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  • A Childrens Story - Slick Rick And Altheway Shay
    "Here we go, Once upon a time not long ago, when people wore pajamas and lived life slow, When laws were stern and justice stood, and people were behavin' like they ought ta good, There lived a lil' boy"
  • The Rules Of Childrens Games - Bridge and Tunnel
    "The lines I've drawn are weak and shaky, like the hand that draws them. The redemption I ask for is fleeting, like the appeals I'm making. Drag these answers like chains, drag these nights into days, and"
  • I Got Shoes - Johnny Cash
    "I got shoes you got shoes all of God's childrens got shoes When I get to heaven gonna put on my shoes I'm gonna walk all over God's heaven (heaven) heaven (heaven) Everybody talkin' bout heaven ain't"
  • Nine To Five - Turin Brakes
    "Two lights just blanket One north and the other one south You can see them from the stratosphere I swear they are In the city someones Dad just died In another one someone looks up to find me smiling"
  • Kerst - Milk Inc
    "She looks outside the window, while she`s loose the track of time, trying to find a reason not to cry, tonight, Outside the snow is falling, Childrens sing their songs of peace, she find themselve believe"
  • Ketchup Soup - Teen Idols
    "It may be hard when it's just me and you Hope makes a meal when we eat Ketchup soup I know it's hard when we sell plasma to pay for dinner I promise it'll all pay off some day It's funny No Money Makes"
  • The Grief Of Age - My Dying Bride
    "The terror of being Left alone Never leaves me Unspeakables woes Gather me Up forever To your breast Morbid weather Watch this face Still a child Eyes red raw Aching and tired Issue your Delicate voice Sing"
  • The Funeral Party - The Cure
    "Two pale figures Ache in silence Timeless In the quiet ground Side by side In age and sadness I watched And acted wordlessly As piece by piece You performed your story Moving through an unknown past Dancing"
  • River In The Road - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "Fast approaching monsters, Marching in a row, Grab what slips your mind, And what your memory won't hold. Run, darling run. I'll stall them if I can, You'll escape and I'll be left rotting on the vine. Run,"
  • No More Growing Up - Spoons
    "Thin as tissue paper walls I hear them talk, I hear them talk Some stories dont make sense at all Its only talking Managing to hold on tight Forever cute, forever cute In their self-made paradise Theres"
  • What is this - Kelis
    "This is my story This is my mark For all of the ages Until its so dark Like a grave thats been found Or flames that began at first spark This is my song This is my story This is my mark From beginning"
  • We Need Jealousy - Marc Almond
    "Behind the dirt Sprawled before us Behind narrow eyes And faces of fat Beyond those hands Opened or closed That strain in vain Nor raise thier fists Further than frontiers That barb our path Further than"
  • If it's not one thing - Ian Matthews
    "If it isn't our last warning, then what is it Is mother nature laying down to die If we had to start again from the beginning, you and I Would we really have the faith to move a mountain If we covered"
  • V.I.P. - Shaun Baker
    "Everybodys free, to be a V.I.P. everybody is important to someone. VIPs is what we are, you and me are superstars Everybody is important to this world. People everywhere, no matter who you are Were"
  • Count Me Out - Sarah Slean
    "Have a coffee out on the freeway I hear the morning peace I think of beaches, I think of dying I buy a magazine And change the channels Wash the windows And be my childrens dreams And frozen dinners Dark"
  • Before you came - Jasmine Guy
    "Before you cameI wasn't who i am nowIt's amazing when you canLook at yourself and find a big changeBefore you cameI was silent but now i'm loudBefore i knew youI decided to move to a different worldBut"
  • On Second Thoughts - Colosseum II
    "The waves coming in, Sweeping up on the shore. Bringing back the time When our love was here before. Clouds sinking down, The hills are turning black. I've seen it all before, Think I'll make my way back. Once"
  • Hallowed Soil - Memory Garden
    "I am falling fast out of control I hear the bells, for me they toll Is this an illusion? Am I still asleep? I enter this black crypt, a daze so deep My aging body longs for sleep Hallowed soil my coffin"
  • Children Of The World - Gil
    "This goes out to all the children All over the world This is for the children Children of the world Come a little closer now So you can see the childrens eyes Theres no use in trying When youre"
  • Alone At Christmas - Milk Inc.
    "she looks outside her window while she's loosing track of time trying to find the reason not to cry tonight outside the snow is falling children sing there songs of piece she finds herself believing in"

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