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  • Charli - Charli Baltimore
    "Sheer thongs and we big in the butt What, what you know y'all feel this Y'all know who the real is It ain't enough that I paid my dues Learn the game Whole world learn the name Talk greasy but I earn"
  • Xxl - Keith Anderson
    "Well Mamma was exhausted after she had me, it took two nurses to hold me, one nurse to slap me. Doctor turned to mamma and shook his head, whiped the sweat off his brow, and then he said , "This boy"
  • XXL - Mylene Farmer
    "Qu'on soit des filles de cocktails bellesQu'on soit des filles des fleurs de poubellesToutes les mmesQu'on soit des croissants de luneQu'on soit des monts de SaturnePour l'I.V.G. ou en bulle nous on aOn"
  • XXL - Przemek Ferguson
    "Ferguson i Kudel To uliczny sznyt Nieustannie w podziemiu Walę wódę pod styx Miałem rzucić to gówno Ale nie jest tak łatwo Gdy pigułki lecą z nieba jak w Dr. Mario Wersy pisane na brudnych odwykach Wybacz"
  • Hey Charli - Charli Baltimore
    "Hey Charli, hey Charli, hey Charli She's unbelievable and she wit I-N-C Hey Charli Catch me runnin red lights, niggaz beamin they headlights Hey Charli 187 be the digits only numbers you"
    "Jesteś najlepsza dla mnie idealna Puszysta, apetyczna, na pewno nie banalna Prawdziwa kobieta musi mieć to ciało Bo dla mnie, bo dla mnie zawsze go za mało Zawsze mnie kręciły kobiece krągłości Stroniłem"
  • Un Amour Xxl - Lorie
    "Dlits de gourmandises l'excs ne me fait pas peur J'essaie d'tre la hauteur oublions les demi-mesures Parfois a me rassure parfois a vite les coups durs Je n'ai jamais assez de place en profondeur, en"
  • Lose This Feeling (Xxl Mix) - Candee Jay
    "Oh no Not now Oh no Not ever Oh no Not now Oh no Not ever My arms can't wait 2 hold u My lips can't wait 2 kiss You better hurry up boy You don't know what you've missed I don't wanna lose this feeling"
  • Fancy (ft. Charli XCX) - Iggy Azalea
    "First thing first I'm the realest (realest) Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it) And I'm still in the murda bizness I can hold you down, like I'm givin' lessons in physics You should"
  • CHARGER (ft. Charli XCX) - ELIO
    "God, that’s so classic I am 3% away form being stranded The way i left was way too cinematic The realization hadn’t even landed God Fuckin’ dammit Don’t wanna be put back Back in a moment where I’d wanna"
  • Flash Pose (ft. Charli XCX) - Pabllo Vittar
    "yes girl c’mon get with me you know I had an outfit like that in high school flash, flash , flash, flash flash, flash pose flash, flash , flash, flash flash, flash close flash, flash , flash, flash"
  • C.H.A.R.L.I - Charli Baltimore
    "Charli, Charli Charli, Charli What (Chorus) Who got the 6 foot 9 niggas loving the thang? Charli, Charli Floor seats to the Sixers game? Charli, Charli Chicks screaming cause they loving the name?"
  • Spending Time ft Charli Baltimore - Christina Milian
    "Chorus Spending time with you (Yeah yeah yeah) Makes me feel real good (Uh uh uh) All my days with you Makes me say oooh ooh oooooh (Yeah yeah yeah) Darling when I look at you, it always makes"
  • Just Desserts (Ft. Charli XCX) - Marina And The Diamonds
    "Oh heartbreak’s hard when you don’t have a plastic heart You sent me in through the cinnamon stars Cause you tasted so bitter but the bitter was sweet I’m a lovelorn princess and i’m yours to eat I gave"
  • Bierz Co Chcesz XXL Dance Mix - Shazza
    "Nie mów to niemożliwe, Nie patrz naiwnie tak, Każdy ma swoje imię, Każdy ma serca dwa, Lecz nie ja, To nie ja. Bierz co chcesz, wszytko weź Co tylko mam Bierz co chcesz nawet deszcz, I z włosów"
  • I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) - Icona Pop
    "I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone. I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn. I threw your sh*t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs. I crashed my car into the"
  • We Can't Stop (feat. Charli XCX) - Miley Cyrus
    "It?s our party we can do what we want It?s our party we can say what we want It?s our party we can love who we want We can kiss who we want, we can see who we want /2x Red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere Hands"
  • Spinning (ft. Charli XCX & The 1975) - No Rome
    "Found you at 4 in the morning Confidence soaring Though you moved onto a new thing But you keep it revolving I look so good dressed in nothing You ended up falling I never needed your shelter I am good"
  • OUT OUT (feat. Charli XCX & Saweetie) - Joel Corry & Jax Jones
    "Out, out for the night Why am I on my own on a Friday night? My friends are on my phone, they keep blowin' up my line Send me your location, the Uber's outside Runnin' out of time If we’re going out Out"

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