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collegium element presti

  • Presti - Ascetoholix
    "- Kris, Wiśnia - Wiśnia, Kris - O co dbamy? - O pestiż - Tak jest, o prestiż czym chcemy się cieszyć? - Prestiżem - Właśnie czym - Ski skład, Acetoholix - Oborniki Poznań Czym, prestiżem we własnym rewirze"
    "I might just hit it raw hold on that’s out my element I like dark skins love her melanin huh Christian Louboutin what I am steppin’ in 30 bottles of Azul tell ‘em send ‘em in I had the lamb switch to"
  • Element - Vision Of Disorder
    "and to the brink i will rise rise and to the brink i will rise RISE RISE RISE RIse you wanna be on top you'd better stay on top fight the wake, keep your distance loss of everything beat your face in nine"
  • ELEMENT. - Kendrick Lamar
    "New kunk fu kenny Ain;t nobody praying for me Y’all know What happens on Earth stays on Earth Here we go I don’t give a fuck /5x I’m willing to die for this shit I done cried for this shit Might take"
  • Element zaskoczenia - Zipera
    "Słyszysz, słyszysz Za jakie grzechy na dechy W rozkładzie pociechy Brehy to jedyny argument niestety Jak dokument Discovery To szczery obraz zdarzenia Który zmienia element zaskoczenia Element zaskoczenia"
  • 5th Element - Kj-52
    "Who am I? The one that gets laced tight The one you wear, hit a flare on the same night That you hit an uprock, I'm the one in the closet next to one sock The one you rock on the cardboard box Walking"
  • 5th Element - Classified
    "And it's the 5th element (uh huh) Never repetitive (nah) highly competitive (all right) happy and elegant (yeah) I'm gettin' busier, can't you tell? I got the rhymes that sound so well -chorus- And it's"
  • Human Element - Talib Kweli
    "The other day I was walking, passing NYU on the way to meet my pops, you know, and this white boy stops me, talking 'bout, he be in the National Socialist something or other, trying to sell me a paper"
  • Kolejny element - Apatia
    "Powoli wtapiamy się w system stajemy się częścią maszyny kolejnym elementem kolejnym elementem Jacy dziś jesteśmy? Ile w nas zostało? Ile się zmieniło? Ile jeszcze się zmieni? Z każdym dniem coraz bardziej stajemy"
  • 5 Element - donGuralesko
    "Feat - Pali ft. RafiGural: Sheller, daj mi to tu mam na myśli ten bit to ten co pali w mig, kolejny joint jak Cypress Hill ty płoniesz z nim, ta baba była z detka mocna to sól ździebka mocna jak piosenka"
  • Through The Element - Noumena
    "In another place or time the sound will play forevermore The one with magic in name is deep down and stuck there to the core Can not see all this wanton misery Through the night of shades, through the"
  • The Active Element - Aesop Rock
    "I pilot a lion heart My polar half's negotiate it (right) Shook upon the difference between tumble weed and sacred, Read a hostel gospel attributed to land shark Apostle squad Unfroze the hideous image"
  • The Perfect Element - Pain Of Salvation
    "Yesterday found him today Caught him at his last breath These walls built to stand come-what-may Lie shattered in the ashes His skin against this dirty floor Eyes fixed on the ceiling He has stretched"
  • Element Des Verbrechens - Subway To Sally
    "Marie dein Liebster ging mit dir den Weg zum Wald, hinaus zur Tr er sang ein Lied vom letzten Jahr der Wind spielte in deinem Haar dort fern vom Weg im schwarzen Hain schlug er mit Fusten auf dich ein sag"
  • Element Of Surprise - La The Darkman
    "(la the darkman) Bear witness to the god, young thugs don't live long Life is a game of chess ( you play the pawn), knowledge I born Walk a righteous path, you can never go wrong Yo east new york gon"
  • Four Element Synchronicity - Borknagar
    "Glomeration of the four's constructiviness An intelligental substance permanent I sensed the elemental tenderness In the mind, in Nature's argument To breed, to grow, to peak, to be reborn Like a sine"
  • Palę (feat. DJ Element) - MAŁACH
    "Premiera utworu MAŁACH 'Palę (feat. DJ Element)' 3 września 2021 roku."
  • The second element II - Sarah Brightman
    "Burning fire A light in the dark Shining day and night for me Flowing water The source of our life Covering the world in blue Gentle air blowing Carressing my face Carry my into dreams of love The endless"
  • The Element Of Surprise - E-40
    "Surprise surprise surprise surprise surprise.... (Surprise niggas!!!) Biotch!!! Surprise the element apply pressure Surprise the element apply pressure Surprise nigga!! Surprise the element"
  • The Element Within Her - Elvis Costello
    "It's the element within her Something under her skin That is shining out through the face of the girl Two sapphires and couple of rows of pearls It's just a part of it Like your fine tresses You know what"

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