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chester bennington
  • Cyclefly Karma Killer (Ft - Chester Bennington)
    "I scream through the morning I'm kicking the twilight as she comes Time waits ever dawning Spooning the thickness out and feeding our open mouths The price you pay is always Too high or too familiar Sunshine,"
  • Stone Temple Pilots BLACK HEART (ft. Chester Bennington)
    "Black Heart’s coming, he’s a cold machine Cuts like a knife, gentle and clean Face like an angel, mind of a killer Nobody else gonna love her better Lay down, now stay down Took her knife with a"
  • Mark Morton Cross Off (ft. Chester Bennington)
    "(Lyric Video)"
  • Stone Temple Pilots Out of time (Ft. Chester Bennington)
    "Longing is the animal inside you when you bleed Suffering is critical in finding what you need Deliverance is evidence there’s more than what you say Pain is there the moment that you wake up from your"
  • Chester Bennington State of the art
    "(*by DJ Lethal featuring Chester Bennington*)There's no way to find out what's inside youUntil you fall into the holeYou dug for yourself while you slept hereToo young, too selfish, too coldAnd when you"
  • Chester Bennington Walking dead
    "(*by DJ Z-Trip featuring Chester Bennington*)(Suppose you were to die tonight, What would you say? Do you believe in life after death?)In the chill of the nightI can feel my heart racingAs I run towards"
  • Sloan Chester The Molester
    "Chester the molester's not without his charm She can see herself hangin' off his arm He's saying, "Hey bartender, put it on my tab, Unless my limit's running out again." (Out again) He's generous, but"
  • Young Buck feat Chester Bennington Slow Ya Roll
    "I got to slow down, I said we got to slow down Verse 1 (Buck): Let me take you back to highschool, 94' When at least when a nigga had time to go Walk to the busstops selling rocks on the way Little bad"
  • Chester Bennington Karma killer
    "I scrape through the morningkicking the twilight as she comesTime waits ever dawningSpooning the thickness out and feeding our open mouths The price you pay is alwaysToo high or too familiarSunshine, Karma"
  • Chester Bennington Let down
    "And the tears fall like rainDown my face againOh the words you wouldn't sayAnd the games you playedWith my unfoolish heartOh I should have known this from the startOh the winter and springGoing in hand"
  • Chester Bennington Morning after
    "Caught up against the wall againTied my chain to the ball againIt never seems to amaze my mindSo I just sleep sleep sleep Sleep, sleep, sleep, please don't Wake me 'til the morning afterWake me 'til the"
  • Chester Bennington Painted pictures
    "Wander through the city babyTell me what you seePretty lights made out of sightMake me sweatMake me cry Look into the mirror babyAsk me what I thinkThe way you sway-let's go playMy hands upon your curving"
  • Chester Bennington System
    "You fell awaywhat more can I saythe feelings evolvedI won't to let it outI can't replaceYou're screaming faceFeeling the sickness insideChorus:Why won't you die?You're blood in mineWe'll be flySee your"
  • Chester Bennington The Morning After
    "Caught up against the wall again Tied the chain to the ball again It never seems to amaze my mind So I just sleep, sleep, sleep Sleep, sleep, sleep Please don't Wake me til the morning after(x2) Oh Cut"
  • Chester Bennington&Motley Crue Home Sweet Home
    "You know Im a dreamer But my hearts of gold I had to run away and hide Cause I couldn't go home Just when things went right Suddenly it all went wrong Just take this song and youll never feel Left all"
  • chester make my life a littlr bit brighter
    "chester Miscellaneous make my life a littlr bit brighter Make my life a little bit brighter Chester When I met you on the street on my own two feet I couldn't believe it and now I've found you ooh I'll"
  • Chester Bennington Vs. Julien-K Morning After
    "Caught up against the wall again, Tied my chain to the ball again, It never seems to amaze my mind So I just sleep, sleep, sleep, Sleep, sleep, sleep! Please don't... Wake me 'til the morning after Wake"
  • Chester Bennington Of Linkin Park System
    "Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System You fell away, what more can I say? The feelings evolved, I won't let it out I can't replace"
  • Chester French She Loves Everybody
    "Somebody call my baby Somebody call her up real quick I think I need my fix Always around to please me Always around to take control I never feel alone Yeah But she feels so clean Well she craves affection So"
  • Chester French The Jimmy Choos
    "Spending my time on a girl I know And she keeps me clean, A first-rate whore knocking at my door Yeah, Miss Pristine A French maid, get paid, touch the floor And she's got me She's got the Jimmy Choo's,"

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