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chemu vy nie mate

  • Vy - Viikate
    "Taivaita pyysin, taivaita sain, taivaiden suittua sulkakyn kannan hatussain Tuulilta otin, tuulilta vein, tuulien tuhansia tarinoita kasannut oon povellein Ja miten silta poikki kauniin veden kaareutuu ja"
  • Vy - Acrimony
    "Oh won't you sit with me? It's time for us to see For I gave you your life How do you repay me My child I've always loved you I always will you know, my child I gave you your life How do you use your"
  • Annorlunda Vy - Di Leva
    "Jag r en man som kommer fram nr Frankie kr en sng, men denna gngen hrdes ingen sng. Det var en sck med guld som stod upp en samovar. Sklart jag tog den och sprang till en bar. I denna bar jag bjd p allt"
  • M.A.T.O - Pijani Powietrzem
    "Ma to wzrok zawieszony w suficie, niczym żyrandol, fantom, jakby ktoś cykał fotki aparatem z błyskową lampą, joint adventure e i g i original collection sort fresh sort clean, czy to kocha, czy dym ? Zatopiony"
  • Xeque Mate - Latino
    "Te filmei, te filmei... Baby, yeah... Te filmei... Que se dane, xeque mate! Jogue a sua vez, Rainha do xadrez E movimente as suas peas, Corre atrs do rei Joga que eu quero ver Voc tem que mexer assim,"
  • Running Mate - Kelis
    "(Unreleased Track. Exclusively from I stay on your arm You never leave me alone I cater to you that's how I do my boo I ride when you ride You always have a surprise I'm like one of"
  • Team Mate - Kaiser Chiefs
    "We used to go out nightly To the armoury You used to be my team mate Or that's the way it seemed We lost our friends Because you wanted to They had no faith in you I had faith in you You said we don't"
  • Soul Mate - Sebadoh
    "My soul mate is a special girl A girl that's just like me She'll share tremendous oral sex And try everything she sees She won't be insane or hung-up Like most other girls I'll worship her until it hurts Cuz"
  • Xeque Mate - Jorge Vercilo
    "Decorei o que eu vim te dizer só te olhar j me faz esquecer Um "xadrez racional" eu montei mas sua rainha o xeque-mate pro meu rei O silncio parece entender o que os olhos no querem calar Coisa linda Renasci"
  • New Mate - Figurine
    "One day you'll see It was wrong to leave me I light a candle in your memory Turn off the lights and cry myself to sleep My mascara's running down my cheek I haven't left the house in over a week It won't"
  • Soul Mate - Gerald Levert
    "Oh Baby, Baby, Oh Oh Baby ...... When did you stop loving me What did I do so wrong that you want to leave When did you stop wanting me No letters, no calls , girl you know I needed Baby this thing has"
  • Vy Fr?n Ett Luftslott - Kent
    "Ett framsteg blir ett bakslag Nnting mste ungtt min blick Objekten under radarn r dom som skapar myter som slr hl p en orttvis vrld Jag nskar du var hr men ingen r dr nr jag vnder mig om... Jag vet du"
  • You're My Mate - Right Said Fred
    "I'll tell you what I think, I think she's a cow She's let you down too many times now Let's go for a drink, forget it for now Put It behind you, I think it's your round Cause you're my mate and I will"
  • Vecpiebalgas Cuku Mate - Labveligais Tips
    "Sonakt Vecpiebalgas puse Atkal udensrozes zied. Ka lai vienaldzigi kluse, Ka lai tagad gulet iet? Cik gan ilgi ziedesana Var tik nezeliga but? Pamale jau atvasara. Naku tavas rozes plukt. Sarti siventini"
  • Mate Spawn & Die - Lard
    "Hair by mail Tit jobs for teens Go broke appearing rich Searching for rosebud in the fire Pop stars fingers in the fans The therapist you wish you had Crucifix or lubricant Government by fad! Mate! Spawn!"
  • Hate-My Mate - Agathocles
    "I walk among the building, of a city with no name, Unknown faces, empty face, identities fade away, Fills my heart with hatred, fills my heart with hate, The dark man has came, positive feelings have been"
  • The Way I Mate - Rednex
    "The way I mate, the way I mate, the way I mate I call a girlie girlie in a wae-oh I call a girlie girlie in a wae-oh The way I mate, the way I mate, the way I mate I call a girlie girlie in a wae-oh"
  • The window's cleaner's mate - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "You better not say what you're thinkingThat's if you don't want a slap.Tell the Mrs. she looks gorgeous and don't for God's sake, don't do that.Must admit I'm tired of hearing rude remarks about my hair.Sure"
  • Soul Mate #9 (Single Version) - Arena Tina
    "Arena Tina Just Me Soul Mate #9 (Single Version) Soul Mate Number Nine, You say that I'm the only one, But I know it's just a lie. Soul Mate Number Nine, You're living in a fantasy, In your mind. You"
  • Soul Mate #9 (Single Version) - Tina Arena
    "Soul Mate Number Nine, You say that I'm the only one, But I know it's just a lie. Soul Mate Number Nine, You're living in a fantasy, In your mind. You live in a made up world, You think that I don't see, It's"

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