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charlie xcx you're the one

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charlie xcx you're the one

  • Charlie - Ingrid Michaelson
    "Charlie don't let the girls hurt your heart Don't let the angry boys tear you apart I know you're tired of not fittin' in But its not fitting in that will help to begin to show you your beauty Where is"
  • Charlie - Split Enz
    "Wake up, Charlie, rise and shine. Pour the tea, I'll draw the blinds, Sunlight halo, you look wonderful, Darling, Charlie, pale and deathly still, For heavens shake wake up Charlie. Was a full moon last"
  • Charlie Charlie - A Camp
    "I met a boy called Charlie Charlie On the 4th of September last year He was 21 and once a teenage star So sweeten the way he appeared In the way he appeared Charlie Charlie He was a trip into The wild"
  • Charlie - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "All aboard... stitch in time Get yours... got mine In a minute... I'll be there Sit tight... get square You can do it at the hippodrome Slide back, trombone Anybody got a TV tome? That's right, unknown When"
  • Just Desserts (Ft. Charli XCX) - Marina And The Diamonds
    "Oh heartbreak’s hard when you don’t have a plastic heart You sent me in through the cinnamon stars Cause you tasted so bitter but the bitter was sweet I’m a lovelorn princess and i’m yours to eat I gave"
  • Charlie Says - Jude
    "Tortilla chips are on my lips and no one's pressed against my hips Bad beat poet late at night The city gets bright I can see The neon lights don't work on me I am no watcher in the fight Charlie says"
  • Charlie Sheen - King's X
    "It all works out It all works out It all works out It all works out I'm waiting for a word beyond our history And paper tigers dance about within the mystery Clover of substance I can't put my finger on"
  • Fancy (ft. Charli XCX) - Iggy Azalea
    "First thing first I'm the realest (realest) Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it) And I'm still in the murda bizness I can hold you down, like I'm givin' lessons in physics You should"
  • You’re The One - Charli XCX
    "Don’t stand in the darkness Thinking light lime Keep the soul loose Cristals on the skyline Cut the midnight Alterable lift You’re the one that can make me stay You’re the only one who makes me feel this"
  • Cosmic Charlie - The Grateful Dead
    "Cosmic Charlie how do you do? Truckin' in style along the avenue. Dum de dum de doodley do. Go on home your mama's calling you. Kalico, Kahlia, come tell me the news. Calamity's waiting for a way to get"
  • Chainsaw Charlie - Angry Johnny And The Killbillies
    "Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Miscellaneous Chainsaw Charlie Charlie got a chainsaw and a pickle jar of formaldehyde One way or another tonight she will be going for a ride The roses and the poems he"
  • Sorry Charlie - Handsome Devil
    "Sorry Charlie - Sorry Charlie Hair full of cow licks out of control His mother used Vitalis super super hold It's true kids can be so cruel Loogies on his coat, and Charlie never knew He was a full-time"
  • Charlie Razzamatazz - Wise Guys
    "Charlie Jones used to try to be cool, he tried to find some friends at school, said on the diving board he wasn't a fool, but Fred and Marty pushed him in the swimming pool. Charlie Jones started staying"
  • Charlie Mack - Will Smith
    "Artist: dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince (fresh prince) Everywhere we go, downtown or to a show We have two necessities, charlie mack and our limo He's feared by suckers yet he's loved by kids Pay attention"
  • Charlie Brown - ABK
    "Charlie Brown, please, don't come around Because your weed is doodoo brown and it smells like the ground You're still my homie (but no more bammer) But with that weed you don't know me When I inhale this,"
  • Downtown Charlie - Aerosmith
    "Well, Downtown Charlie Was a place on my daddy's and a Well my pistol was a tripper And I didn't feel so bad Well be comin' round with roses Put my hands on my feet And my turnin' to the luck picture"
  • Chainsaw Charlie - W.A.S.P.
    "Charlie to Jonathan: O.K. boy now here's your deal Will you gamble your life? Sign right here on the dotted line It's the one you've waited for all of your life Jonathan to Charlie: Ah-will it feed"
  • Charlie Freak - Steely Dan
    "Charlie Freak had but one thing to call his own Three weight ounce pure golden ring no precious stone Five nights without a bite No place to lay his head And if nobody takes him in He'll soon be dead On"
  • Mr. Charlie - Lightnin'
    "Once in the country there was a little boy; every morning that he would go to the table with his little two sisters and brothers, you know, he would go there, he couldn't talk but his mother didn't know"
  • Chainsaw Charlie - WASP
    "O.K. boy now here's your deal Will you gamble your life? Sign right here on the dotted line It's the one you've waited for all of your life Ah - will it feed my hunger If I swallow lies right down my"

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