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close close on the floor

  • CLOSE - Matteo Bocelli
    "I don’t know much about the future And I guess I’m ok with that I think as long as we’re together We can take it good or bad Hey baby, what are you thinking Let’s leave the past in the past All these"
  • Close - Soul Asylum
    "Almost gave up yesterday, almost made it to the top Short of dying just the other day, fell short of picking up a mop If it's the thought that counts, you can always count on me I think about it all the"
  • Close - Corbin Bleu
    "Who was I to think that I would ever be ok When the one that I need Is like a hundred thousand miles away I was tripping to think that I could make It one day without you My worlds built around you (Girl) Youre"
  • Close - Tank
    "Baby its been a while Cuz I don't sleep around I'm choosey bout who I give my love to Don't wanna disappoint ya Cause i been sayin how much I want you but this first one might come real soon OH"
  • Close - Camouflage
    "They're creeping on, through your mind, won't you think it over. We know the scenes, they're marching on with torches, peeping from inside, with evil's eyes. the ferris wheel is turning, the tale is told"
  • Close - Rascal Flatts
    "It's just another simple voice mail messageI'll pick you up and we'll do dinner by the fireAnd we'll just .... ... you knowIt's from a year agoBaby I love you and I can't wait to see you tonightI've been"
  • Close - Matt Pond PA
    "the braid from your hair rested on your shoulder shown in the green light from the panel of instruments the hairs looked like threads woven and were perfect shaking when you spoke and the voice near"
  • Close - Cam Hodges
    "I grow cold in the night My fire's been right I know there'll be a day When your world won't seem so easy Driving home in the dark This life's been so hard I know there'll be a day When breathing won't"
  • Close - Kele
    "20 second of Loneliness I know what's not being said Fall asleep in my clothes again On your side of the bed Underneath an open window You'll find me biding my time Howling and empty-hearted Cause you're"
  • Close - Blindside
    "Her heart was beating harder for every second The shell was holding up like never before A refusal to where all this has it's foundation The shell hold up, but big dents bulge Not now, maybe later and"
  • So Close - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "They met on the dance floor In the old high school gym It felt like a rock She kinda liked him And his heart beat like thunder As they moved 'cross the floor When the music was over She slipped out of"
  • So Close - Hall & Oates
    "They met on the dance floor In the old high school gym It felt like a rock She kinda liked him And his heart beat like thunder As they moved 'cross the floor When the music was over She slipped out of"
  • So Close - Rachel Proctor
    "She gets in from work, takes off her coat sits down hard and lights a smoke, slips off her shoes She's thinking just how'd nice it be to have someone to rub her feet, and just to talk to And mama, she"
  • Close Range - New Order
    "I wanna scream, I wanna shout I wanna know what it's all about I've seen it before but not like this I saw your name, it was on the list By 4 O'Clock (It's gonna change) You were pretty high (It's gonna"
  • Close Action - Big Country
    "All the rain came down on a cold new town As he carried you away From your father's hand that always seemed like a fist Reaching out to make you pay He came like a hero from the factory floor With the"
  • Close the door - Idlewild
    "Cos I'm the only one who knows everyone barbecue lungs None of you know what I'm thinking Who on earth would believe a word you say? You're disturbed in a strange fascinated way You're disturbed, I think"
  • Close the door - Robert Cichy
    "I coming back to road I’ve been for years I got a hole in my pocked, and my hand in my hand I make long long trip just to feel your lips When you open that door I get down on the floor I coming back"
  • Close The Door - Clem Snide
    "Close the door But open yourself to me Take off your coat Leave it there on the floor I caught you Doubting yourself in the mirror But you look good to me You look good to me Close the door Don't let"
  • Close - The Browns
    "Maybe I am not that one and only guy Whose touch will thrill you to the sky And bring the lovelight to your eyes Until the day the love you dream of comes your way Because I love you so Oh, let me stay"
  • Close - Wiktoria Tracz
    "It’s been some time now That we grew together We travel through the time Hoping it's forever Don’t understand how We can be so calm When the world is loosing strings to what we’ve become I need you"

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