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cher living proof

  • Living Proof - Cat Power
    "It's not your face Or the color of your hair Or the sound of your voice my dear That's got me dragged in here It's the ice in the seam, the scheme of you You're supposed to have the answer You're"
  • Living Proof - Camila Cabello
    "tell me something but say it whit your hands, slow when you touch me paint me like a Van Gogh I wanna study every inch of you till you trust me to make the Angels come through like a choir singing Halleluiah when"
  • Living Proof - Robert Cray
    "She has everything And every one loves her A warm smile and a friendly hug Good looks Good looks ??? Everyone says it's a mistake That she's made a goof Any thing can happen cause she's here with me For"
  • Living Proof - Wishbone Ash
    "Why does love have to? Where does it go to Outta my door? How much have you got? Is it enough for me Or will I want more? Oh,oh, you tell me you just want some fun. Oh, oh, I'm trapped between the fire"
  • Living Proof - Kelis
    "When I was young I had no one, I walked alone, I never thought I'd find someone who I could come home to. Until there was you. Until there was you. You lift me up into the sky; won't let me fall, just"
  • Living Proof - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well now on a summer night in a dusky room Come a little piece of the Lords undying light Crying like he swallowed the fiery moon In his mothers arms it was all the beauty I could take Like the missing"
  • Living Proof - Isis Gee
    "This dream Fragile as it breathes In your eyes In this scene I'm naked at the seams for you On this diamond pearl night And every night I thank God for you I rid my old disguise No longer recognized I"
  • Living Proof - Amber Pacific
    "You can take what you'll say I won't care that you have reasons to believe That I'm living in this fear You can take what you'll say I won't care that you have spent you time on me I've learned from life"
  • Living Proof - Shooter Jennings
    "When I was just a young boy, my daddy came to me, said son Out in this world theres a lotta things that'll make you feel like your supposed to be. You don't have to read the good book, to be a good man"
  • Proof - Madison Beer
    "And that's proof enough for me That’s proof enough for me, That’s proof enough for me"
  • Proof - Coldplay
    "So I waited for you What wouldn't I do? Am I better of to? Oh and I'm honest too If I ever want proof Oh then I'll find it in you Oh yeah I honestly do In you I've got proof Light, dark Bright spark Light,"
  • Proof - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) Soon our fortunes will be made, my darling And we will leave this loathsome little town Silver bells jingling from your black lizard boots, my baby Silver foil to trim your wedding gown It's"
  • Proof - The Gathering
    "Denial The first [ ... ] Sweeter than honey The second time What's left No time A pleasant surprise All the time Proof Always answers Sharing feelings With me I would like to clear it up for once Please"
  • Proof - Bill Anderson
    "(Buzz Rabin - Jimmy Sad) I know what you do and it drives me insane No matter what I do you never will change You just keep denying this thing that you do But someday, someway, I'll have proof that it's"
  • Proof - Twin-A
    "Well, I told you that I loved you And you thought I didn't mean it So I finally get the chance to prove you wrong And you came in through my window And I knew that you had seen it As you've did many times"
  • Proof - Angela
    "shinzou ni te wo ate kakunin shitemiru "atashi" to yuu nano sonzai kisokutadashiku ugoku countdown no youna atashi no oto umare yagate shiniyuku mono eien nado nai unmei to yuu ori no naka de shika"
  • Cher o'bowlies - Undertones
    "Rain rain from the sky When I imagine love will die Its not making love alone Though all must come and go All that's coming from the sky Is cold and turning turning blue This may seem mighty strange Coming"
  • Cher Antoine - Los Hermanos
    "Composio: Rodrigo Amarante Cher Antoine, Je suis vraiment desol mais je ne peux pas partir avec toi. Du 20 au 24 je dois travailler, j'ai 4 jour de cong. Je vais la campagne. Je voyage en train pour"
  • Cher toi - Leslie
    "Mais envahie dune sorte damour Que je ncomprends pas Destine qu toi et moi Quon ne savait pas Face la vrit, mes yeux npeuvent plus pleurer Quand bien mme je pleurais Mes larmes sur toi brillaient Si ce"
  • Just Ryhme With Proof - Proof
    "Eminem Are we supposed to shut up or talk...I'll cut your butt up and walk... Around with my ass showing all over the fuckin town Proof Eminem ft. Proof ....Then You get done up in chalk Yo.... Eminem We"

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