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change for love

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change for love

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change for love
  • Fishbone Change
    "There's a light on a hill That's far out in the distance And it calls out my name It calls out for a change Far away voices That want their own choices Sigh for a plea As it calls out for a change Ooh"
  • Tracy Chapman Change
    "If you knew that you would die today Saw the face of god and love Would you change? Would you change? If you knew that love can break your heart When you're down so low that you cannot fall Would you"
  • Christina Aguilera Change
    "When I was young I would look in the mirror Didn't know it then but now it couldn't be clearer I remember being filled with such wonder Before learnin’ that the world could be harsher Who Who you love"
  • Ultravox Change
    "I am the road i walk alone Exposed and turned to stone A heart without a home Walk for miles to walk away A new life every day To welcome come what may. Turn around and make the change Turn it round and"
  • Daniel Merriweather Change
    "i saw a dried up withered old rich man turning on a garden hose, i see a young man picking up a gun i guess thats where the money goes (yeah), am i just as good as a bad man sleeping when the rest are"
  • T-Pain Change
    "('''Intro, Diddy''') I'll do anything for you For you I'll change the world No more wars No more poverty No more hurt No more pain You showed me how to love again For you I'll change the world Pain Sing ('''Chorus''') If"
  • George Change
    "Freedom flight fancy, Fresh home, love feeling escape, truth, happiness dreaming and knowing I've got to keep the flow I'm ready to know, about magnolia Focus on the garbage art News of a shock"
  • Tune Change
    "Look around, my love You're like everyone You've lost your way back home In crowded corridors Empty hearts Broken thoughts People clones In a perfect world And nothing's ever gonna change If you wait"
  • Musiq Change
    "Lately you've been questioning If I still see you the same way Cause through these trying years We gonna both physically change Now don't you know you you'll always be The most beautiful woman I know So"
  • Uriah Heep Change
    "Once there was a man of powerHad no care for human lifeThen one day he saw his living lieGrowing all around himThe wheel of change had taken overFound a love he never knewNow he teaches children what is"
  • Highway 101 Change
    "Been a long time lonely grown set in my ways No eye for tomorrow just a chain of yesterdays You were the first time I knew where I stood Now I walk a new line and I think the change is gonna do me good Gonna"
  • Musiq Soulchild Change
    "Lately you've been questioningIf I still see you the same wayCause through these trying yearsWe gonna both physically changeNow don't you know you you'll always beThe most beautiful woman I knowSo let"
  • Black 47 Change
    "I remember you back in 1992 When they were putting us down Trying to tramp us into the ground You exploded like a flame in the night With a righteous indignation Told us "everything gonna be alright" Change"
  • Lisa Stansfield Change
    "He's home agein from another day She smiles at him as he walks through the door. She wonders if it will be Okay It`s hard for her when he doesn't respond He says babe you bok a mess You look dowdy in that"
  • Vanessa Amorosi Change
    "intro: i'm only lifted up lifted up lifted up to you verse 1: i start my morning i turn the lights on and slowly wake up and i end my day, i drink from the same cup i get around doin'everything twice but"
  • Neal McCoy For A Change
    "It seems like all my life I've never been satisfied Ain't nothin' I ain't tried Takin' every kind of line Tryin' to find my home on the range Been close a time or two To seein' that dream come true But"
  • The Midway State Change For You
    "So here we fall, and here we break and all that we had, is now just a mistake. I guess it got boring and old, So what have you done, you left me alone You got your things, you got them all, You know thers"
  • Robbie Williams Time For Change
    "for once in your life make it matter for once in your life let it be why don’t you handed all over and singing out loud whit me so we will all be forgotten while we are still on Earth sing about love and"
  • Rosanne Cash I'll Change For You
    "(feat. Steve Earle) I'll change for you. I'll change for you. I'll change for you. I'll turn night into day. An' I'll change for you. (I don't care what the books say.) I'll change for you. (I don't"
  • Charles Bradley Change For The World
    "Revelation We’re living in Am I dreaming? Who is gonna protect us now? Right back to color Blacks depreciate If we’re not careful We’ll be back segregated Change for the better of your soul We gotta"

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