I am not the one who set imagination running and Get yourself together Wont you get yourself together I am not the one who said the burden would"
  • Beyond Centuries - Sigh
    "Underneath the ground upon which you live I have been buried and sealed Though my mighty flesh is rotten My immortal soul will soon be revealed I am the one cursed beyond centuries Now I have broken the"
  • Boys - Midnight Fall
    "Listen up, listen up, and I'll tell you all about the chances I have taken she appreciates the songs I've written and every single chance I get to play them out on stage, I take it every word I am spitting"
  • Boys Do Fall In Love - Bee Gees
    "Baby said you had to be a lover One way or the other Nobody wins without once giving in So don't cry now , don't cry now Love is just a game you played in high school Girls know how to be cruel Most of"
  • Boys Da Fall In Love - Robin Gibb
    "Baby said you had to be a lover One way or the other Nobody wins without once giving in so don't cry now , don't cry now Love is just a game you played in high school Girls know how to be cruel Most of"
  • Centuries Of Sin - Probot
    "Survivor - Warrior Prince Psychopath - Making Difference Archangel - Bleed Crimson Skies New Danger - Innocence Lies Falling Calling - The Diobolical Open Wide The Gates And Yell Screaming Dreaming -"
  • For All Centuries - Finechina
    "We had a party in the summer, there gathered family, friends and others. Warm nights were made for such as these, lets go out walking in the trees. I want to take you there, back to the place that we adore."
  • Centuries of Enslavement - Amortis
    "As Father Death came to me And took my mortal Frame My Flesh forever adorns the Graveyard And slowly fades away But my Soul will return My Spells hunt through the Night Master of Witchcraft I am"
  • Bad Boys - Great White
    "(Kendall, Russell, Holland, Black, Niven) Young boy. A hard, gin, ride. On the loose again "Live fast to play both sides. I'm out to win. I'm no loser. I have nothing to lose. My life ain't easy, but it's"
  • We Boys - Black Sheep
    "(feat. The Legion) Ahh, shit! Get ready for the lyrical beat down Go for your gat, nigga, you can catch a smack, clown You think you get props, nope, you're in the wrong biz Because the Sugar Dick Daddy"
  • Centuries - Charlie Landsborough
    "Walking on the velvet dream Meadow clothed in mazed To the Holy ground of love Where two children met and kiss Thru the window of my dreams Floating from the past Im no willing prisoner of the Gentle"
  • Centuries - Konkhra
    "Some said nothing is forever, Everything has come to an end, And we know: Human lifes are ending. Everyday as the clock ticks time, as measured pass me by. Just know if there's nothing, I wan't to keep"
  • Centuries - Angel Dust
    "Born in a time, That you can't remember World was like hell, From sky rained fire Created to fight and to koll Till just one survives To rule the world in the end Is our final aim We walked thru' the"
  • Boys Boys Boys - Lady GaGa
    "Hey there sugar baby Saw you twice at the pop show You taste just like glitter Mixed with rock and roll I like you a lot lot Think you're really hot hot I know you think you're special When we"
  • Boys - Robots In Disguise
    "Let us celebrate the foreign glamour of boys Their allure is left unexplained Their features and form alien to girls as described by girls Scant chance for us to consume the beauty of the male body for"
  • I've Owned You For Centuries - Robert Pollard
    "When you were drowsier You were not quick to scare Back then I could take you Back then I could move you around and: "Go down now!" you insist So I want to ride along the fried out beaches Everything"
  • Boys - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Fresh out of school the young girl lose the sound She's gonna go where the young bands hang around And it's still to right with a voice inside She's screaming, dreaming And"
  • Boys - Bauhaus
    "We tried to fly Is it so high We don't think so We don't think so Are we looked at Are we set back? Can we fake him Emulate him? Time is breaking Changing faking Grind us up now Not too hard now Features"

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