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charli charli it
  • Charli Baltimore Charli
    "Sheer thongs and we big in the butt What, what you know y'all feel this Y'all know who the real is It ain't enough that I paid my dues Learn the game Whole world learn the name Talk greasy but I earn"
  • Charli Baltimore Hey Charli
    "Hey Charli, hey Charli, hey Charli She's unbelievable and she wit I-N-C Hey Charli Catch me runnin red lights, niggaz beamin they headlights Hey Charli 187 be the digits only numbers you"
  • Iggy Azalea Fancy (ft. Charli XCX)
    "First thing first I'm the realest (realest) Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it) And I'm still in the murda bizness I can hold you down, like I'm givin' lessons in physics You should"
  • Marina And The Diamonds Just Desserts (Ft. Charli XCX)
    "Oh heartbreak’s hard when you don’t have a plastic heart You sent me in through the cinnamon stars Cause you tasted so bitter but the bitter was sweet I’m a lovelorn princess and i’m yours to eat I gave"
  • Christina Milian Spending Time ft Charli Baltimore
    "Chorus Spending time with you (Yeah yeah yeah) Makes me feel real good (Uh uh uh) All my days with you Makes me say oooh ooh oooooh (Yeah yeah yeah) Darling when I look at you, it always makes"
  • Charli Baltimore C.H.A.R.L.I
    "Charli, Charli Charli, Charli What (Chorus) Who got the 6 foot 9 niggas loving the thang? Charli, Charli Floor seats to the Sixers game? Charli, Charli Chicks screaming cause they loving the name?"
  • Icona Pop I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
    "I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone. I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn. I threw your sh*t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs. I crashed my car into the"
  • Ty Dolla $ign Drop That Kitty (feat. Charli XCX and Tinashe)
    "Drop that kitty down low Pop that kitty down low Shop that like a window I'm gonna make you explode Drop that kitty down low Pop that kitty down low Take that video phone Drop that kitty down low Drop"
  • Rita Ora Girls (ft. Cardi B, Charli XCX, Bebe Rexha)
    "Her name is Lora we learn a lotta how o it like we do it like we wanna we just know we just know I ain;t one sided I’m open-minded I’m fift-fifty and I’m never gonna hide it you should know you should"
  • Afrojack & David Guetta Dirty Sexy Money (ft Charli XCX & French Montana)
    "i want you bad i want you bad i want you bad saw you in the moonlight think you look in fine i want you bad you got me good never turn back I make you mine coming for the taking promise you are wearing"
  • Tove Lo bitches (ft. Charli XCX, Icona Pop, Elliphant, ALMA)
    "appreciate it touch me like you know what you do and what you don’t but I’m feeling jadeo know your own love I don’t fuck with o gloves so why complicated it? let me be your guide when you eat my pussy"
  • Charli Baltimore Have It All
    "Artist: charli baltimore f/ missjones Yo, this song is about four people that I loved and I lost Try to feel me, yeah Time flies Still remember all the good times spent Trips to the beach, watchin'"
  • Charli XCX Doing It (feat. Rita Ora)
    "We're staying all night We never slow down I think we better do it like we're doing it now It's been a long time Since we've been around So come on, let's keep doing it, like we're doing it Doing it, like"
  • Charli Baltimore No One Does It Better
    "Na na na na na la la la la Na na na na na la la la la Na na na na na la la la la No one does it like Murder Inc. Na na na na na la la la la Na na na na na la la la la Na na na na na la la la la Baby, no"
  • Charli Baltimore Everybody Wanna Know
    "Artist: charli baltimore f/ dj premier Yeah, what (charli baltimore) Bout to lay it down for these muthaf**kas (charli baltimore) What, speakin' on c. b'more Yo, uh, yo, yo Verse one Now everybody wanna"
  • Charli XCX Unlock It (feat. Kim Petras and Jay Park)
    "Lock it /4x unloock it lock it /2x beautiful Rollercoaster ride in the fast lane got the roof down, kiss me hard in the rain you got the candy colored eyes pink and gold chain, million dollar babe whip"
  • Charli Baltimore Money
    "For the love of what... Uh huh, Untertainment Charli's Angels H-Class, little it Uhh uhh Verse One: Charli Baltimore I don't know if it's the pretty face or the expensive taste That got everybody wantin'"
  • Charli Baltimore Works Hard For The Money
    "Uh, uh, uh, uh Chorus She works hard for the money So hard for it honey She works hard for the money And you better treat her right Verse One: Charli Baltimore Whatever you gotta, do for the Prada On"
  • Charli Baltimore R.i.t.z.
    "Charli Baltimore Miscellaneous R.i.t.z. Charli baltimore Killa cam Cam'ron Charli i don't think they know that i'm menstrul Let me tell 'em when i'm menstrul Verse one: cam'ron I'm into don thing, donna"
  • Charli Baltimore N.B.C.
    "This is the way it should sound Intro: Cam'Ron (Noreaga) Ya heard (what what) Yo B, we don't even like half these faggott niggas anyway (what what what) I'm on my own muthafuckin' wheel (yeah, what what"

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