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claptone-alone feat.

  • die alone (feat. Yung Bleu) - Gunna & Chris Brown
    "Oh Hmm Hmm I don't wanna be alone (I don't wanna be alone) I don't wanna die alone (I don't wanna die alone, no) I don't wanna be alone (No, no, no, don't wanna be alone) I don't wanna die alone (Oh) No-no-no,"
  • Walk Alone (feat. Tom Walker) - Rudimental
    "Showed up at the right time In a broke down limousine All you had was red lights I went and turned them all to green I found you in the landslide And pulled you out again the hardest conversations are"
  • Alone Again (feat. P. Reign) - Alyssa Reid
    "Till now, I always got by on my own I never really cared until I met you And now it chills me to the bone, How do I get you alone? I sit back and reminisce, it hurts to think about it all We was"
  • Alone - Mary J. Blige
    "(feat. Dave Young) Baby, can I talk to you for a minute? Ohhh... Ohh... Listen... Boy, you had me fooled. I can't believe you. Cuz' you never done anything that I asked of you. Always talking like"
  • Don't Leave Me Alone feat. 7 Aurelius - Ashanti
    "Ashanti Concrete Rose Don't Leave Me Alone feat. 7 Aurelius Intro/What up Ashanti/Hey Hmmmm uh-huh.(Chours)Don't leave me alone,don't leave me alone,don't leave me alone,don't leave me alone.(1st verse)"
  • Bible Belt feat. Little Feat - Travis Tritt
    "Well, he was the assistant preacher and a Sunday School teacher in the church that I grew up in. She was a looker from Atlanta; led the choir; played piano; had a body that was made for sin. She didn't"
  • Secrets (feat. Babyface) - Kat Graham
    "Kiss your lips under the sky That should be you and I, Two people with nothing to hide Baby, wouldn’t that be nice? Take me to church, or take me home I wanna be close, but with the lights turned on Cause"
  • Umbrella feat. Younha - Epik High
    "eoneusae bitmuri nae balmoge goigo~ chamatdeon nunmuri nae nungae goigo ~ I cry.. ttuttu~ttuttu~~~ttuttu~~~~ teongbin bangen sigyesori, jibunggwa ip matchuneun biui sori oraenmane ibeun koteu jumeonisoge"
  • Butterfly (feat. Andra) - Fly Project
    "I'm, I'm gonna find you Hold on, hold on I need another reason To come back home I'm hiding when I cry Lonely butterfly Bye bye lullaby I'm crying, I'm dying Hiding when I cry Lonely butterfly Bye bye"
  • Raging (feat. Kodaline) - Kygo
    "Standing in the cold in the frozen wind I'm leaving you behind but it's not the end No, no, no! Walking on a plane as I hold my breath It's gonna be weeks 'til I breathe again No, no, no I know"
    "I see you standing Behind the close door Are you afraid of me? Or is it just the way of showing me That you don’t want This is insane We both know what cost it It’s our constant play Instead of constant"
  • Allure Feat.112 - Slapshock
    "All alone on a Sunday morning Outside I see the rain is falling, falling Inside I'm slowly dying But the rain will hide my crying, crying, crying And you... Don't you know my tears will burn the pillow Set"
  • Listen (feat. Beyonce) - Alexandra Burke
    "Listen To the song here in my heart A melody I start but can't complete Listen To the sound from deep within It's only beginning to find release Oh the time has come for my dreams to be heard They"
  • C'mon (feat. Fun.) - Panic! At The Disco
    "It's getting late and I cannot seem to find my way home tonight. Feels like I am falling down a rabbit hole, falling for forever, wonderfully wandering alone. What would my head be like if not for my"
  • Broken ( Feat Digga) - Dj Ironik
    "(Spoken) I didnt ever think it would come to this day, Broken, Its hard man, I hope you understand though, I really hope you do, And I hope your listen as well. Listen. (DJ Ironik) You was the"
  • Ecoute (feat. Havana) - Alexandra Stan
    "I could fly, If you would give me the wings to do it I could fly way up high to the clouds Hit the road that will take me to your heart side out Knock out loud Ecoute, ecoute, ecoute-moi, et suis"
  • PRAY (feat. Logic) - Sam Smith
    "I’m young and I’m foolish I’ve made bad decisions I block out the news turn my back on religion don’t have no degree I’m somewhat naïve I’ve made it this far on my own but lately, that shit ain’t been"
  • Greener feat. Santana - FKJ
    "You think you'll like it, you say it's your thing (Greener, greener) Wait until you open it (Greener, greener) The gift that everybody wants (Greener, greener) Sorry I must say you're wrong (Greener, greener) 'Cause"
  • Southside (feat. Ashanti) - Lloyd
    "(Scarface) My southside, my getbak My heartbreaks, my karmas My set backs, my home town My life time, my sun up My sundown, my everything My used to be, my has been My love line, my blood line Memories"
  • Desire (Feat. Showtyme) - Pharoahe Monch
    "Unh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! (Hook) Said it's my desire!! Yes it is! yeeeaaah Yes it is, yes it is, oh yea.... Comprehend the guidelines My chest out, chinchilla'd or relaxed on the sidelines I'm so"

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