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cold winter night

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cold winter night

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cold winter night
  • Cinderella Long Cold Winter
    "I've been down I've been cryin in the dead of night I've been tryin I've been tryin to find the time to make it right Gonna be a long cold winter Long cold winter without your love I've been walkin I've"
  • Legenda Winter Night
    "Cold wintry night drops of snow from the sky Last rays of light wipe the silvery ice The cold winter night wading in the drifts so high The cold winter night frost shines in my eyes Cold wintry dawn"
  • Eyes Of Eden Winter Night
    "Pictures surround me Crystal dreams in ice cold night Come and cover Embrace me, shelter me Moonlight touches the twinkling white In endless beauty Sweet is the love of ice Coldness chills human minds I"
  • Eydie Gorme Winter Night
    "The snow came down, covered all the town, that winter night The wind was cold, yet our hearts were bold, that winter night While walking home our noses turned from red to blue So who can blame me if for"
  • Garden Variety Winter
    "--------- I'm afraid of summer because I can't take the heat It goes on forever collecting in the street If I could write a love song I'd sing it in the cold In the days of winter as pure as fallen snow Don't"
  • Amebix Winter
    "The cold outside lays waste to life. Suspends the process of decay. Alone without a friend suffer as night becomes the death of day. Winter This is the season of the fire, this is when the reaper crawls. Feed"
  • Cancerslug Winter
    "coming out of the dark the beast, it rears its head walking onto the soft white, its lunar quest begins an invasion of truth to walk the land alone stepping out of the moral slide instinct is now its home and"
  • Jens Lekman The Cold Swedish Winter
    "I met her in a snowstorm I was outdoors plowing She just walked up to me and said 'Hey boy, how's it going?' I admired her straight-forwardness and brushed away my fringe as a signal of well-being"
  • The Kinks Cold winter
    "I've seen you, cold winter I know you, cold winter you showed me no mercy still I can't forget the warning you'll never know how it feels to be loved I know you, cold winter you broke my heart, cold winter"
  • Wolfpakk Cold Winter
    "It's freezing cold-we need hideaway The hollow cave is not that far from here We have been there for so many times Give me shelter-ease my fear Our braveness will help us on the way Strong hearts - until"
  • Malcolm Middleton Cold Winter
    "I'm too cold to be alone this winter, I'm too old to be alone I just want to hold you this winter, I know you get so cold I just want to call you this winter Where are you tonight? Why aren't you here?"
  • Sorcier Des Glaces The Winter Night Sky
    "The Dark Moon shines the Night sky In this Forest of Mystic Desolate Trees And Snow falls upon the Heart of Time Only Northern Darkness to be seen from the Throne (of the Night) With Warlocks and Demons"
  • Whatever It Takes Cold Of Winter
    "I've seen these pages turn And said I knew it from the start That your face changes with the seasons leaves With the cold of winter dripping from your nose You threw it away as cold as the air when you"
  • Stratovarius Cold Winter Nights
    "Summer's gone a while ago The daylight dims away I'm watching here how the snow begins to fall Yesterday's like a dream A memory in my head Like the life's gone behind the winter wall I'm lighting up"
  • Scott Walker Winter Night
    "You're like a winter night Your thoughts are frozen You kiss your lovers In the snow Too many icy tears Glisten for someone You watch the leaves As they shiver your loneliness Your eyes are lanterns Growing"
  • Covenant Winter comes
    "So the winter comes Where we belongI feel the cold Within my heartI see the night Deep in your eyesThe winter comes at lastHere the winter comes AgainSo the winter comesWhere we grow strongI hear your"
  • Beach Boys Winter Symphony
    "Beach Boys Christmas Album Winter Symphony Autumn colors have gone Birds fled south with their song Snowflakes cover the earth quietly Night extends through the hours Coolly lit by the stars The pulse"
  • The Beach Boys Winter Symphony
    "Autumn colors have gone Birds fled south with their song Snowflakes cover the earth quietly Night extends through the hours Coolly lit by the stars The pulse of life slows silently Cuddle up in a cozy"
  • Radigost Winter Dusk
    "Lifeless frozen fields lay in the twilight mist, dusk sky lowered, grey clouds are gathering. Night lowers it's wings on the dismal snow deserts, nightfall lays on the snow forests and meadows. Moon is"
  • Eurythmics Winter Wonderland
    "Over the ground lies a mantle of white A heaven of diamonds shines out through the night Two hearts a-thrilling in spite of the chilling weather Love knows no season, Love knows no clime Romance can blossom"

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