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colling in the midll to nihgt

  • Last Nihgt - Justin Timberlake
    "I just want to enjoy my life And show this world how to care And nothing brings more joy to my life Than knowing a girl will be there Are ya happy girl? (Huh?) Knowing that you right near broke my"
  • Nihgt Life - B.B. King
    "When that ev'nin' sun goes down, Yeah, you'll find me hangin' around Because the night life, It ain't no good life but it's my life Yeah, yeah, yeah listen to the blues, Listen to what they're sayin' Oh,"
  • Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night) - Death In June
    "smashed to bits in the peace of the night he craved power and, to keep in he'd change his spots or, shed his skin (he craved power) smashed to bits in the peace of the night the power in the hour the art"
  • In The Morning - Built To Spill
    "in the morning feeling halfright if it was more than just one day i'd feel alright today is flat beneath the weight of next day, next day, next day, next day in the morning feeling halfright ignore my"
  • The In-Between - In This Moment
    "my mother said that i was holy my father aid that I would burn my mother said I was an angel my father said that I would turn so I believed these words and I turned on myself cause maybe he’s right maybe"
  • Tension In The Ranks - Cave In
    "Tension in the ranks is what I feel Another 'please' and 'thanks' for you, my dear So nice to meet you I'm so sad to see you go Tension in the ranks is what I see Trickle through the banks into the sea"
  • Lost In The Air - Cave In
    "Radar, you lost me An impossible disguise Men all around are searching hard Nevermind, he's so long and gone Boy, he's really hard to find! And by design you know he won't be found Lifted away What a day"
  • In To The Mordab - Mordab
  • The Keach In The Kreel - Subway To Sally
    "A fair young maid went up the street Some white fish for to by A bonnie clerks falling in love with her And he followed her by and by Oh where are you going my bonnie lass I pray thee tell to me Oh if"
  • In The Stream Of Commerce - Cave In
    "no matter how many times we paint over these walls the writing still shines through in the stream of commerce we're afloat a thousand washed-up rockers trash the banks. oh no. in the stream of commerce"
  • Safety In The Darkness - Kids In The Way
    "There's nothing I can say to build these bridges back Against the tides that washed them away The life has left this room Like a thousand fires gone black against the sky and scarlet moon The smoke is"
  • Afternoon In The Cemetery - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "A dog with a lame leg drags itself around the tombs Mrs. watson talks with someone who's been dead for years A sickly smell of urine rising from her tights Two old ladies on a park bench sitting silent"
  • To The Edge - Life In Your Way
    "Leave the past, and set pace high for the future We're making our way This makes me believe in us again Persevere Hold these bonds at strong Ignite the fire With one foot in front of the other The results"
  • Dead god in me - In Flames
    "To slit the grinning wounds from childhood's Seven Moons the palette stained with the ejaculated passions (of forbidden, hedonistic colours...) Strike from omnipotence, all-seer, all-deemer, and haunt"
  • Ahead To The Sea - Ahead To The Sea
    "On our way to the bar I asked her would you come with me We could leave this town behind us and our aim could be the sea At once I scold myself a fool, but she said why not? And smiled Let us go to where"
  • Fly To The Sky - Fly To The Sky
    "To me who believed that I can't have everything in this world-Even though I have nothing, Tell me I have nothing to loose again- At one moment when I was looking all over for only you Out of the thousands"
  • Giving In To The Change - Imperative Reaction
    "My friend I've let you down I'm writing to the sound Of the pain you once possessed So long ago When time was everything The echoes still resound From a place where everything Seemed possible I've wasted"
  • In The Future To Come - Europe
    "(Joey Tempest) So many years ago the people on this earth They were laughin' They didn't think of anything else Than love and peace But generations failed to see That they were causin' Trouble for the"
  • To god in heaven - Delirious
    "In this world I don't belongBut i'm living itI've found the words to heaven's songNow i'm singing itsongs of freedom, words of lovereveal the saving grace of Godthe sound of heaven on this Earthwe'll singTo"
  • Drug Addicted In The Jailhouse - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "look at little Billy sitting in his cell he's pissing in his pants what an ugly smell he gave him all his money but he won't come back so Billy starts puking 'cause Billy's on crack hey little Billy"

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