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  • Christopher - Kinky Machine
    "You never really looked certain In a rented wedding suit from Burton's; You kicked a football into the net curtains And broke your mother's heart. You used to be the family favourite But now you keep on"
  • Christopher - Emm Gryner
    "Winter hangs on just like a jilted love Left to pass time under factory lights Spinning on free ways for 25 years A place in the sky where it all disappears Street lamps flicker with stops and starts We"
  • Christopher - Rheostatics
    "Martin Tielli On a cold road Somewhere in the south of Ontario There's a crackle in the air As they're putting up the very last telephone pole. Now I'm standing here... where my grandfather stood, And"
  • The Moon And St. Christopher - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) When I was young I spoke like a child, and I saw with a child's eyes And an open door was to a girl like the stars are to the sky It's funny how the world lives up to all your"
  • The Drowning Of St. Christopher - Piano Magic
    "There's no heart in the men who run these mountain bars/All love extinguished by location and cold fronts/Dogs in the parking lot surround the car for scraps of affection, for eyes not glazed over like"
  • Christopher, Mr. Christopher - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) I remember Christopher such a man so brave and tall he took the baby Jesus in his arms across the waterfall people cried, "he's holy! he's a saint not a man!" all at once it was written in"
  • Christopher Lydon - The Dresden Dolls
    "Clutching the phone till my hands were sore I never understood pain before, Christopher You cannot know what it does to me Hearing you speak with this frequency I never knew what one voice could do I"
  • Christopher Columbus - Andy Kirk
    "Andy Kirk Miscellaneous Christopher Columbus CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Andy Kirk Mister Christopher columbus Sailed the sea without a compass When his men began a rumpus Up spoke, Christopher Columbus There"
  • Christopher Lydon - Dresden Dolls
    "Clutching the phone till my hands were sorei never understood pain before, christopheryou cannot know what it does to mehearing you speak with this frequency I never knew what one voice could doi was in"
  • Christopher Scarver - Macabre
    "Dahmer was assigned To clean up the prison Working with two other guys A team of killers One with a blunt object Would soon end the other men's lives Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer Christoper"
  • St Christopher - Boy George
    "Sexual attraction, its all in the eye Like oil on water, aint no reason why Somebody rejects you, don't you feel like you could die Oh spare me don't give me non of that, you knew crap Cos your lying here"
  • Christopher Reeve - Eminem
    "Eminem- Yeah ... Definately definately definately dope... Definately definately K-Mart Yeah Yeah You find me offensive I find you offensive for finding me offensive hence if I should draw out a line any"
  • Christopher Columbus - Nazz
    "Once upon a time I had this idea That the world was round like me So I asked the queen for three fine ships To sail across the sea Traveling with hoodlums as my crewman Made me quite a little scared Luckily"
  • Christopher Tracy's Parade - Prince
    "Everyone come behold Christopher Tracy's Parade The show will proceed, unless it should rain strawberry lemonade Hopefully, that will not occur; the man above has been paid Give what you can, all you can"
  • Amor Primero Feat Christopher - Belinda
    "{Christopher} No yo no se como explicar lo que yo siento aqui dentro de mi de mi solo corazon hay algo en ti que yo vi que senti desde de conoci {Belinda} tu eres quien me transporta hasta el cielo"
  • Hang On St. Christopher - Tom Waits
    "Hang on St. Christopher through the smoke and the oil Buckle down the rumble seat let the radiator boil got an overhead downshift and a two dollar grill got an 85 cabin on an 85 hill hang on St. Christopher"
  • Hang On St. Christopher - Rod Stewart
    "(Tom Waits) Hang on St. Christopher Through the smoke and the oil Pumpin' iron around the scene Let the radiator boil Got no back down shift And a two dollar grill Got an '85 cab ...... (1) Hang on St."
  • Just Like Christopher Colombus - Nields
    "I watch you come out of nowhere, your three ships and your hunch You take my hand and kiss it then you ask me out for lunch You say I'd be all right with just a little pain But sweetheart, everyone around"
  • Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway - Continental Drifters
    "Written by Vicki Peterson Main Voice: VICKI Produced by Continental Drifters & Mike Mayeux Released on 'Vermilion' (1999) Also released as a single A-side with "Meet On The Ledge" (1998) It took two hours"
  • The Fall Of Christopher Robin - Current 93
    "Christopher Robin, is saying his prayers But no one is up there, nobody cares Christopher Robin, he prayes to the lord For the starving young children, for the old and the cold Christopher Robin, he falls"

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