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chopaczyna z blokw pig

  • Pig - Coal Chamber
    "Lost and lonely Your colors surrounding me It's only my way to breakin' free In my mind I here the souee Souee here pig pig pig pig Don't you see I'm set free I'm set gone gone free Lost and lonely You"
  • Pig - Steve Vai
    "Seweeee!!! Why try to hide? Runnin' ain't about to gonna do anything for you my little one Oh they try to get inside of me, why do they bother anyway? We mustn't worry, anything Tell me what you see,"
  • Pig - D'espairs Ray
    "bujoku to okusoku gurou to mousou toki ga inochi kurau made kanjou de wa kainarasenai fukaku yami shizumu yami Suffer... Feed on body... daraku no PIG hakichigaeta kenryoku to yokubou ga shimesu mama"
  • Pig - Sparklehorse
    "p-i-g, oh, p-i-g why don't you sing me that pretty lullaby then when you're singing great pack it all up I wanna new face right now and I want it bad I wanna new body that's strong I'm a butchered cow I"
  • Pig - Weezer
    "When I was a baby I was so happy I'd play with my friends in the mud Wilbur and Jack and Otis and Beatty. We were a gang, you've got to believe me Mama would scold us if we got too rough She didn't care,"
  • Pig - Rivers Cuomo
    "When I was a baby I was so happy I played with my friends in the mud Wilbur and jack and notice and beaty We were a gang and you gotta believe me Momma would scold us if we got too rough She didnt care"
  • Pig - Dave Matthews Band
    "Isn't it strange How we move our lives for another day Like skipping a beat What if a great wave should wash us all away Just thinking out loud Don't mean to dwell on this dying thing But looking at blood"
  • Pig - Soft Machine
    "Suspenders and stockings Look more sexy than the tights girls are wearing But even there, weren't the time wasted Time that could be spent completely nude, bare, naked? Virgins are boring They should"
  • Pig - Seether
    "Have you ever wanted to die when you were without your friends? Havent you said goodbye to the one on who your life depends? Could it be that I dont wanna save you anymore? Could it be that we dont have"
  • Piggy Pig Pig - Procol Harum
    "(originally Wash Yourself) Wash yourself and see your sorrow, make every pitcher clean Take a mop to swab the floor and destroy the evil dream Counting houses full of lead, the evil eye on high The streets"
  • Pig Is A Pig - Plasmatics
    "Now This Song Is Dedicated To A Special Kind Of Person The Kind Of Person That's Hiding Under Rocks And In Closets Wherever You Go Hiding Behind A Guise Of Respectability The Cowardly Journalist Who Hides"
  • China Pig - The White Stripes
    "I don't wanna kill my china pig I don't wanna kill my china pig Man's gotta live Man's gotta eat Shoes are walking on the street I don't wanna kill my china pig Used to go to school With a little red"
  • Liquid Pig - Lisa Germano
    "Where did you go What did you say Who did you call What did you say Liquid Pig Look what you did Drink what you said Liquid Pig Flaky Freak Magnet Attracted to Attracting it Liquid Pig Drink what"
  • China Pig - Captain Beefheart
    "I don't wanna kill my china pig No I don't Uh man's gotta live, Uh man's gotta eat Uh man's gotta have shoes t' walk out on the street I don't wanna kill my china pig E11 he was uh baby I want yuh t' see I"
  • Pig iron - Anti-Nowhere League
    "Plastic age ...road rageWe got videos, stereos, radios and telephonesNubile contractors, nuclear reactorsSex scenes in magazines, lazer beamsAnd war machinesI have no fear the new age is here... pig ironTechnologyis"
  • Filth Pig - Ministry
    "Well I started out younger at things that people start younger at And a thousand days and nights of getting overexposed Then someone asks, "How do you sleep at night?" With the borrowed dreams from a broken"
  • Filth Pig - American Head Charge
    "I start out (???) things and people start (???) Been a thousand days and it's getting overexposed Then someone asks, "How do you sleep at night?" With the borrowed dreams from a broken past You keep runnin'"
  • Pig Roast - Quincy Punx
    "Theres a party at my place Bring a healthy appetite and a liter or a case. We got a barbecue pit out back of the house Turning on a spit with an apple in his mouth, Is the walkin' slab of bacon that"
  • Pig telling - Auncia
    "Myou ni sawagashii asa no dekigoto boku wa odoroki wo kakusenai! neteita hazu no wa ima ni mawari ga subete ookiku mieru mukae ni kita hazu no kanojo mo boku mo minna ni kawatteta n'da. Hey Babe? it"
  • Peppermint Pig - Cocteau Twins
    "Why you must come in by the overland It's slightly less snarled, I suppose Why you must come in by the overland I'm waiting for the moment, I suppose You're finding the switch of The peppermint pig stage Burning"

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