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  • Magdalena Tul Closer (feat. Chesney Snow)
    "closer and closer to you all the time closer and closer through we’re still so far we’re still so far even when you doubt the daylight receding the sorrow take a look around with sunrise your star will"
  • Chesney Hawkes The One And Only
    "I am the one and only oh yeah Call me, call me by my name or call me by number You put me through it I'll still be doing it the way I do it And yet, you try to make me forget Who I really am, don't tell"
  • Kenny Chesney Christmas In Dixie
    "Kenny Chesney & Randy Owens By now in New York City, there's snow on the ground And out in California, the sunshine's falling down And, maybe down in Memphis, Graceland's all in lights And in Atlanta,"
  • Chesney Kenny I Can't Go There
    "Chesney Kenny No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems I Can't Go There "I Can't Go There" (feat. Tim McGraw) I still feel your touch Now theres places in my heart and head that still feel as empty as our bed So"
  • Kenny Chesney Pretty Paper
    "Kenny Chesney & Willie Nelson Chorus: Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue Wrap your presents to your darling from you Pretty pencils to write I love you Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue. Crowded"
  • Chesney Kenny Me And You
    "Chesney Kenny All I Need To Know Me And You Ordinary, no Really don't think so Not a love this true Common destiny We were meant to be Me and you Like a perfect scene From a movie screen We're a dream"
  • Chesney Kenny Between Midnight And Daylight
    "Chesney Kenny All I Need To Know Between Midnight And Daylight Their shadows danced closer on the honky tonk walls As the band plays the last verse to that goin' home waltz And they'll start to peril 'neath"
  • Chesney Kenny Paris, Tennessee
    "Chesney Kenny All I Need To Know Paris, Tennessee I may not have a whole lot of money But I got enough girl for you and me I'm takin' off won't you come with me honey Gonna take you all the way to Paris,"
  • Kenny Chesney I'm Alive
    "(Chesney) So damn easy to say that lifes so hard Everybodys got their share of battle scars As for me, Id like to thank my lucky stars that Im alive and well Itd be easy to add up all the pain And all"
  • Chesney Kenny When I Close My Eyes
    "Chesney Kenny I Will Stand When I Close My Eyes There's so many things I didn't say And even though It may be too late I want you to know I still love you so Every car I meet Looks like your car Every"
  • Chesney Kenny A Woman Knows
    "Chesney Kenny Everywhere We Go A Woman Knows She can't put her finger on a single lipstick stain Perfume doesn't linger in a shirt There's no matchbook in his pocket with a number and a name So why does"
  • Chesney Kenny No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
    "Chesney Kenny No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems I've been up to my neck workin 6 days a week wearin holes into the shoes on my feet been dreamin of gettin away since i dont"
  • Chesney Kenny Steamy Windows
    "Chesney Kenny I Will Stand Steamy Windows Well I was thinkin' 'bout parking the other night We was out on a back road Me and my lady was just gettin' right All systems on overload Radio blasting in the"
  • Kenny Chesney Finally Friday
    "Finally Friday, Kenny Chesney I got a hundred dollars smoking in my bill fold I know I outta save it but it's burning a hole Right through my pocket and into my skin come Monday morning i'll be broke"
  • Chesney Kenny A Chance
    "Chesney Kenny I Will Stand A Chance Girl, don't you know it's all I can do To keep my hands off of you Anytime you're around And when the stars come out at night I dream of holdin' you tight Everytime"
  • Chesney Kenny There Goes My Life
    "Chesney Kenny Miscellaneous There Goes My Life All He could think about was "I'm too young for this, got my whole life ahead, hell I'm just a kid myself, how my gonna raise one?" All he could see were"
  • Chesney Kenny Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    "Chesney Kenny Everywhere We Go Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me She said you never tell me that you love me anymore So I can't help but wonder if you do She said if things don't change you'll see me walk right"
  • Chesney Kenny Life Is Good
    "Chesney Kenny Everywhere We Go Life Is Good Darlin' if you think back To the heartbroken past Before we found each other It's so amazin', it's almost crazy What a difference lookin' through the eyes of"
  • Chesney Kenny You Had Me From Hello
    "Chesney Kenny Everywhere We Go You Had Me From Hello One word, that's all you said Something in your voice called me, turned my head Your smile, just captured me You were in my future as far as I could"
  • Chesney Kenny You Win, I Win, We Lose
    "Chesney Kenny I Will Stand You Win, I Win, We Lose Nothing left, no regrets No hard feelings wish you all the best No blame, no shame Just time to say it's over I guess We both agree it's the right thing The"

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