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cheerleader omi t��umaczenie

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cheerleader omi t��umaczenie

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cheerleader omi t��umaczenie
  • OMI Cheerleader
    "When I need motivation My one solution is my queen 'cause she' stay strong yeah yeah she is always in my corner right there when I want her all these other girls are tempting but I'm empty when you're"
  • Shaggy Seasons (ft. OMI)
    "Girl you must be sent from above You keep me warm under the winter glove You smile is colorful Like the flowers in the spring I’m in love watching when you do your thing, thing thing I never meant to"
  • Marcy Playground Death Of A Cheerleader
    "She was so pretty, everyone said The more so the pity That she was found dead And now the flag only flies at fifty percent In the school yard where she once went Push 'em back, push 'em back Way back,"
  • St. Vincent Cheerleader
    "I've had good times With some bad guys I've told whole lies With a half smile Held your bare bones With my clothes on I've thrown rocks That hit both my arms I don't know what good it serves Pouring my"
  • Nazareth Cheerleader
    "Legs up to her shoulders All the way back down She's not playin', she knows what she's doin' And the word's out on the town She wanna be a cheerleader A cheerleader She got the moves She got the grooves All"
  • Amazing Transparent Man Cheerleader
    "You're at prom I'm home playin nintendo lookin' out of my window wonderin' what I could be You're the queen I'm home dreamin' on Tatooine I can't help from what it seems I'll never be you I see your"
  • Adam Sandler The cheerleader
    ""Ok you guys, let's hear some spirit!" "United, we are united.. We'll be 'cause we're the Tigers, we're out for vic-tor-y - Yeah!" "Come on you guys! I wanna hear you!" "Come on! The girls"
  • Marcus & Martinus Never (ft. OMI)
    "girl I will make it true and finally when I get you on my own I will never, never ever let you go I will never, never ever let you go yeah /4x I will never let you go"
  • Smoking Popes Theme From "Cheerleader"
    "Proud to wear the uniform Of a man who won't conform Learning how to fit the mold Of a man who can't be told Climb aboard that tour bus Down the road less traveled Every song sounds like the last one Let's"
  • Guided By Voices 14 Cheerleader cold front
    "14 cheerleader cold frontput your nose? beyond creeping boys in alleys (find them when your gone?)stick close to locker roomsand (waving clothes to wear?)you will hold them dearto something (queer and"
  • Nekromantix Who killed the cheerleader
    "Who killed the cheerleader? you did... you did. Oh no.. it wasn't me at all who raped the prom queen? he did he did Yeah right and she was having a ball... I asked her out, she laughed and said "no way""
  • Eins Zwo Die Omi Aus Dem Ersten Stock
    ""Was soll ich euch noch erzhlen?...""Eine kleine Episode um das klarzustellen..." Rei den Vorhang aufschmeiss die verdammten Lampen ankeine zeit fr spielkonsolenmein leben ist jump & runkeine zeit zu verschwendenund"
  • Bombs Over Providence Zombie Cheerleader Slumber Party Massacre
    "We dumb smart kids got guts; we're buying in without selling out. And we're great at parties. Misplaced-aggression chic, or ill-read rebel's grief, we've got our weapons. We've made a lifetime of wearing"
  • I See Stars Save The Cheerleader, Save The World
    "The hands come from the ground Don't fear life We came and saw This has no meaning I touch the sky As it's burning This bottles half way empty Cause your glass is half way full Can you please go without"
  • Sarah Brightman T
    "T, sin ms porqu, T que bsame, T me tienes de furriel, De un roto de tu piel. T, como la cal, Que hmeda es mortal, T, blanqueas mi razón, Calando hasta el colchón. T, t, t, t. T, t, t, t. T,"
  • Trio Nordestino T
    "ta Rio de Janeiro Pra chegar gente de fora Avio de hora em hora E t chegando mais T, t, t chegando mais T sim, t chegando mais Pois aqui na Guanabara Os nibus chegam lotados Tem gente de todos os estados E"
  • Os Travessos T
    "Basta uma brisa na praia Pra gente ficar com vontade de amar Um vento ousado na saia Revela o desejo guardado no olhar Basta uma noite de lua Pra gente ficar na mar da paixo E quando a pele est nua A gente"
  • Gino E Geno T
    "T ficando com ela T ficando liso no cheque que cai T ficando com ela dinehiro que vem dinheiro que vai T ficando com ela Eu fico flido quebrado das pernas Mas, t ficando com ela T ficando com ela T"
  • Martinho Da Vila T
    "Assim como adolescente O cupido me pegou Me apaixonei por seu beijo Sem voc eu nada sou Me apaixonei por seu beijo Sem voc eu nada sou Vem me salvar boca a boca T morrendo de amar Vem fazer amor bonito Vem"
  • Ana Carolina T
    "Um buraco um lugar onde algum afunda Um buraco um lugar onde eu no quero estar Deixa estar, deixa estar Minha boca linda Quero te ver, quero te ver passar Eu t saindo, eu t saindo, eu t saindo deste Eu"

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