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chip Jenkins all for love

  • The Ballad Of Mr. Jenkins - Craig Morgan
    "With skin as tough as a burlap sack he had his second heart attack last summer But he's still goin' There's a melancholy in his eyes, for all of you who care enough to wonder why Let me tell you It all"
  • Chip - Pollen
    "A big suprise you fucked with us and now we'll have to kill you you realize your facin your last hours on this planet, our planet no compromise there's nothin worse than thinkin we don't kick ass Pulverize"
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (In English) - Wise Guys
    "Jetzt neu mit verbessertem Rezept! In the mixing bowl put butter, 200g cut thin, then soft brown sugar from our sugar tin. Now you take white sugar and you cream to a paste 200g of each of them gets that"
  • Chip Away Boy - Frank Black And The Catholics
    "I used to have some fun Me and everyone Now I'm just employed I'm a chip away boy (x2) I remember humid nights I remember how the full moon tugs How it used to make us fight And the language of"
  • Reload (feat. Chip) - Wiley
    "We’re gonna make the stars come out tonight So why don’t you reload reload re-reload the music Reload reload re-reload the music Just throw those hands up Show them you don’t care I want you to reload"
  • Chip Away - Sick Of It All
    "Ready to take on the world with youthful anger and rage armed with only innocence we stand poised to make a change blissfully naive we charge leading in with the chin reality steps right up and knocks"
  • Chillen While We Sippin (ft. King Chip) - Kid Cudi
    "Now tell me do you feel it baby, I been on my grizzle Born to die so it’s all about this shit in the middle Never seen or heard the type of real like this I bet there’s nothin’ on the nigga, keep it good"
  • Chip On My Shoulder - Slapshot
    "Walking around and all I see Druggies and alkies all around me Blowing their smoke in my face Talking to me from outer space Go to the square and they ask me To buy for them or smoke some weed Tell them"
  • Chip Away The Stone - Aerosmith
    "You act like a prima donna Playing so hard to get Sittin' so cool and nonchalant Draggin' on a cigarette You keep a wall all around you I'll get trough one day I want your love babe If push comes"
  • Chip Off The Block - Ima Robot
    "I want the chip off the old block I want a girl who I can talk to stumblin' through your neighborhood defacing walls just like I should ooh, I wanted to be you dirty like the skies you live in space your"
  • Blindsided (Chip Strip Remix) - Less Than Jake
    "Isn't it funny that it all comes down to money Running on a treadmill, wasting time Keeps you too busy to lose your mind I was blindsided out on the street The tension was so thick I could hardly even"
  • Chip away at the stone - Aerosmith
    "you act like a prima donnaplaying so hard to getsittin' so cool and nonchalantdraggin' on a cigaretteyou keep a wall all around ya'n I'll get through some day'n I want your love babe, if push comes to"
  • Micro Chip - Tarrus Riley
  • Chip Mammy - Farse
    "Redefining the words you once said to me, i got left behind, in the bottemless pit i call me. Long week pull myself together, i lost the bitter taste of ash, she never listened to you before, what makes"
  • How Can I Lose (ft. Chip) - Angel
    "How can I lose My way now How can I Lose my way now Go this way first exit Ronudabout cut the traffic out When the lights turn red don’t stop Look at the camera middle fingers up Me losing my lady it’s"
  • Just What I Am (ft. King Chip) - Kid Cudi
    "I’m just what you made God Not many I trust I’mma go my own way, God Take my faith to wherever you want I’m out here, on my son Won’t stop ’til I get me some Club-hoppin’, tryin’ to get me some Bad bitches"
  • Fish'n chip paper - Elvis Costello
    "When Sunday morning dandruff turns out to be confetti And the cost of living in sin would make a poor man out of Paul Getty The girl in your dreams would have you up on an under age charge And the man"
  • All For Love - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen) Love was in her heart But I had dreams to find before I could see I asked her if she'd wait for me But I was gone too long Tears were in her eyes She said I took our love and threw it away And"
  • All For Love - Sting
    "ALL FOR LOVESting, Rod Steward & Bryan Adams When it's love you give I'll be a man of good faith Then in love you live I'll make a stand I won't break I'll be the rock you can build on Be there when you're"
  • All for Love - Lady Antebellum
    "Love, something you know nothing of Cause love don't turn and run And leave you standing in the dark. You, tell me that your feelings changed And you don't wanna stay and break my heart Well baby it's"

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