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childern of the damned

  • Damned - Edge Of Sanity
    "Deathdefying son of god Twice you died in vain No stronger than mortal That made you re-live your pain And as the crown grows tighter around your head you will die for our sins As your own blood stings"
  • Damned - The Abyss
    "... I hear{ed} whispering of hate grant me the power {See/seal} your fate (Chorus:) my soul is lost in a deepest {hole} {Bethrow} for me my desire Battle against the only god None will stand before"
    "AC-DC Stiff Upper Lip DAMNED Stiff Upper Lip (2000) (Young, Young) Don't smoke, don't fight, don't light no cigarettes Or else you wind up in the can No jokes, don't write, sit tight, don't fool around You"
  • Damned - AC/DC
    "Don't smoke don't fight don't light no cigarettes Or else you'll wind up in the can No jokes no rights sit tight don't fool around You are a guest of Uncle Sam Stand up look right don't slouch and stand"
  • Damned - Shimoli
    "Boy you reminded me of putting these things into words And save them, for a rainy day Your shameful heart and sinful soul Oh, I'm amazed by you and all that you are Your devious ways, you do the work"
  • Damned - Madball
    "Another night turns into day I haven't slept yet, but I'm okay See if you dabble with fire, there'll be hell to pay I might as well have a drink to wash away the pain More cocaine, the Devil's in my system,"
  • Legion Of The Damned - Legion Of The Damned
    "During the great war, armies ever heading east Insurrection was avenged with merciless cruelty Mass executions in the promised land Black clad soldiers, reigned with an iron hand Legion of the damned Behind"
  • Damned (By The Damned) - Edge Of Sanity
    "[1.] Deathdefying son of god Twice you died in vain No stronger than mortal That made you re-live your pain And as the crown grows tighter around your head you will die for our sins As your own blood stings"
  • The Damned - The Agony Scene
    "Songs made of whispers Silent screams like a choral of the dead needles Prick the softest skin And the breeze screams bloodlust These eyes gazing over the hilltops burning red The night skies seem to follow"
  • The Damned - Plasmatics
    "black visions from the satellite sky deaf ears hear not their cries fat jackals howl at the moon flies buzzing playing death's tune night ends but the sun it don't rise tombs open and the dead they"
  • The Damned - Evergreen Terrace
    "It's ok, it's ok, it's ok we've seen enough. staring straight, staring straight, straight into the setting sun. let the light burn our retinas and our callused skin all you will have is anger and the money"
  • Destroyed & Damned - Venom
    "I write these words as witness to the crime You throw them back and say the crime is mine I balance life and death now you deny I read these words aloud and watch you die I sit and watch you die Your"
  • Lost & Damned - Kamelot
    "Helena you came to me When seemingly life had begun Little did I know then Where this would go When this begun Once I was free to fly... I never promised anything This may well be goodbye Don't"
  • Got Damned? - Murs
    "{*vocal sample*} So many... so many, so many questions So many... so many, so many questions (Verse 1: MURS) One of a kind so there's nobody like me And I guess thats the reason that nobody likes me Or"
  • Eternally Damned - A Death For Every Sin
    "A Death For Every Sin Miscellaneous Eternally Damned Ostracized by the disciples of a dark empire by deamons dressed in white staying the infidels spreading lies bringers of death and"
  • Damned Ladies - Rufus Wainwright
    "Desdemona, do not go to sleep Brown-eyed tosca, don't believe the creep I see it in his eyes And why don't you ladies believe me when i'm screaming I always believe you Violetta, keep your man locked"
  • Ancient damned - Theatres des Vampires
    "Cold wind in the castleIn the unholy wallsNocturnal sacrifice of virginsRaped from the lord of darkness"Four candles around your bierHot blood on your mouthDrink with me this bloodAnd you will live forever"From"
  • Damned diamonds - Acid Drinkers
    "Gold fever in the cityI filled my pockets fullI stuffed myself completelyI'm looking like a wool fI loaded all the bagsNow I need t oget them moveThe car is loaded to the maxThat's all that I could do!Working"
  • City Of The Damned - The Gothic Archies
    "Kick off your shoes, Come join the show. Get the blues And let yourself go. Take off that happy smile, madame. Come along with us To the city of the damned. You'll be doing a lot more crying Where"
  • Damned - Jon Bon Jovi
    "I'm lying here beside you In someone else's bed Knowing what were doing's wrong But better left unsaid Your breathing sounds like screaming, it's all that I can stand His ring is on your finger, but my"

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