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chloe howl

  • Chloe - Blood Or Whiskey
    "There she was my soap box Derby queen The girl I loved was the girl from yesterday So I walked up to her and asked her what's your name? She smiled and turned I suppose it was my fame I want your body,"
  • Chloe - Mylene Farmer
    "Eh, oh, ce matinY'a chlo qui s'est noyeDans l'eau du ruisseauJ'ai vu ses cheveux flotterLa-bas sous les chenesOn aurait dit une fontaineQuand chlo a criQuand sa p'tit tete a cognLa la la la la...Chlo a"
  • Howl - Serra Eric
    "Another lonely lonely night Starting to wander How can you dare having fear in your eyes Tell me how how how How can you carry the weight of your lies Tell me how how how Well I'm down again Crawling back"
  • Howl - Tarot
    "Pack of wolves behind me. Seasons on my face.Coming out of nowhere, heading for any place.Wide awake with nightmares dogging ar my shoes.Walked away with everything. Got nothing left to lose.Howl! I'm"
  • Howl - Belle's Wake
    "Stories tell of a ship that sails And darkness follows where time has failed Shadows move and blind men catch Secret fruit from the limbs that snap The river's wild child don't be afraid The clouds are"
  • Howl - Eric Serra
    "Another lonely lonely nightStarting to wanderHow can you dare having fear in your eyesTell me how how howHow can you carry the weight of your liesTell me how how howWell I'm down againCrawling back to"
  • Howl - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "You try so hard to be cool You try so hard to not show I give you nothing to doubt, and you doubt me I give you all that I have, but you don't see Now I know that my eyes must close here Every word"
  • Howl - Iggy Pop
    "Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowl Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowl Fuck it I feel like howling Got nowhere to turn They'll kill you For your spirit This is what you learn The music of tomorrow"
  • Disappointed - Chloe Howl
    "You were destructive onces Before, before you indulge yourself Far a number thoughts Becoming, becoming someone else What you take it on The staff, the staff you can turn to light We’re close We were closes ... (Brytyjska"
  • Fanfare/Chloe - Elton John
    "How come you're so understanding When I tell you all my lies And pretending to believe them See through all my alibis And I need you more than ever And I want you till the end Chloe How you handle what"
  • This Howl - Crucified
    "I've been here for a million years it's only been the twinkling of an eye this dark, this pain it's so unbearing fire consumes the tears I cry I never thought of pain so drawn out screams and gnashing all"
  • The Howl - Samhain
    "there is a human slaughterhouse up on the hill the road is red and those who ignore and those who pretend it does not exist end up in it's hull my blood goes to work i hear the howl there is a grove"
  • Howl Ravens Come - Einherjer
    "(Music by Gerhard Storesund) (Lyrics by Gerhard Storesund) Tell me, Nikar, thou must know The fate of Gods and men When to wield the spear and bow What omens do you send In my words take heed On woeful"
  • Howl My Soul - Medical Mission Sisters
    "1. Howl, you, for the Day of the Lord is near. Howl, my soul, for the Day of the Lord is here. Let ev'ry knee be bent and ev'ry head be bowed, For He will come like thunder tearing up the cloud. Howl,"
  • Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns - Stardog Champion
    "Ooo, yeah, yeah, yeah... Chloe don't know better Chloe's just like me, only beautiful A couple of years difference (Her trouble lovin' is different?) But those lasses never learn and you know Chloe"
  • Whip It! (ft. Chloe Angelides) - LunchMoney Lewis
    "We can go all night Don't be shy I'm bout to blow your mind Come on baby Whip it one more time Hold on tight Gon be a bumpy ride Come on baby, whip it So let it whip child Let it whip Whip it, whip it No"
  • Make Up (ft. Chloe Angelides) - R. City
    "I give you everything you want But all you talk about is everything I don't Why you always talking slick? It's like I can't do nothing without getting lit Until I throw you on the bed Put it down, pull"
  • Sexy Beaches (ft. Chloe Angelides) - Pitbull
    "I wanna go somewhere exotic Let the summer massage my body Meet a sexy stranger in the lobby Hey, hey, hey, hey! I wanna jump into the deep end Get lucky like the number seven Treat every day like a vacation Hey,"
  • My Night To Howl - Lorrie Morgan
    "There's a good time moon on the rise tonight I can hear the call of the city lights There's a time to work,and a time to play I've worked all I'm gonna work today Ain't no stopping me now It's my night"
  • Howl At The Moon - Klaatu
    "'''Howl At The Moon''' (John Woloschuk / Dino Tome) She was a sleek an slender enchantress I'd met in the Casbah When her green eyes first met mine I was overwhelmed with awe Well we danced all night"

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