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cloud ride you are

  • Cloud - Fischerspooner
    "Its my vision A total one Encompassing The only one A world complete Thats all my own Exactly as As it should be, oh Chorus I lost myself I lost myself You cant see how Because I am just a clouda cloud. Everything"
  • Ride - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    "The walls you walk through in your sleep The map you had but couldn't keep Seems it's never as you planned That's a lie you understand Every fork in the road you choose Some you win some you lose It's"
  • This Cloud - Bush
    "Bush - Come Down love and hate get it wrong she cut me right back down to size sleep good day let it fade who was there to take your place no one knows never will mostly me but mostly you do you say do"
  • Witness Cloud - Kaiser/Mansfield
    "He's in the fire He's in the rain He's in the den of the lion all the same He's the Holy God An' He humbles the proud We are surrounded by the witness cloud Fire in the night-time Fire at night He separated"
  • Flying Cloud - Dinosaur Jr.
    "Things happen and no one told me You can't think, you can't drink it You laughed again then you rode me I won't drop it, you can't stop it now Hey lady, where you goin'? Hey lady, why ain't it snowing?"
  • Flying Cloud - Dinosaur Jr.
    "Things happen and no one told me You can't think, you can't drink it You laughed again then you rode me I won't drop it, you can't stop it now Hey lady, where you goin'? Hey lady, why ain't it snowing?"
  • Cloud 9 - Toploader
    "Be nice to me Don't you understand when I get home I need to breathe Don't try to comfort me cos I'm not home Right now I can feel The heat within you fire breath so hold me down I'm not responsible"
  • Cloud Watching - Abby Dobson
    "Would you like to come cloud watching with me? We can while away the afternoon Just to step out of time is all we need Looking out for the other rule Cos theres no place Id rather be Theres no one"
  • Little Cloud - The Incredible String Band
    "How sweet to be a cloud, floating in the blue. Lying awake, late the other night Heard above me a trembling, I looked up, it was a little cloud, From which a gold string was dangling; You know, I gave"
  • Cloud nine - George Harrison
    "Have my love It fits you like a glove Join my dream, tell me yes Bail out should there be a mess The pieces you don't need are mine Take my time I'll show you cloud nine Take my smile and my heart They"
  • Maddening Cloud - Blonde Redhead
    "Sure you can look back If it means moving on And you can take me back But you must come home We are both a in maddening cloud And you can touch me there Just don't leave me alone And you can call"
  • Cloud Factory - Sonata Arctica
    "For every child there dawns the day, Wonder where they come Why is the sky so pink tonight? How fast do clouds fly by And so you come up with stories you tell, Eyes are open wide When you tell them about"
  • Cloud connected - In Flames
    "People like you You live in a dream world You despise the outside And you fear you're the next one It's in your dream There's just one question Should I kill? Or should I be left behind? Sick and tired"
  • Black cloud - Crazy Town
    "Now people say Im jinxed.I got some kind of voodoo hex.Life is so complex.Theres no telling what can happen next.Life on the edge,Fuels the sickness in my head.It imbeds the type of thoughts That got a"
  • Cloud Song - Jess Klein
    "Said one cloud to the next, How nice that we can rain On the ground it seems they let Water wash away their pain So, dont fade out I will lend you my silver lining I do not need to dress this proud Said"
  • Cloud Blood - Ani DiFranco
    "ive been wondering what you meant when you asked do you have a light? ive been wondering where you went when you left that party that night cloud blood sweat smeared on the sky its dawns roadkill ive been"
  • Ominous Cloud - Broadcast
    "oh let me sail away on the beach and on the earth the boats on the sea are blissfully freee they will come to no harm cuz the waves are so calm oh let me think a while to the playground of your smile the"
  • Cloud pump - I Mother Earth
    "I could settle down then take it slow do the right thing and gain twenty pounds before next spring when senses are dull and I hear the rain will fall for sure that would be something soulful Get it straight,"
  • Ride - Cary Brothers
    "You are everything I wanted The scars of all I'll ever know If I told you you were right Would you take my hand tonight? If I told you the reasons why Would you leave your life and ride? And ride You"
  • Ride - Sons Of The Desert
    "I'm talkin' about dreams Big as the Texas sky So big that they're hard to believe Oh, I'm talkin' about dreams I'm talkin' about free To know that I'm not chained in I can go where my heart leads me Oh,"

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