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  • Closed - Embraze
    "Closed doors And burning Bridges behind me Closed doors and Empty rooms on the Field of sorrow I never felt Love in this world All you gave me was a knife on my back I close the door 'Cause I have to the"
  • Eyes Closed - Tyga
    "Yeah I know how to count it I can count it with my eyes closed Yeah I know how to count it I can count it with my eyes closed Gotta see you bounce it So bounce with the lights on It’s you that my eyes"
  • Case Closed - Little Mix
    "( Jade ) Hits when I'm asleep right through I'm cold when I wake cause I won't feel you When I can't breathe I know it's you Got a lump in my throat just thinking of you ( Jesy ) Makes no difference you've"
  • Eyes Closed - Halsey
    "I have nowhere to lay Have nowhere to stay It’s all the same I have nowhere to play Have nowhere to stay It’s all the same Now if I keep my eyes closed He looks just like you But he’ll never stay The"
  • Closed In - Imperative Reaction
    "I used to care It used to matter But the meaning lost its way Within this pattern Closed in from the world I had to find Something inside to clear my mind And though I wanted to I just can't see it Though"
  • Closed Casket - Esham
    ""What about death when it's done come and gone?" Now I lay me down to sleep before I go to bed Redrum was the word that a nigga said I'm dead, and once my mind bled all day Better watch the word when"
  • Eyes Closed - Garden Variety
    "-------------- I took a trip downtown Anytown, U.S.A. Lots of people looking like Somewhere along the line They lost their way All their possessions piled High in a shopping cart I look the other way I"
  • Eyes closed - Lene Marlin
    "She could have, when she's had a chance to miss him She could have kissed him, and you never would have known She could have, when he asked if there is someone else She could have said there's no one else,"
  • Case Closed - Cypress Hill
    "(Sen Dog) Motherfucker with one little single Three or four Caimans under your belt One good game gonna put you in the Hall of Fame motherfucker, nahmean? Got one hit think you an all star baby Ha, you"
  • Closed Caskets - Remembering Never
    "8. Closed Caskets Parade in bright lights I wish you were holding my breath Tonite is perfect for bloodletting But I'm alone again It looks like christmas time Bite my lip and tears fill my I'll carry"
  • Closed Hands - Saetia
    "she died long before that day I know this tortured, grieving heart of mother no longer knew her own being and as the sun set on another, you fell through dying dreams but could not catch them and I could"
  • Closed Captioned - Fugazi
    "your etiquette your rules of interaction what are you waiting for? nobody's home we're all out trying to find one what are we waiting for? the recipe a clear connection the time the time the time the"
  • Case Closed - Redman
    "(feat. Crossbreed) Hah (huh, hah, hah, hah, HAHHAH, hah) Nineteen ninety-six (hah, come on!) Coming with the sickedest motherfuckers in the perimeter (huh, whooo! nineteen) You hit em with a newwwww (ninety-six,"
  • Closed Eyes - Evergrey
    "Make me see through eyes Of a different soul Cause mine are closed and sealed Since long before To seek and hopefully find Find my own voice To sail beyond the sunset And strand on solid ground I must"
  • Closed Groove - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Punctuality's a waste of time Now nostalgia is past it's prime History's a thing of the past Being first will never last Beep beep I'm an answering machine I mean to say I say what I mean Beep beep"
  • Closed Chapter - Alchemist
    "Situated in the present alive in the moment of now separated from attachment - gone but not forgotten what is meant to be inevitably will be, destiny a force rather than an outcome of events my point of"
  • Closed Eyes - Mnemic
    "It's hard to forgive a man Who bought revenge with his soul A vein injected with A man's life and his goals It's in my face, it hurts and I fall into a hollow sphere Well, I don't want that To happen"
  • Closed Doors - Belvedere
    "Remember never neding sorted explanations, never had to think about it never had to wonder where you're coming from it's these complexities that scrambled our relations i wonder why we thought about an"
  • Closed Captioned - Bracket
    "I'm tired of hearing In fact I seem to drown everything out The sounds are disappearing today I can't speak, I can't hear, I can't make it crystal clear I want to know what everyone has to say Communication"
  • Behind Closed Doors - Diana Ross
    "(Kenny O'Dell) My baby makes me proud Lord, don't he make me proud He never makes a scene By hangin' all over me in a crowd 'Cause people like to talk Lord, don't they like to talk But when they turn"

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