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chronik rydach for life

  • Rydah for Life (feat Chronik) - POPEK MONSTER
    "(…) Jestem zawodnikiem gotowym na wszytko Idę przez świat wraz z moją ksywką Plujemy w twarz fałszywym dziwkom I cały ten hardcore dla mnie to disco Na ulicy robię prawdziwą rzeź Ja nie jestem artystą"
  • Life - Golden Life
    "Have you had enough of changeshave you had enough of changinglike a bird you have flownthrough the shadows of yours forsaken hopesyou broke tree come to me tryingthrough the mansionof the watch me nowsyou"
  • Life For Life - Yattering
    "Internally old organism Rejected its fetus But occuring reactions won't allow To tear out the bringer Of human existence Fight for life - what life, Which one question In great fulfilmnet life was created To"
  • For life - Godflesh
    "I'm feeling, unneeded, I'm seeing, believing, so that I can be but nothing else, maybe I'm a loser, no victory, 'cause I'm in it for life. I'm in it for life (x3) Deceiver, believer, can't finish what"
  • For life - Isis Gee
    "I had no choice Perfectly clear from the start I heard your voice And I was falling Into a space Where daylight kisses moonlit skies It was the place Was written in your eyes And oh, we made it We finally"
  • For All Of My Life - For Real
    "Come and lay here beside me I'll tell you how I feel There's a secret inside me I'm ready to reveal To have you close Embrace your heart with my love Over and over These are things that I promise My promise"
  • Line life - Line Life
    "1: In each situation, I can count on somebody. Never I become not. So, they let's allow me, count on you. In each situation. At any time, you are from I. And for it you I thank. Please, about it ,"
  • Lust For Life - Tom Jones
    "Words and music by David Bowie and James Osterberg (Lust for life x 3) Here comes Johnny in again With liquor and drugs And a flash machine He's gonna do another strip tease Ah, hey man, where'd"
  • Looking For Life - Pulp
    "Sure you had something to hide I took your bag and looked inside I was looking for life Nothing inside but memories the same as those I keep with me I'm still looking for life Yes I'm looking for"
  • Lust For Life - Rugrats
    "Here comes Johnny in again With liquor and drugs And a fast machine He's gonna do another strip tease. Hey man, where'd ya get that lotion? I've been hurting since I'm up again With something called love Yeah,"
  • Lust For Life - Iggy Pop
    "Here comes Johnny in again With the liquor and drugs And a flesh machine He's gonna do another strip tease. Hey man, where'd ya get that lotion? I've been hurting since I'm up again About something called"
  • Scarred For Life - Remedy
    "(Anderson/Riley/Royall) I grew up fast on a working class street First thing I learned was life don't come cheap Technical school it was a waste of time Makin' robots for some factory line Got my first"
  • Fight for life - SOiL
    "Dragging me down I try to keep myself from sinking Without a sound I scream in silence I stop all breathing You fight for it and live for it, then it lets you down Fight for life and it's all i see Fight"
  • Anarchy for life - Mest
    "Let's throw cheese at the government(go punk!)Cheese for life, brothaI like cheeseAnd then I saw her standing thereWith green eyes and long blond hairAnd I didn't steal that from Blink182And I'm not the"
  • It's For Life - Agnostic Front
    "You want to make a commitment? It's for life! If you want to stand for something You better stand tall and proud Don't try to walk the fence or play both sides Be ready to fight when they look you in"
  • Inspiration for Life - AspidistrA
    "I leave campus after lectures Down the ancient streets I walk Reach paths roamed by Copernicus As I join the Old Town throng Crowds admire redbrick towers Looming over city squares Sidewalk cafes and"
  • Life For Love - Enter The Haggis
    "No man No man is an island Way out on the water All alone to stand But I am Tired of the dry land Ready for a new shore Ready to expand You seem Happy with your daydreams Happy to just stand there Rooted"
  • Scarred For Life - No Motiv
    "When will people just realize the social trend has subside The Circumstance has gave way it can lead you in Suddenly I've been seriously thinking about (What's right!) And obviously it comes to my mind (Scarred"
  • Marked For Life - The Banner
    "i stand alone i chose this path for me and though your gone i'm marked for life one more time another falls we're going round and round again carve it on my stone on the day i die. as strong now are my"
  • Murda For Life - Ja Rule
    "(feat. The Murderers) Busta ass niggaz Busta ass niggaz Let's ride on they ass This is murda for life This is murda for life This is murda for life This is murda for life Hater, it's murda What"

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