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cold fire

  • Cold Fire - Rush
    "It was long after midnight When we got to unconditional love She said, 'Sure, my heart is boundless But don't push my limits too far' I said, 'If love was so transcendent I don't understand these boundaries' She"
  • Cold as fire - Britney Spears
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahI'm just a girl with the ability to drive a man crazyMake him call me "mama," make him my new babyA new way to prove"
  • Cold - Sonata Arctica
    "Standing with my back against the wall Standing with back against the wall... it's cold Cold... Day, night, fades to dawn Now the fire breathing dragon I have nursed by my side is turning cold One night,"
  • Cold - Heaven Shall Burn
    "I don't know when it came. This cold, it fills my soul. I still feel a fire, but I dosn't. Warm anymore. Where is all energy, we once got from love? Paralyze througths, our hands are frozen. Empty"
  • Cold - James Blunt
    "it's been lonely trying get your attention from a thousand miles away and you know me always overthinking te worst possibilities we both know in between you and me there's an ocean castaway in a sea and"
  • The Fire Burns Cold - Dr. Sin
    "(Dr. Sin) This time you went too far girl With all the lies you told and all the games you played Don't know what your problem is You had everything and more I know we had some bad times And some bad times"
  • Cold cold night - The White Stripes
    "I saw you standing in the cornerOn the edge of a buring lightI saw you standing in the cornerCome to me again in the cold cold nightIn the cold cold nightYou make me feel a little olderLike a full grown"
  • Cold Cold World - James Horner
    "I been burned By a cold empty fire I been turned and led astray But you learn When you deal with a liar It's a cold cold world Cold world when it's Your friends I bee taken Down a blind street I been"
  • Fire - Sara Bareilles
    "Door clicks while his wheels start spinning on the pavement And I go fill the space up where he has been staying Won't lose much sleep, he never went that deep "Love you," You sweet thing, no, I never"
  • Fire - Horyzont
    "Trying as I can I wanna find the only glow The sun blazes the clouds The whole world colours flow I know Reach the top of the skies Where no one else ever flies Though we cannot"
  • Fire - New Direction
    "I can feel the fire shut up in my bones, like Jeremiah, it won't leave me alone. I can feel the fire shut up in my bones, like Jeremiah, it won't leave me alone. Something down inside of me, I can't"
  • Fire - Lizz Wright
    "Are you frightened by the fire in my eyes? It burns for you And I know you see it, too Your heart was open, looking for light Are you surprised? Baby, leave your pride 'Cause I'm gonna burn, right or"
  • Fire - Redman
    "(feat. Wendisue Hall, E3) Yeah (I can feel your fire) When you niggas feel cold and your flows ain't got it no more nigga?! (I can feel your fire) Yeah nigga. You know what it is nigga, Gilla House nigga Yo"
  • Fire - Universal Poplab
    "Stranger stories have been told Head is hot but body cold Chills keep wandering down my spine All that's yours has to be mine 'Cause it's you who makes the whole world turn around You who makes the whole"
  • Cold, Cold World - Warlock
    "Tonight The starlight flows into my window I'm watching the wheels turning round Tomorrow sleeps In the same old lonely places Just an empty dream Filled with yesterday's faces.. Can you tell me Where"
  • Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire - Tim Curry
    "Cold blue steel out of money One eye for the beat police Sweet Fire calling "You can't deny me Now you know what you need" Underneath the jungle gym Hollow grey fire escape thief Looking for sweet fire Shadow"
  • Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire - Joni Mitchell
    "Cold Blue Steel out of money One eye for the beat police Sweet Fire calling "You can't deny me Now you know what you need" Underneath the jungle gym Hollow-grey-fire-escape-thief Looking for Sweet Fire Shadow"
  • Upon This Deathbed of Cold Fire - Goatwhore
    "This Touch Of A Losting Life Awaits An Impeity Of Pain A Life Taken Into Its Own Hands Falls On Countless Journies Can You Feel The Fallen Ages? This Timeless Slumber From Cold These Frail Fingers To"
  • Cold - Cold
    "Looking back at me I see That I never really got it right I never stopped to think of you I'm always wrapped up inThings I cannnot winYou are the antidote that gets me by Something strong like a drug that"
  • Cold Demons - Vader
    "Created by Humanity ...against Humanity. Cold crowling Death Crushing mighty roar Deadly touch of fire Merciless invaders Hudge lurking hunters Demons made of steel and flesh Grinders spitting with"

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