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citizen cope

  • Cope - Futureheads
    "He's the centre of attention, everywhere he goes, Loud noises, keep it up, he's a man that everybody knows, But he ruins everytime, because he tries too hard, But he ruins everytime, because he tries too"
  • Cope - The Futureheads
    "He's the centre of attention, everywhere he goes, Loud noises, keep it up, he's a man that everybody knows, But he ruins everytime, because he tries too hard, But he ruins everytime, because he tries too"
  • Cope - Tallman
    "hold me underneath the water rinse me till I'm clean stretch my skin and scratch the surface I promise I won't bleed I never wanted to be born into this every time I hear your voice it makes me sick beaten"
  • Citizen - Simple Minds
    "Citizen A cure to kill the east A disease of the west Romance is no escape But I'll escape you The manufacturing sound Complaining to ourselves You're cutting up our friends Making love to our sisters"
  • Citizen - Ihsahn
    "Citizen! Whence came your voice your right to speak? Is there a purpose to your tongue and gnawing teeth? I ask thee; How deep and hollow is your mouth? What lie is too decayed for you to stomach?"
  • Citizen - The Cult
    "Paris is burning The city alight the club kids on fire they're doing it right they're keeping it punk rock they're keeping it tight ripping out speakers and pumping hi-fi A higher love that rises above Rises"
  • Citizen - Vice Squad
    "Words that taunt, a face that sneersIs it envy or is it fear?What gives you the right to criticise?When you lead such useless livesUpright citizenThe law is always on your sideYou're never stuck for a"
  • Citizen - Conditions
    "For you to tell me I'm way out of line, kid Is an understatement Today I'm bold enough to start a war on Everyone around me And if you run, don't ever stop... When you retreat again Make it far enough"
  • Johnny Cope - Robert Burns
    "Johnny Cope (Robert Burns) Sir John Cope trode the north right far, Yet ne'er a rebel he cam naur, Until he landed at Dunbar Right early in a morning. CHORUS Hey Johnie Cope are ye wauking yet, Or are"
  • Johnny Cope - Seven Nations
    "Cope sent a message from Dunbar sayin Charlie meet me if you dare and I'll learn you the art if war if you'll meet me in the morning Hey, now johnny are you wailin yet and are your drums a' beatin yet if"
  • John Cope - Talk Talk
    "(Mark Hollis) Say it again Heart of stone Red on your face So alone Say it again And I'll know it's you God only knows Why do lies about this girl bother you? Time is waiting to explain, why refuse? It's"
  • Salvation - Citizen Cope
    "Say Judas came up to D.C. He'd been down in Georgia for a while He drove a 944 He bought with the soul Of a blonde-headed kid With a left-handed guitar Now he's lookin' for me Citizen C-O-P-E Sign the"
  • Art Of Cope - Five Pointe O
    "Lay down... and burn Try it now... it won't hurt Lie down, breathe in the fire Watch your lungs start to burn Let me know if it hurts... Graphic thought, our tears are soaking together Shall I lead her"
  • Model Citizen - Alice Cooper
    "Be an Arab Be a Jew Be a boxing Kangaroo Beat yourself All black and blue I don't care Be a bleeder Be a Cancer A hemophiliac Romancer Be a crippled disco Dancer Oooh... What a pair He's a model citizen I"
  • Model citizen - Gabriel Mann
    "Be An Arab, Be a Jew Be a Boxing Kangaroo Beat Yourself All Black and Blue (I Dont Care) Be a Bleeder, Be a Cancer Be a Haemophiliac Romancer Be a Crippled Disco Dancer (What a Pair) Hes a Model Citizen"
  • Citizen Ship - Patti Smith
    "I was nothing. It didn't matter to me. Ah, there were tags all over my sleeve. There was water outside the windows and children in the streets [ ] rats with tags. Ain't got a passport. Ain't got my real"
  • Stinger Citizen - Mustasch
    "You've been holding down so long You can't stand up You've become a lie And now you can't get up The one and only We're gonna get you rolling Stinger Citizen you're on a dead end ride Come on out Don't"
  • Non Citizen - Suziquatro
    "(Quatro/Tuckey) Your mind is like a junkyard All entangled like a web You leave the wrecks of other people's lives In a trail of tattered shreds United Nations get-together There's one of every kind Of"
  • World Citizen - David Sylvian
    "World Citizen There goes one baby's life It's such a small amount She's un-American I guess it doesn't count Six thousand children's lives Were simply thrown away Lost without medicine Inside of thirty"
  • Model Citizen - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon/Waddy Wachtel/Leroy P. Marinell) Don't bring the milk in Leave it on the porch Don't read the papers Don't mow the lawn no more Drive to the market At the break of dawn Watch 'em unload"

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