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chair chair lady model talking

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chair chair lady model talking

  • Chair - PJ Harvey
    "Where, where have you gone? Daniel, my only son I, I even slept with you To be here in your chair Sitting in your favourite chair When you snuck into the water I felt you leave through one thousand"
  • Chair - Sister Soleil
    "This is how i'm supposed to feel? This is how i'm supposed to feel about what i do? This is how i relate to you? This is how i get through Oh you think that, you think that you know me? Oh you think that,"
  • Two Person Chair - The Big Wu
    "cyote let me do your talking keep on howling and swirling in the wilderness night the oreal she cried into the air dancing with the flames as her soul and her heart fill with light fire lead me to your"
  • In My Chair - Status Quo
    "I saw her talking, now My ears were burning Her feet started walking, now They started turning My eyes were half open But she didn't see me there We ran along walking 'cross the rooftops in my chair Had"
  • If That Chair Could Talk - Rachel Proctor
    "Imitation Leather, Pink Naugahyde Two-Inch Tear Down The Left-Hand Side Came From Daddy's Pocketknife, That Wasn't My Fault Moved Along With Us Everywhere We Went No Matter Where We Lived It Always Fit"
  • Big Chair - Travis
    "Well you know that I heart everything about you And that's why it's quite hard to get through this alone You're the only one I can talk to about it In the darkest night I will be on my own These walls"
  • Blue Chair - Elvis Costello
    "Now it's just you and me, my blue friend And you say that it's you that she's thinking of And our affair must end But if it's you that she's thinking of I think my broken heart might mend Now it's my"
  • Electric Chair - Nekromantix
    "Convicted for murder, had no alibi They said I had a motive, but that's a lie They found me as guilty as hell So here I am, sitting in my death cell Now I know I've got to give it up They're going to"
  • The Chair - The 69 Eyes
    "Just walk Away from these dreams And talk The pain what it seems Angel of my revelation I don't really want to let you Walk Away from these dreams You gotta turn it all over You gotta turn it all over All"
  • Blue Chair - Morcheeba
    "(He's back) (He's back) I'm not asking you stay forever A few numbers on a dial Long enough to see the sun down Long enough to slow it down Take hold of your pain Let it fly There's no shame Stand still This"
  • Rockin' Chair - Magnum
    "You want love - you get hate You push and shove, you know you just can't wait You've had your fun, you don't fool no one You build it up - to tear it down You're running out of luck, I won't get kicked"
  • Order Chair - First Degree
    "Every night I see me sitting there Now I see there's nobody here Suddenly I'm all alone Every night I'm thinking 'bout you Every night I wonder what you do Suddenly I forget things I knew Times could"
  • Electric Chair - Prince
    "I saw your friend 1st That's who I danced with All the time I was watchin' U The music rocked us Our eyes locked-thus Makin' us see a trippy picture shoo If a man is considered guilty 4 what goes on"
  • Wooden Chair - Angus & Julia Stone
    "My old wooden chair In amongst the flames Alone I clear my throat to speak But I cant say a word Not one This girl knew my name On a wooden bridge Its cold Woke up on the floor With poison in my blood And"
  • Captain's Chair - Sanctus Real
    "Where did you go? How have you been? I'll be right here. Where did you go how have you been? Are you still my best friend? We've seen best of times, We've heard worst of lies, But here we still... Still"
  • Rockin chair - John Lee Hooker
    "I ain't gonna be, I ain't gonna be, babe, your fool no more I ain't gonna be, be, no, no, I ain't gonna be, be, your fool no more I'm so tired, so tired, babe, being your slave, both night and day I'm"
  • The Chair - Jars Of Clay
    "she always knew the things to say she had a smile to end a frown sometimes it seems she didn't notice and sometimes she dreams sometimes she tries to dance she calls out "hi ho silver" from her chair she"
  • The Chair - George Strait
    "Well, excuse me, but I think you've got my chair. No, that one's not taken, I don't mind If you sit here, I'll be glad to share. Yeah, it's usually packed here on Friday nights. Oh, if you don't mind,"
  • Rockin' Chair - Postmen Flying
    "At jubilees, and jamborees I'm doing all my best To sing a song with my friends along To rock'n'roll on request Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere I'm walking on air Except when I sit singing on a rocking chair Like"
  • Rockin chair - Oasis
    "I'm older than I'd wish to be This town hold no more for me All my life I try to find another way I don't care for your attitude You bring me down I think you're rude All my life I try to make a better"

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