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christine aguiela

  • Christine - Tarnation
    "Christine made a little doll and it glowed in the dark. And it cried out her name, Christine. Christine lived in a wooden house Where she made that little doll that glowed in the dark And cried out her"
  • Christine - Ben Jelen
    "Christine, she tells me that she's in love again Christine, she says that she still loves me She stands there calling my name in her boyfriend's jacket in the rain I guess she's in love with the whole"
  • Christine - Ozark Henry
    "we were white, conspicuously white and bare like a canvas, to take life from a brush that is paintless and dry we were arm, conspicuously arm and poor, too poor to get a life we got bored, we got blood"
  • Christine - Sugarcult
    "What's wrong? I feel so alone again. The look in your eyes sometimes, Pretending that it's all right. Make up and move on. Our ways never change. And I can get anyone that I want, You'll see, Christine."
  • Christine - Omd
    "As the sun descends too quickly behind the distant city she will ride under the water she will leave her son and daughter reduced to lying naked to feed those she holds sacred she is bare of clothes and"
  • Christine Sixteen - Kiss
    "She's got me dizzy, she sees me through to the end She's got me in her hands and there's no use in pretending Christine sixteen, Christine sixteen She drives me crazy, I want to give her all I've got And"
  • Christine Irene - Gin Blossoms
    "(Robin Wilson, Jesse Valenzuela) Well I'm a little too ripe to be actin' like this Like some young guy barely got his first kiss From my first baby steps to my last cigarette Every single little thing"
  • Dear Christine - Klaatu
    "'''Dear Christine''' (John Woloschuk) T'was one long year today I left Bournemouth and you Adventure, salt and spray King's service I must do ... But dear Christine I hold you dearly If only you could"
  • Christine Keeler - Phil Ochs
    "Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, You're the gals for me. Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, I'll keep you company. You can have your Marilyn, your Carolyn, your Jacqueline. Grace Kelly never"
  • Christine Sixteen - Gin Blossoms
    "(Gene Simmons) She's got me dizzy She sees me through til the end She's got me in her hand And there's no use in pretending Christine Sixteen... She drives me crazy I want to give her what I got She's"
  • Pristine Christine - Magic Dirt
    "I'm just a back door To your front door And I cannot wait For the dirty light I'm just a no clue In your freak zoo And I know you idolise in your eyes Much to my protest You wake and you make me stay I"
  • Little Christine - Mott The Hoople
    "(Mick Ralphs) The light in the bar came on The place was in a mess An hour before there'd been an awful scene Early on that day while Matt was on the phone His long time friend took a fancy to his little"
  • Christine Bactine - Mr. T Experience
    "Christine Bactine she's not in love but at least she's clean she's back she stings she's not in love she's just insane stop the hurt from hurting but what's behind the curtain disease and self reflection"
  • Come On Christine - St. Simon 3
    "Christine, I don't see why you won't come clean And admit that you know it's only me Who wants to be the one to kiss your skinned up knees You shove for something you can rise above And i know you're too"
  • A Song For Christine - Anathallo
    "I resisted coming here, to open the harbors that guard my heart (Jeremiah 23:24). Abide with me, fast falls the even tide. This darkness deepens, Lord with me abide. And what does not flow freely from"
  • Congratulations Matt And Christine - Reggie And The Full Effect
    "It's what I can't explain I find it hard to do Know I could remind myself And when I think I'll wait Know it's what I do Wish I could remind myself It's all I've got It's all I want for you Soon you'll"
  • Gone (feat. Christine and the Queens) - Charli XCX
    "i have to go i am so sorry but it feels so cold in here I am just now realizing they don’t care I try real hard, but I am caught up by my insecurities pour me on more watch the ice melt in my fist I"
  • Deuil Angoisseux (Christine De Pisan, 1362-1431) - Peste Noire
    "Doulour, bont, gentillece, Noblece, beault, grant honnour, Valeur, maintien et sagece, Humblece en doulz plaisant atour, Conforteresse en savour, Dueil angoisseux secourable, Acueil bel et agreable. Flour"
  • Christina - Dolly Parton
    "Christina our first born you are so soft and warm as you lie between us softly sleeping We gaze in admiration at God's tiny creation And thank him and ask for your safe keeping You were conceived through"
  • Christina - Porter Wagoner
    "Christina our first born you are so soft and warm as you lie between us softly sleeping We gaze in admiration at God's tiny creation And thank him and ask for your safe keeping You were conceived through"

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