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christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas refren

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christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas refren

  • White christmas - Christmas Carols
    "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Where the treetops glisten and children listen To hear sleigh bells in the snow I'm dreaming of a white Christmas With every Christmas"
  • Snoopy's christmas - Christmas Carols
    "O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, Du kannst mir sehr gefallen! The news had come out in the First World War The bloody Red Baron was flying once more The Allied command ignored all of its men And called on Snoopy"
  • Italian christmas - Christmas Carols
    "Twas the night before Christmas,Da whole house was mella,Not a creature was stirrin',Cuz I had a gun unda da pilla.When up on da roofI heard somethin' pound,I sprung to da window,To scream, "YO! Keep it"
  • Christmas - Tercet Egzotyczny
    "Christmas, Christmas Więc dłoń podaj komuś Christmas, Christmas Zabierz mnie do mamy Wprowadź mnie do domu Londyn, Paryż i Monachium Dzisiaj tracą blask i nastrój Opuściłeś na to konto Sydney, Sztokholm"
  • Christmas - Kiyoharu
    "namida wa mou inai ukabeta shiroi kumo kyoukai no kane ga natte yowaku kuchizasamu Christmas kiite kimi e lullaby shizumi ochite Merry Christmas negai rosary sawatta kiss wo shiyou Merry Christmas sukitootta"
  • Christmas - Cledus T. Judd
    "I don't want another fruitcake I don't need another ugly tie, no Heard they had a sale on go-karts Down at Walmart, ho ho, a good buy Got no money in my pocket Can't believe it's Christmastime It's the"
  • Christmas - King Diamond
    ""Come they told me A newborn King to see Our finest gifts we bring To lay before the King...Oh when we come" It's Christmas again.. it will never be the same It's Christmas again, I know There's only"
  • Christmas - Mandy Moore
    "I'm not supposed to feel this way We're closing in on Christmas day When the world is upside down We're gonna make it through Somehow... Don't you worry We'll be fine Snow will fall And stars"
  • Christmas - Beat Happening
    "I had sex on Christmas I had sex three times today Three different women taught be how to be bored In their own separate, sweet, little ways I feel like hell on Christmas And I feel like hell today I"
  • Christmas - Kitty Wells
    "When I was but a youngster Christmas meant one thing That I'd be getting lots of toys that day I learned a whole lot different when mother set me down And taught me to spell Christmas this way C is"
  • Christmas - U2
    "It's Christmas Baby, please come home (Yeah!) The snow's coming down I'm watching it fall Watching the people around Baby please come home The churchbells in town They're rining a song What a happy sound Baby"
  • Christmas - Remy Zero
    "Sounds, the summer sun comes down. I can hardly see the window from here now. Here and now. The snow, in waves you'll never know, through this ever-changing midnight. Just let it go. Hey, on this"
  • Christmas - Hanson
    "They're singing 'deck the halls' But it's not like christmas at all I remember when you were here And all the fun that we had last year The snow's coming down Now I'm watching it fall All the people around Baby"
  • Christmas - Leona Naess
    "Words are falling form your lips like Christmas to my hips So dangerous the strangest feeling of being I want willow trees and melodies and flowers counting Hours till he's breathing leaving the rest behind Cause"
  • Christmas - Vandals
    ""c" is for your little clit when I go down beneath. "h" is for your pubic hair that sticks between my teeth. "r" is for your rectum, that "i" fuck with my dick. christmas comes but once a year and makes"
  • Christmas - Blues Traveler
    "Words by J. Popper Music by T. Anastasio and J. Popper Comes the time for Christmas And I really have to ask If this is feeling merry How much longer must it last I wish a one horse open sleigh Would come"
  • Christmas - Elemeno P
    "It was a friday night, and i was feeling right and then by wednesday-day, it felt like i was on my way. any way i chose. i wont be coming home for christmas Looking back you made me feel vulnerable"
  • Christmas - Pete Townshend
    "Did you ever see the faces of children They get so excited. Waking up on Christmas morning Hours before the winter sun's ignited. They believe in dreams and all they mean Including heavens generosity. Peeping"
  • Christmas - The Who
    "Did you ever see the faces of children They get so excited. Waking up on christmas morning Hours before the winter 1's ignited. They believe in dreams and all they mean Including heavens generosity. Peeping"
  • O christmas tree - Christmas Carols
    "O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!How are thy leaves so verdant!O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,How are thy leaves so verdant!Not only in the summertime,But even in winter is thy prime.O Christmas"

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