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  • Bruno Schulz Pan David Lynch
    "Myję dłonie po tym czego dotknąłem podczas dnia Myję dłonie bo niczego nie chciałem dotykać co dotknęło mnie dzisiaj Myję kolana bo klęczały, myję łokcie bo się rozpychały Myję kolana bo klęczały, myję"
  • The Presidents of the United States of America Let's Lynch The Landlord
    "The landlord's here to visit They're blasting disco down below Sez, I'm doubling up the rent Cause the building's condemned You're gonna help me buy City Hall But we can, you know we can But we"
  • Faith No More Let's Lynch The Landlord
    "The landlord's here to visit They're blasting disco down below Sez, "I'm doubling the rent Cuz the buildings condemned You're gonna help me buy City Hall" But we can, you know we can We can, you know"
  • Dead Kennedys Let's Lynch The Landlord
    "The Landlord's here to visit They're blasting disco down below Sez, "I'm doubling up the rent Cos the building's condemned You're gonna help me buy City Hall" But we can, you know we can But we can,"
  • Flying Lotus Fire Is Coming (feat. David Lynch)
    "Monolog Davida Lyncha."
  • Gorillaz Slow Country (Curtis Lynch Jr Mix)
    "Can't Stand Your Loneliness City Life Calling Me Lotta Me And My Soul Get To Water Never Get Another Chance So What You Doing? Gotta Get Money Keep What You're Doing I Am A Very Nice Guy I Am Like"
  • Stephen Lynch Best Friends Song (Live)
    "Intro: *Lynch* Starts playing the song Teich - Oh, this song. I know this one. Teich: I like my toast buttered Lynch: and I'll take mine dry Teich: I dig the beatles Lynch: I'm a stones kinda guy Teich:"
  • Stephen Lynch Baby (Live)
    "Intro:This songs for my daughter. Where ever she may be tonight. You'd think I'd know where my fuckign daughter's at. This is a new song I have to work on the intro a bit. My lady gives birth tody, I"
  • Stephen Lynch Love Song (Live)
    "If I had a hammer, I'd build a house for two. And if I had a sailing ship, I'd take a trip with you. And if I had a poet's hand, I'd write a verse for thee. And if I had the painter's touch, On canvas"
  • Stephen Lynch Walken I
    "Hey its Cristopher Walken Gerbil what kinda of song is that.. Thats crazy theres no cowbell in Gerbil I neeed more cowbell Gerbil, We all, look Mr Lynch We all know the erotic effects of rodents in the"
  • Lynch Mob Through These Eyes
    "Music: Lynch Lyrics: Logan, Esposito, Lynch Morning comes too soon Another day unfolds and the rains are cold That fall on you I wanna tell you But I can't seem to get it Can't seem to get it right Oh,"
  • Stephen Lynch Talk To Me (Live)
    "I came down to the breakfast table Felt like I could cry. *Crowd Yells* *Lynch laughs* Lynch - I haven't even told the fucking joke yet, now I have to start all over. *Sings them fast* I came down to"
  • Stephen Lynch She Gotta Smile (Live)
    "Intro: Lets bring out my friend, Mr Mark Teich. Teich - How bout a big round of applause for my opening act. *Lynch sticking the bird finger in Teich's face* Teich: What is that, is that a bug. Lynch:I"
  • Lynch Mob Heaven Is Waiting
    "Music: Lynch Lyrics: Esposito, Lynch, Brown, Mason I've been tryin' Tryin' to show to you The way I feel inside It don't make no sense To hide my feelings, no No time for wastin' Oh there's got to be"
  • Lynch Mob The Secret
    "Music: Lynch Lyrics: Esposito, Brown, Mason, Olsen From the cradle to the grave Lord, how much longer till I'm saved Eyes once opened, never closed That's the gateway to your soul There's no honor ever"
  • Stephen Lynch For The Ladies (Live)
    "Intro:This one's For the Ladies *women* Whooo Might want to hold back on those "Whoos" ladies, This one's fucking awful. I kissed you on the cheek, Goodnight my love I say. You turn to me and smiled "a"
  • Lynch Mob When Darkness Calls
    "Music: Lynch Lyrics: Mason, Esposito, Brown You light a fire in the rain And I feel it burnin' You swore you'd never hurt again I remember Under the spell of a different role A secret whispered No one"
  • Stephen Lynch Gay (Live)
    "here we are dear old friend you and i drunk again laughs have been and and tears have been shed maybe the whiskey's gone to my head but if i were gay i would give you my heart and if i were gay you'd"
  • Lynch Mob Dream Until Tomorrow
    "Music: Lynch Lyrics: Mason, Esposito, Brown, Olsen So many miles away Thought of you fill my every day I spent the empty hours Hearing the last words you said A thousand days between us A thousand nights"
  • Lynch Mob Hell Child
    "Music: Lynch Lyrics: Logan There ain't no tale to the story 'Cause it's all been done before A finger that leads you The fate that sees you And who's to blame for it all, yeah Flying high on cloud nine Take"

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