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cold skin red eyes

  • Cold Eyes - Fractured
    "All signs point to you, fact or fiction you never knew. Extend the hand to feel the pain, heal the wounds to feel the shame. Cold eyes, empty shell. Reliving your own inner hell, like a bird with broken"
  • Skin - Rascal Flatts
    "Sarabeth is scared to death To hear what the doctor will say She hasn't been well Since the day that she fell And the bruise, it just won't go away So she sits and she waits with her mother and dad Flips"
  • Dead Again (Cold Skin) - Blitzkid
    "It was a late summer evening of flowered simplicity. Two lovers walked down a path bound by their mutual anxiety. The breeze was warm and it passed with no threat of any of the orange tinged leaves. Two"
  • Cold Skin - To Kill A King
    "Place your head in my own Place your head in my own I stare at you, waiting for these damn bombs to fall We waste with love, like our parents did years before You're strange to me, going with a large"
  • Red - Sister Soleil
    "Red Red Red Red Red Red If I could fly i would I'd fly away from here Out of my window in the night Where I'd be free So far away.. Out of my sleep in the night, I would fly High in the trees with"
  • Red - Jughead's Revenge
    "I'd have to talk all night to explain And tell you why 'cause this ain't no game Look at my world you see it's cold colored red I'd have you here just instead I close my eyes and see your face in my"
  • Moonbathe Skin - Marc Almond
    "Moonbathe skin Moonbathe skin Of the people of the dark Will your beauty draw me in Will you hustle with my heart In the ether of the dusk Where deceit takes over trust Will you hustle with my heart And"
  • Second Skin - Chameleons
    "Chameleons Script Of The Bridge Second Skin One cold damp evening the world stood still I watched as I help my breath A silhouette I thought I knew came through Someone spoke to me Whispered in my ear This"
  • Skin Deep - Cher
    "You came on to me a house of fire One look was all it took for my desire I'm still burning, it's the middle of the night I need something that can Make me feel alright as I go Skin deep, to the bone Every"
  • Old Skin - Acid Bath
    "WE smoke the toenails and hair of the wiseman under a BLACKGOD's thumb we dance like painted puppets she bleeds orgasm in techni-color an ocean of alien mystery we eat the wiseman's eyes for sight that"
  • Second Skin - The Chameleons UK
    "One cold damp evening The world stood still I watched as i held my breath A sillhouette i thought i knew Came through,someone spoke to me Whispered in my ear This fantasy's for you Fantasy's are in this"
  • Cold Chicken Skin - Black
    "Shirts all torn and Im lame If I try to smile (it) hurts my face All I hear is complaint but who left this mess on my plate? Oh I will fade away onwatch my hair turn grey on cold chicken skin and dog tail"
  • 2nd Skin - Jesus On Extasy
    "One cold evening The world stood still I watched as I held my breath A silhouette I thought I knew Came through Someone spoke to me Whispered in my ear This fantasy's for you Fantasies are real"
  • Skin - Madonna
    "Do I know you from somewhere? Why do you leave me wanting more? Why do all the things I say Sound like the stupid things I've said before? Kiss me, I'm dying Put your hand on my skin I close my eyes I"
  • Skin - Oingo Boingo
    "This is someone else's story Someone that I never knew This is someone else's body Am I getting through to you If you peel away the armor is something underneath If you look below for hidden treasure underneath"
  • Skin - Unheilig
    "I've wished it a thousand times I've been all that you want I've seen things through your eyes Distinguished right from wrong You caress me Tell me that you love me like a storm Words are tender But they'll"
  • Skin - Silver
    "I know you told me not to ask where you have been I know you told me not to try To understand the way you live your life at night But don't you see you make me cry So now I've left you I know it broke"
  • Skin - Beth Hart
    "She comes her hair & cleans her face closes the door and kneels to pray It don't matter that she's alone beast or dragon she's going home chorus: If I lay me down bow me head unto the ground would you"
  • Skin - Kirsty McGee
    "and with my fingers trace the fine bones of your hand the hollow where your fingers meet at night i hold you to my heart as though your fragile bones might break and with my tongue i taste the salt"
  • Skin - Breaking Benjamin
    "well i know you dont know the reason and it's cold a sign of the season cause your old and battered and beaten and we'll grow til we hit the ceiling yeah you know we better get away send a letter bombs"

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