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  • Sober (ft. Charlie Puth) - G-Eazy
    "Oh, I know that I’ll regret this when I’m sober but, every show I’m getting closer is it true that 80 proof is the reason I’m without you oh, I know that I’ll regret when it’s over story of my whole life I"
  • Oops (ft. Charlie Puth) - Little Mix
    "Oops my baby, you woke up in my bed Oops we broke up, we're better off as friends Now I accidentally need you, I don't know what to do Oops baby I love you It started with ''what's up with you?'' I"
  • Summer Feelings (feat. Charlie Puth) - Lennon Stella
    "(from Scoob! The Album)"
  • Marvin Gaye (ft. Meghan Trainor) - Charlie Puth
    "Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on You got the healing that I want Just like they say it in the song Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on We got this king size to ourselves Don't have to share"
  • See You Again (ft. Charlie Puth) - Wiz Khalifa
    "It’s been a long day Without you my friend And I’ll tell you all about it When I see you again When I see you again We’ve come a long way From where we began Oh I’ll tell you all about it When I see you"
  • Coming Over (ft. Charlie Puth, Timbaland) - Zayn Malik
    "You always say i only call you after midnight You’re who i want End of the day These pics you sent me Down there speeding Through these red lights Don’t get too comfortable, babe I am on my way I am sorry"
  • Marvin Gaye - Fukaj & Kubi Producent
    "Ja przyszedłem, oni poszli każdy spragniony lub głodny Ja przyszedłem, oni poszli każdy spragniony lub głodny wrażeń zatem każdy chce się napić za lepsze czasy oraz wyższe szklanki LOLOLO Ja przyszedłem,"
  • Marvin - Chris Rea
    "Oh Marvin, Seems so long But I still remember you I would have given everything If I could have talked to you For just one small moment In the quiet of the day You took my pain away Oh Marvin The one"
  • marvin - schafter
    "największa flota elektrycznej komunikacji miejskiej ale nie ma tesli dalej nie ma tesli tak ze będziesz pierwszy otwieram notatnik w standardzie cyfrowo przesuwa kalendarz rzeźki wiatr z balkonu tam: 2013 17"
  • Marvin - Nando Reis
    "Meu pai no tinha educao Ainda me lembro, era um grande corao Ganhava a vida com muito suor E mesmo assim no podia ser pior Pouco dinheiro pra poder pagar Todas as contas e despesas do lar Mas Deus quis"
  • Marvin - Evan & Jaron
    "you never smile the way you used to do I see you trying but it's just not you what is wrong and what is right Marvin said he tried he just couldn't get through maybe it's a line he's just not"
  • Charlie Freak - Steely Dan
    "Charlie Freak had but one thing to call his own Three weight ounce pure golden ring no precious stone Five nights without a bite No place to lay his head And if nobody takes him in He'll soon be dead On"
  • Dangerously - Charlie Puth
    "This is gonna hurt but I blame myself first, cause I ignored the truth Drunk off that love, it fucked my head up, there's no forgetting you You've awoken me, but you're choking me, I was so obsessed Gave"
  • Dancing With Charlie - Chris Rea
    "Charlie was a loser till that sunny day No-one saw him leaving as he sailed away Treated like a sinner, no-one gave a damn Till Charlie threw two sixes Now he's got them in his hand Now they're waiting"
  • Concerning Charlie Horse - Great Big Sea
    "Come all ye friends I'll sit you down And sing an oleful ditty, T'was on a day in April month We started from the city We planned a day or two at Maars We stalwart men were chosen To remove ol' Charlie"
  • Marvin & Miles - Gare Du Nord
    "tall guy in the corner tenor sax at hand i guess i had to warn her she wouldn't understand she's freaking out on music a variety of styles and now she's stuck in the middle with the moods of marvin"
  • Marvin Gaye - Josh Rouse
    "Is it in your hair Or your camera starin' Is it physical There's no way to know Could I be that strong Open up your heart Let the sun shine in Well who really cares And who really cares And all the promises"
  • Marvin (Reprise) - Evan & Jaron
    "tell me do you plan this pain does it come down on you like the rain is there something I can say to you I can't stop the storm tell me do you plan this pain does it come down on you like the rain"
  • Charlie - Split Enz
    "Wake up, Charlie, rise and shine. Pour the tea, I'll draw the blinds, Sunlight halo, you look wonderful, Darling, Charlie, pale and deathly still, For heavens shake wake up Charlie. Was a full moon last"
  • Charlie Get Your Gun - Overkill
    "Hey, hey smokey with the iron grip Bang-bang knocking it down Hangman headed on the psycho trip He gives the best stretch around I got the hear say, no where to run I got a bed on the sun I got it loaded"

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