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chawki its my life

  • Its My Life - Dr Alban
    "Away away from home This little girl is a country girl Left her home and go to New York Come to Ny with one dollar Ask how many million people in a Ny This little girl went to a session In a session say"
  • Its Only Life - Wilson Phillips
    "IT'S ONLY LIFE (Wilson Phillips, Bob Marlette) Hey, do you know what's going on Do you? Come on, play it! Are you awake Have you anything to say Are you aware of what surrounds you And all the times you"
  • Its Me - Out of Eden
    "All of my life I've dreamed a love would come to me It's here and now I know it's more that and other love could be I never though I'd know someone who loved me so To go as for to die that His love for"
  • Life has its own route - Hannah Montana
    "Life is like an unpaved roadIts just keeps on spinnin' with its bumps and turnsUps and downs it's jumpin around!You go through all hard timesYou think you might not get throughDo I take a Right Or do I"
  • Life has its own route - Miley Cyrus
    "Life is like an unpaved roadIts just keeps on spinnin' with its bumps and turnsUps and downs it's jumpin around!You go through all hard timesYou think you might not get throughDo I take a Right Or do I"
  • Now Its Dark - Anthrax
    "Anthrax Miscellaneous Now Its Dark In dreams I can rule your life, with me nothing's ever right. Sing for me up on a stage, keep your mind trapped in a cage. I'm your man I'm what you need, dance with"
  • Its All Yours - MC Lyte
    "Our love is old-school like Mary Jane's Boston baked beans and candy canes Exchange a look on the number two train Run catch kiss sunshine or rain Jackson 5, good times the Jefferson's Yeah Baby, you know"
  • Its Goin Down - Nicki Minaj
    "Haha. haha. It's ya girl nicki minaj bitches. listen. ya'll better buckle ya'll mutha fuckin seat belts broads. it's goin down. Fitted down and I'm ready to play. when ya album gon drop? . bitches never"
  • Its Happening Now - Charlie Daniels
    "All of my life I've been hearing That Jesus is coming back someday For two thousand years the world's been waiting He just told us to watch and pray We don't know the minute nor the hour But the signs"
  • Its A Pity - Tanya Stephens
    "INTRO I said if we never get a chance to be together go with Jah, Tanya loves ya, wha me seh? Hook It's a pity you already have a wife and me done have a man inna mi life rudeboy it's such a pity"
  • Its A Setup - Kurupt
    "Let's do it doggs, ring ding dong Bitch (aha, aha), bitch (yeah what what what what what?) Beeitch (set up, set up, set up), beeitch (it's a set up) What they're doing? they're trying to... They're trying"
  • Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs - Charlie Rich
    "I don't know how to tell her That I didn't get that raise in pay today And I know how much she wanted the dress in Baker's window And it breaks my heart to see her have to wait And cancel all the plans"
  • Its not just me - Rascal Flatts
    "Tell me you've had trouble sleepingthat you toss and turn from side to sidethat its my face you've been seeing in your dreams at nighttell me that you wake up cryingand you're not sure exactly whytell"
  • World of its own - Tingsek
    "Ohh how I love to be around this particular place I found. No stress at all would waste our time. Nobody's letting anybody down. It's a world of its own in here. We get to do what we decide to. Ohh"
  • Lie Is Its Name - Cadaveres De Tortugas
    "I've got a secret My love, my parasite I never gonna tell you So never ask me why It's hidden under my skin This deadly sin of mine Poison in my body Pleasure makes me blind My whole life is pain Because"
  • Its Love U Feel - Glass Tiger
    "Just a boy--seventeen You changed my life--over and over Sexy girl--a movie queen I've never seen the sunlight shining Now looking back--at my life Played some games--over and over And I broke some hearts--once"
  • Its All About Me - Dru Hill
    "I cook your dinner I wash your clothes Baby hell no that's not the way it goes It's All about me tonight (yea) I ain't stop lovin' you Cause you're still my boo You still my boo But you gotta see"
  • Its All About You - Smokie Norful
    "So many days, in so many ways I took for granted, all You had planted in my life For me to enjoy, since I was a little bitty boy. Now my eyes are open so I can see All You've done for me You've made my"
  • Its Alright For You - The Police
    "(Sting/Stewart Copeland) Wake up Make up Bring it up Shake up Stand by Don't cry Watching while the world die Big car Movie star Hot tip Go far Blind date Too late Take a bus Don't wait It's alright"
  • Its All About Me - Mya & Sysqo
    "I cook your dinner I wash your clothes baby, hell no that's not the way it goes it's all about me tonight I can't stop loving you cause your still my boo, still my boo but you gotta see tonight it's all"

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