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chwillwagon t��czowy music box

  • Music Box - Tadpole
    "Music box won't you sing me a lullaby I'll grind my ship upon your rocks, just keep singing that lullaby I've wanted nothing more than this Fingers blister from your kiss This impatience burns within,"
  • Music Box - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "This is my music box And this is my home Come in take a look if you like Just you on your own But don't make you mind up Cos it's not dome yet Yeah this is my music box In a state of regret Cos you drag"
  • Music box - Regina Spektor
    "Life inside the music box ain't easyThe malots hit the gears are always turningAnd everyone inside the mechanismIs yearningTo get outAnd sing another melody completelySo different from the one they're"
  • Music box - Rammstein
    "A small human only pretends to dieIt wanted to be completely aloneThe small heart stood still for hoursSo they decided it was deadIt is being buried in wet sandWith a music box in its handThe first snow"
  • Music Box - Crystal Bernard
    "Thank you for asking It's a beautiful ring A symbol of love surrendering But I don't believe in To have and to hold It's not worth it's weight in gold Here in my music box Are old souvenirs Love that"
  • Music box - Hooverphonic
    "Sin is so much more than poetrybetter start to praycrime is sensualsoftly breathing down your neckflooded chemistryA tempting signis showing usa glimpse of alchemythe curtain drops whenever we do tryto"
  • Music Box - Thrice
    "we move for all mankind, a million miles from everything we've ever known and we're on their hearts and minds, a million heads are bowed to bring us safely home hemmed in by emptiness, a million ways that"
  • Music Box - Mariah Carey
    "Mhhh When I am lost You shine a light for me and set me free When I am low You wash away my tears And take me through The loneliness and emptiness Through the darkest night Somehow I survive Through"
  • Rock Box - RUN-DMC
    "Run.. (Run..) D.. (D) M.. (M) C.. (C) Rock.. (rock.. rock..) For you! (for you.. for you..) Fresh (fresh.. fresh..) {*guitar solo*} For all you sucker MC's perpetratin a FRAUD Your rhymes"
  • Juke Box Music - The Kinks
    "There's a lady plays her fav'rite records On the jukebox ev'ry day. All day long she plays the same old songs, And she believes the things that they say. Other ladies like to prance around And flirt"
  • Little Music Box - Septic Flesh
    "From the chest of fake hopes, where we leave the needless things. I found a dusty object it had a special gift. From its opened top a sound came out, a phantom from the past. Sacred nights I felt like"
  • Little Music Box - Skeeter Davis
    "Take back the gifts you gave to me all the pretty things you gave so free Take back the promise take back the ring without your love they don't mean a thing One think I ask before you go how could you"
  • My music box - Keke Palmer
    "Verse 1 Listen up, turn your box up, gather all around This one's strictly for the ghetto Some of y'all recognize, some of y'all won't Better pay attention and listen close There was an old lady who lived"
  • Music Box Superhero - Juliana Theory
    "by brett detar you'd like to think i have it easy at times i think you're right but then i take a look around and see your eyes on me at times i think i have it easy until i close my eyes and see this"
  • Music Box Superhero - The Juliana Theory
    "You'd like to think I have it easy At times I think you're right but then I Take a look around And see your eyes on me At times I think I have it easy Until I close my eyes and see This life in my box Lets"
  • Tęczowy music box - chillwagon
    "to nie tęczowy music box czysty hip-hop żaden pop czysty hip-hop żaden pop 2019 roku tu ciągle smyku ten sam lot tylko bit i tłusty joint tylko bit i tłusty joint cała reszta wypierd*** stąd to nie tęczowy"
  • The Music Box - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "Remember last Christmas Eve When we sat next to our first tree Ornaments reflected light Of a candle in the night And I gave you a music box Back then that seemed like so much We watched it go round and"
  • Music Box Blues - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "Remember last Christmas Eve When we sat next to our first tree Ornaments reflected light Of a candle in the night And I gave you a music box Back then that seemed like so much We watched it go round and"
  • The Music Box - Ed Harcourt
    "The music box is all that's left in the empty house Must've left it when they moved out In a hurry to flee the town Armoured tanks broke through all of the soldier's ranks You can be sure they weren't"
  • Autobahn Music Box - Cut Copy
    "I watch the sun go down and up again and think of you. You're just too busy seeing red when all I see is blue. I'm sorry, baby, for what I did to you. I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry, baby. I don't wanna hear"

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