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cimmorelli believe it

  • Believe It - Cimorelli
    "You've got no money, but you got it all And we can take it if you want You think that time, goes on and on You got the whole world on a wrong Say it loud, shout it out Time for us to make a sound Shout"
  • Believe It - Old Man River
    "Don't be afraid Love's on its way It's true it's true if you believe it Dreams can come true It might happen even to you As long as you keep on believing I believe it I believe it Don't sit and wait Go"
  • Believe It - Harbourlight
    "People try to tell me that He's a lie I tell them He's alive I know His life in me Nobody gonna take it They say look at all the pain and sorrow I tell them Jesus knows He's gonna take us home I believe"
  • Believe It - Bad Religion
    "Goodbye It could happen to you A defect from the wasted outskirts of Los Angeles With a crumpled-up pass for the RTD And no authority or trajectory On the brink of insanity Yeah, you better believe it 'Cause"
  • Believe it - New Model Army
    "In the unlit room With my head in my hands The walls between us now seem unscalable I cannot control Anything There's weapons down beside your bed And every night I count them all Ch: Is this where we've"
  • Believe it - Kane
    "Tell me would you wanna go out thereTell me would you wanna go out thereSee the world in all it's truthThere's a lot that you can doWithouht giving inOne of these day....Tell me do you wanna believe itTell"
  • Believe It - M People
    "Written by - Mike Pickering, Paul Heard, Heather Small Spent Sunday morning in the air liquid lizards, laissez faire. The Holy Cow on a gravy train a little stain, so much pain. Hey little angels drive"
  • Believe It - Styles P
    "(Styles P and Akon talking) what up Jon (testing one, two, three) what up Kon (convict music) lets go (can you believe it?) (Verse 1) fresh white tee (fresh) fresh car walls (fresh) summertime hood niggaz"
  • Believe it - One Hit Wonder
    "I dont want to live forever but I never thought I'd live you you werent kidding or testing me you finally saw something through she did it, she really did it. he's a tough guy talkin shit swore he'd kill"
  • Believe - Barren Cross
    "Listen son to what I have done I have recieved, I have believed See me now, see what I found I want to shout, come and believe Believe Believe Believe Believe Give it a chance, freedom at last Yours"
  • Believe - For Amusement Only
    "You make me question my life You make me wonder why You make me trust in something You make it I can't see it Can I see it? Can I see it now? Believe in love, Believe in trust Believe in dreams that"
  • Believe - Whiskeytown
    "say no, say something, say anything so that you can believe it yourself believe it yourself try again, try harder try to think of something so you can believe it yourself believe it yourself but"
  • Believe - Agnostic Front
    "I know I can trust myself cause I believe in what I say I believe in my friends, because their with me everyday Believe that we can overcome because the scene is strong today Believe I live this life,"
  • Believe - Journey
    "(Augeri, DeRossi) Hold on, hold on To opportunities you thought long gone Hold on, hold on To the could-have-beens and should-have-dones You can lose yourself along the way Find there's something new"
  • Believe - Yolanda Adams
    "They said you wouldn't make it so far uh uh And ever since they said it, it's been hard But nevermind the nights you had to cry Cause you have never let it go inside You worked real hard And you know"
  • Believe - Staind
    "I sit alone and watch the clock Trying to collect my thoughts All I think about is you And so I cry myself to sleep And hope the devil I don't meet In my dreams that I live through Believe in me I know"
  • Believe - Monique Whalen
    "Is it better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all Is it better to have your heart ripped out For a moment of fleeting pleasure Is it better to stand on the ouside always looking in Is"
  • Believe - Bonnie Pink
    "Kousoku wo hashiru cab ni yurarete Sabishisa to ketsui to asahi ni me ga kuramu Yowane nado hakanai watashi ga Anata to iru toki wa kayowaku naru no fushigi Ryoute ippai no shousetsu yori kinaru souvenir Mata"
  • Believe - Justin Bieber
    "Believe, believe, believe I don’t know how I got here I knew it wouldn’t be easy But your faith in me was so clear It didn’t matter how many times I got knocked on the floor But you knew one day I would"
  • Believe - Runner Runner
    "On the road On your own With a sky full of renegade diamonds At your job On the clock Thinkin' of tearin' down these paper walls If it's all in your head There's a chance it could be happening Call it"

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